Cost should not be a barrier to saving cats’ lives, so every community needs a low-cost veterinary clinic to provide accessible high-quality care. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital!

The Hospital is named in honor of Alley Cat Allies’ President and Founder Becky Robinson, and our funding of its critical services is saving lives in nearly 20 Louisiana parisheshistorically underserved communities where we have long identified substantial need for affordable veterinary care. Operated by our friends at Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation in St. Tammany Parish, the Hospital has treated dozens of cats every day since it officially opened in January.

“While we mostly provide spay and neuter, the clinic ensures access to all kinds of treatment, including more challenging surgical procedures and alternative therapies such as laser treatments and acupuncture,” says Dr. Catherine Wilbert, co-founder and CEO of Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation. “Why should an animal not have access to quality care just because the owner or caregiver doesn’t have resources? Even if someone can’t pay the full cost of treatment, we are able to work something out thanks to support from Becky Robinson and Alley Cat Allies.”

We want to give you a glimpse inside the walls of the Hospital and share just some of the many stories of cats and kittens who have a better, brighter future because of it.



Indah, post-surgery and onto recovery.

Through surgery, dedicated treatment including laser therapy, and a whole lot of love given at the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital, things are looking up for  Indah the torbie. Indah was brought in as a small kitten to receive care for Manx syndrome, a condition that includes spina bifida, that gave her mobility difficulties in her back legs. But thanks to top-notch care at the Hospital, from surgery to laser therapy, Indah can now play with the rowdiest of her fellow kittens. She can even climb a cat tree!



Veterinary technician Venesia holds Smoosh. He has since gone home with her.

Like many of the cats treated by the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital, Smoosh was transferred over by a local animal control agency for a basic veterinary workup. As it turned out, he would get so much more: his own forever home! Venesia, one of the Hospital’s veterinary technicians, fell in love with Smoosh as he received his neuter surgery and vaccinations. Once you learn his namesake, it’s easy to see why: Smoosh comes from the tuxedo’s sweet tendency to “smoosh” his face into yours to show affection.



Fern, a community cat, was spayed through a TNR effort.

Tiny tortie Fern came into the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital as a member of a large family of community cats receiving spay and neuter, vaccination, and eartip through a TNR effort. Before her spay surgery, Dr. Wilbert found an injury in Fern’s mouth that needed extra treatment and surgery.

Today, Fern is recovering at the Hospital and will continue to get the individualized care she needs as staff work to find her a home. Other members of her feline family have since been returned to their outdoor home.

Kit Kat


Kit Kat, a beautiful tabby with the most gorgeous eyes, received the treatment she needed and is now headed to a new adoptive home!

Hailing from a colony located nearly three hours away from the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital, Kit Kat came in for spay surgery. But when staff discovered that she was feeling a little unwell, they went a step further to ensure she received all the treatment she needed to feel her very best.

To help community cats, it is always in their best interest to assess each cat’s specific needs and what they need to thrive. In the case of Kit Kat, it was determined she’d be happy living in an indoor home. Soon she’ll be on one of Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation’s transports to find an adoptive home of her own.



Yamato is one handsome cat, and he’s healthier and heartier than ever thanks to top-notch treatment!

According to Dr. Wilbert, Yamato had “everything wrong with him” when he first came into the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital. He wasn’t receiving the care he needed in his previous home, so he was underweight and had a chronic upper respiratory infection along with a host of other medical issues, including diarrhea and later, an intestinal blockage. The Hospital provided surgery for the blockage, plus many other treatments that Yamato needed.

But this story with a rough start also has a happy ending! Yamato not only fully recovered, but he also found a new family of his own. His adopter knew she had to take him home the moment she saw his photos online. Turns out, Yamato’s unique white and yellow coat is very similar to that of her German Shepherdand when they met, the rest was history.

In the photo above, Yamato is back at the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital for a checkup, looking gorgeous after gaining “a ton” of weight. Plus, his adopter is also bringing in Yamato’s German Shepherd brother for hip treatment she could never afford for him before.

Stay Tuned for More

The Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital is saving more lives every day, and we look forward to sharing even more of those stories with you!