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Alley Cat Allies Resources

Guide/How-to | Animal Shelter

Adoption Application

Fact Sheet | Community Change, Disaster Response, Trap-Neuter-Return

Animal Food Banks

Need assistance with food for cats for whom you care? Check your local food bank.

Guide/How-to | Animal Shelter, Kittens / "Leave Them Be", Veterinarian Awareness

Kitten Care Kit

Shelters don’t always have programs to provide the special care that young kittens need, so many kittens are killed in shelters. By using Alley Cat Allies’ Kitten Care Kit, you become a kitten hero—helping your local shelter and saving lives!

Fact Sheet | Cats and the Law

Understanding Your Local Government & Animal Control

Local governments administer animal control in various ways. It is important to understand how your jurisdiction manages animal control so that you can effectively advocate for change. Your first step in a campaign for change will be to orient yourself to your local government structure, identify the appropriate decision makers, and build lines of communication with them.

Guide/How-to | Animal Shelter, Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

Wait Until 8® Protocol and FAQ

Video | Atlantic County NJ, Boardwalk Cats Project

Boardwalk Cats Project® Video

Learn more about our Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project.

Case Studies | Atlantic County NJ, Boardwalk Cats Project, Community Change

Atlantic City Boardwalk Project Case Study

Guide/How-to | Kittens / "Leave Them Be", Shelter Transformation

Saving Cats and Kittens with a Foster Care Program

Foster care programs will enable shelters to dramatically improve live release rates for cats–that means more lives saved! This guide will help you get your foster program off the ground quickly and avoid common pitfalls and difficulties. It even includes easy-to-use worksheets!

Posters | Animal Shelter, Kittens / "Leave Them Be", Veterinarian Awareness

“Help! I Found a Kitten Outdoors” Poster

Guide/How-to | Animal Shelter, Community Change, Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

Kitten Season Bundle

Get the materials you need to help kittens during “kitten season” and year-round, all in one convenient bundle!

Guide/How-to | Community Change, Trap-Neuter-Return

Helping Community Cats Workshop Outline

Publications | Anti-Cruelty

Declawing Flyer