Our president and founder has been in action all over the map this year to fight not only for humane, effective policies and programs for cats, but for cats’ very right to live.

From taking on the vile shooting of cats in Port of Newcastle, Australia, and California’s East Bay, to working to end a long history of harmful animal policies in West Virginia, to touching down on the post-hurricane Gulf Coast, Becky brings decades of expertise worldwide to change minds and save lives.

After Hurricane Ida, Becky met with key organizations and delivered planes full of relief supplies for animals (read more on page 1). News outlets, including Washington, D.C.’s WTOP-AM and WJLA-TV,

Mississippi’s WJTV and WDAM television stations, and Louisiana’s Hammond Daily Star covered her lifesaving work.

Since at least 12 cats were massacred by a contract killer hired by the Port Authority of Port of New Castle, Australia, Becky has been working with Australia’s Animal Justice Party to stop the killing and change the underlying beliefs behind the slaughter.

Becky is the leading voice against East Bay Parks’ unlawful new policy to remove cats from parklands, including by lethal means (learn more on page 1). This summer, Alley Cat Allies filed a lawsuit to vacate, or set aside, the policy. News outlets all over the nation and throughout California, such as the East Bay Times, KQED-FM, and KGO-TV, have covered this important story.

…and this is just scratching the surface.