It’s been a busy summer in our global movement to protect cats. We have been hard at work protecting the cats of Casper, Wyoming, where a cruel feeding ban on cats outdoors would have passed last month if not for pressure from Alley Cat Allies, dedicated grassroots advocates, and our supporters.

Journalists across the country took notice of our important progress. Newspapers and television and radio stations have been asking for my expertise on all things feline.

In interviews with news outlets in Casper, I defended community cats and shared lifesaving information on why feeding bans never work, during the critical days leading up to the final vote by the City Council there.

New York Times Ask Real Estate columnist Ronda Kaysen allowed me to answer a pressing question from a reader who was looking for help with cats in her neighborhood and her garden:

Help! Stray Cats Are Taking Over My Block

When neighbors start feeding feral cats, you may find your property overrun. Here’s how to deal with it.

I was happy to share with Ronda the value and importance of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for community cats and the people who live near them. I even shared a few very practical tips on how you can co-exist with cats while still protecting your garden.

Earlier in the summer, I was excited to join the national Talkin Pets Radio show with Jon Patch. We talked about the Alley Cat Allies response to the COVID-19 pandemic (find our resources here), and how to use the guidance from our Leave Them Be® campaign when you find kittens outdoors.

Here is where you’ll find me in the news:

In this past year, I have acted as a voice for cats and kittens through multiple high-profile features in national news outlets. I will keep you updated on the news stories during the rest of 2020.