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    Kenya Neary

    Kenya passed away the day after Christmas at the age of 18 years & 8 months. He was a fighter, and a tremendous lover of love. He was feral, very feral. Kenya was the ‘King of the Jungle.’ But as he aged he needed a lot of extra care which included many trips to the vet, and he became less feral, more accepting, docile even. His passing was the most peaceful I have ever experienced which is a tribute to his fearless nature. Greeting him on the other side will be, his best friend, Cricket; then Bella, Chloe, Fritz & Snoopy. You are my heart.

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    Larry Hogan

    Larry was a special joy to his human mommy, she called him a Love Bug. He chose her at the Rescue center to come home, tapping her with his crooked paw. "He really touched everyone he met and made such a big impact in all our lives."

    Larry sure left his pawprints on everyone's heart.

    Liane Kerry
  • Remember Tallulah

    She had a loving home with one of the best - dear Suzanne.

  • Remember Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    Rest in peace, beloved brother, friend and cat lover.
    We will miss you!

    From all your friends at Stevenson.

    Gloria Dunn
  • Remembrance
    Pecan Harvey

    In remembrance of the little stray cat who greeted us morning and night at the Residence Inn Houston Texas. Team Mixed Nuts unofficial mascot. He made all the guests at the hotel happy. He loved turkey, bacon and breakfast sausage. He would curl up in our laps and fall asleep and purr. I loved the way he looked at everyone's hands when they walked past him- looking for food. The hotel staff loved him and folks on our work team made sure he had a water bowl, fresh water, food daily and even a toy. We also ensured he was properly laid to rest. This little cat was a treasure to many whom were working in Houston far away from home for an extended length of time- many of us whom were missing our own pets back home. We enjoyed his affection and I believe he enjoyed us in return. Likely a stray aa a result of Hurricane Harvey, he had too short of a life and likely never knew what it was like to live inside, be well fed, and loved by a family. Regardless, we all loved him. A donation will be made in his memory so the future of other stray and feral cats can experience better circumstances and no tragic endings like Pecan had. We loved you Pecan and we will always remember you fondly.

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    Samantha Blinx

    Tiny adventurer, lover of meat, and spirited, persistent fighter. She was a brave girl who left us too soon. Her siblings and parents miss her.

  • Remember Tiberius

    We fondly remember Tiberius, an adventurous lover of the outdoors, often captured mid-nap. He was a true friend to John and Heidi, his loving guardians. While we wish he had lived longer, he certainly lived well and prospered. May we all boldly go as he always did.

  • Remember Echo

    In tribute to sweet Echo, 1996-2017. Her human mom (the best ever mom a cat could have) says that "She was the last of the 4 kittens that my late brother talked me into adopting so many years ago. I lost my brother in 2005 so these 4 cats were always extra special to me after that. She had such a gentle, loving presence. I will miss her so much." Echo's kitty house mates will miss her too, especially Stella (pictured above). Wishing love and comfort to her mom and mates. Rest in Peace, Sweet Echo.

  • Kat Abbott
    Kat Abbott
  • Remembrance : Ari

    Ari was my first rescue 14+ years ago. She was only with me for a short time and then went to live with my parents when I was moved overseas. As a kitten the shelter thinks she was thrown from a moving vehicle and was nearly starved to death when they found her. She had to be dropper fed, and never really grew to adult size. She also had feline herpes from the day I adopted her (wasn't diagnosed until a few months after she came home), and so needed treatments. Despite all this she lived to over 14 years and made two households a happier, furrier place. She was one of the most affectionate, gentle cats I've ever known.

  • Remember Emily

    My gorgeous spunky polydactyl girl! How I miss those stunning green eyes and that snowy white belly---and that tongue that never wanted to stay inside your mouth while you slept. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you, my angel. You were the one who never left my side when I was sad or ill...I think it was truly you who rescued ME. I love you, baby girl...


  • Remember Little Eddy aka Mr. Edward
    Little Eddy aka Mr. Edward

    Devilish, mischievous, always in the thick of it. But most of all, loving, devoted, & digging in heels not to leave even when your 19yr. + body had nothing left. Miss you & impatient to reunite on the other side.

  • Remember Max

    He finally knew the comfort of a loving home. May he rest in peace now.

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    Bugsy Morris

    My treasure, my Big B. I miss you more than you can imagine. Your kind friends and fans made possible this gift to help other kitties in need. This is for you and all of the "Olde Furts."

  • Remember Maude
    Maude - she came from the street instead of the alley like her feline housemates.

    She believed the world – and everything in it – was good.
    She greeted everyone who came to her house.
    She was never scared – because, what was there to be scared of?
    She climbed on all laps and settled in.
    She could yell like a wounded mourning dove mating with a foghorn
    But only when she wanted a human to notice.
    She was more sweet than smart
    And, sometimes, we need sweet more than smart.
    If you asked her, she would say there was one thing about the universe
    That was not perfect:
    It has cats other than her in it.

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