Alley Cat Allies

Following Best Practices

Communities are made up of all kinds of peopleand animals! When it comes to cats and people coexisting there are ways you can help keep the peace. One big help is making sure best practices are being followed for community cat care.

Following best practices does two things:

  • ensure cats are well cared for, and
  • take care of common complaints from neighbors before they happen

For instance, one best practice is feeding community cats on a schedule. This way cats know when and where they will be fed, and will curb their need to find food on their own. This stops behaviors neighbors don’t appreciate, like raiding trashcans for leftover food.

Being pro-active about community cat care and following best practices helps you avoid conflicts with neighbors that could endanger the cats’ wellbeing. When you follow best practices for community cat care you help keep neighbors happy, and cats healthy and safe. It’s a win-win!