Alley Cat Allies

Opposition to TNR

We love catsthat’s pretty obvious. Our work is focused on saving cats’ lives, but we love and honor all animals.

That can make it pretty tough if someone suggest that protecting cats endangers other animals. Luckily, the facts are on your side. Whether you’re answering questions from a neighbor, responding to an anti-cat opinion piece in the local paper, or lobbying for a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) policy in your community, you can be confident that killing cats is never the answer.

Science shows us that people are the number-one threat to the environment. Our population is growing at an incredible rate, and all those people use up a lot of resources, putting a strain on the environment.   When someone accuses cats of threatening bird populations, that’s just an easy way for them to distract people from the real threatus.

We want to protect all animals, so we want you to be armed with the facts about cats, birds, and the environment. It’s not cats vs. birds. It’s birds vs. humans and cats vs. shelters. Learn how we can all work together to Save the Birds.