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Your holiday gift to Alley Cat Allies will help create a world where every cat is valued and protected. Together with our team of cat experts, grassroots organizers, attorneys, and animal control specialists, we are: changing communities for cats, saving cats’ lives in shelters, and protecting cats in our society.

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A Gift of Compassion

width="300"Louie suffered unbelievable cruelty before he was even a year old. Locked away in a cage in a back room of a house, he was barely fed once every three days. Alley Cat Allies intervened to save Louie’s life and nurse him back to health over the course of months. Today, Louie is living happily with a new family and is the inspiration behind our Speak Out Against Cruelty campaign. Our goal: Ensure no cat suffers like Louie ever again.

Your gift today of any amount helps us act quickly to save cats like Louie from cruelty, no matter the obstacles.


width="201"We use your donations wisely. When you give to Alley Cat Allies, you’ll be helping protect and improve the lives of cats! We’re proud that 87 cents of every dollar you donate goes directly to saving cats’ lives. All gifts from this CAT-A-LOG will be put to use where they are needed mostsupporting our work to protect cats, transform shelters, and advocate for pro-cat ordinances.

Thank you for your compassion. If you’d like to learn more ways to get involved, reach out to us at [email protected].*as allowed by law.