Feline Forward Task Force

No one wrote the playbook for a year like this. We’ve all prepared for disasters, but nothing as comprehensive and sustained as the COVID-19 crisis.

These scenarios may sound familiar to you:

  • Your original 2020 operating budget is a distant memory.
  • You were closed for several weeks or months to the public.
  • You furloughed employees and are operating with a skeleton crew.
  • Your fundraising events were cancelled this Spring and Summer and possibly this Fall.
  • You’ve had sleepless nights and stressful days worrying about the future.

Are you finding yourself with head in hands at your desk trying to sketch out your next moves and thinking about how to “get back to business?” We know from experience that adapting is hard. You feel alone and need a lifeline.

You are not alone. We’re here for you.

We put the Feline Forward task force together with you in mind.

This task force is made up of directors who have been on the front lines through the pandemic and are putting themselves out there for you. They want to help. We want to help.

Hundreds, thousands, of organizations large and small are facing financial shortfalls, staff reductions and reimagining how to serve their community and save the lives of animals.

We get it. We have been adapting. Making it up as we go. Because we must adapt. We don’t have the playbook, but we have solid experience, proven new strategies and even a few tricks up our sleeves that we want to share.

Let us be your sounding board we want to assist getting you get back on track even if that means following a different road. We are all being forced to find new protocols and new tools, some of which will take us into the future. What we learn and implement will benefit animals for the longterm.

The Feline Forward task force can help you with:

  • Specific fundraising tactics and event ideas
  • Strategies for social media and virtual events
  • How to serve the community without public access to a building, with innovations such as parking lot tents
  • How to operate spay/neuter with social distancing, being mindful of the virus.
  • How to conduct health and wellness checks for the public
  • How to operate a pet pantry
  • How to keep animals in homes so they’re not relinquished
  • How to carry out adoptions and foster placements safely
  • Assistance with your redrafted 2020 and 2021 budget
  • 1:1 consulting

Task force members:

width="150" Becky Robinson, president and founder, Alley Cat Allies
(Learn more about Becky)
width="150" Dr. Lynn Bahr, CEO, Dezi & Roo
(Learn more about Lynn)
width="150" Diane Blankenburg, CEO and principal consultant, Humane Network
(Learn more about Diane)
width="150" Bonney Brown, president and principal consultant, Humane Network
(Learn more about Bonney)
width="150" Denise Deisler, CEO, Jacksonville Humane Society, Jacksonville, Florida
(Learn more about Denise)
width="150" Jane Hoffman, president and co-founder, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals
(Learn more about Jane)
width="150" Karen Little, executive director, Alley Cat Advocates, Louisville, Kentucky
(Learn more about Karen)
width="150" Salise Shuttlesworth, J.D., executive director and founder, Friends for Life, Houston, Texas
(Learn more about Salise)