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This form is to help us determine the best match for animals awaiting adoption into family homes.  We hope to provide you with information on the commitment of adopting a new cat/kitten and to ensure that you understand the full responsibility of care involved with a companion animal.

Where Alley Cat Allies is seeking foster homes…

Southern New Jersey:  New Jersey cats will be staying in the New Jersey area.  If you are in this region, we can arrange to transport cats or kittens from the Boardwalk Cats Project to your area.

Mid-Atlantic Region:  This includes Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

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Foster Care Agreement

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1.   I agree to provide the foster cat(s)/kitten(s) in my care: appropriate food, water and clean litter boxes daily; a warm, safe place in my home; positive interactions and socialization; administration of any necessary medications; visits to a veterinarian as necessary. I understand that, unless otherwise discussed, my foster cat(s)/kitten(s) are to be kept indoors.

2.  I understand that Alley Cat Allies can provide basic necessary supplies and equipment (food, litter boxes, litter, etc.) for my foster cat(s)/kitten(s), if needed. I will contact my Alley Cat Allies representative if I need assistance obtaining these items while fostering, prior to purchasing them.

3.  I understand that Alley Cat Allies will pay for all veterinary treatment costs that may be incurred while the cat(s)/kitten(s) are fosters in my care, including but not limited to: vaccinations, treatment for parasites, sterilization surgery, and microchipping. I will make sure to save and submit all receipts for veterinary care to my Alley Cat Allies representative.

4.  I agree to transport my foster cat(s)/kitten(s) to an agreed-upon veterinarian for all routine procedures and checkups, including but not limited to: age-appropriate vaccines, treatment for intestinal and external parasites, acquiring prescribed medications, and spay/neuter surgery and microchipping.

5.  I agree that, whenever possible, I am to contact my Alley Cat Allies representative prior to arranging routine veterinary care for my foster cat(s)/kitten(s). In the event of an emergency, I will make a good faith effort to contact my representative to seek advice regarding veterinary care for the cat(s)/kitten(s). However, if I am unable to reach my representative, I will use my own best judgment with the cats’/kittens’ best interest in mind, and may take the cat(s)/kitten(s) to the veterinarian of my choice for emergency care.

6.  In the event that I am no longer willing or able to provide foster care, I will contact my Alley Cat Allies representative as soon as possible so they can make alternate arrangements for the cat(s)/kitten(s). I agree not to give them to or permit them to be housed with any other person.

7.  Part of finding new homes for foster animals entails having conversations via e-mail and/or phone with potential adopters. I understand that my Alley Cat Allies representative may ask for details about my foster cat(s)/kitten(s) behavior, personality, etc., to conduct these conversations, and I agree to provide any information as quickly as possible in order to facilitate the adoption process.

8.  I understand that my foster cat(s)/kitten(s) may need to attend meet-and-greet visits with potential adopters or other adoption events, which will be arranged by my Alley Cat Allies representative. I agree to facilitate either transport to these events, or to work with my representative to arrange times for any representative of Alley Cat Allies to pick up and drop off my foster cat(s)/kitten(s) for meet-and-greets and other events.

9.  I understand that while I am not required to attend these meet-and-greets or other adoption events, Alley Cat Allies welcomes my presence and acknowledges the strong bond between foster caregivers and their charges. Alley Cat Allies also acknowledges that foster caregivers know their foster cat(s)/kitten(s) the best, and may be the one(s) best suited to describe their personalities, behaviors, quirks, and what makes them so incredible to potential adopters.

10.  I understand that caring for my foster cat(s)/kitten(s) is a temporary situation, with the end goal of finding a forever home for them. I understand that Alley Cat Allies will be actively looking for a forever home for the foster cat(s)/kitten(s) in a forever home. Alley Cat Allies welcomes and values my feedback on potential adopters, but I understand that on occasion Alley Cat Allies may make a different decision. Should that happen, the representative will explain the reasoning.

11.  I agree to release and hold harmless Alley Cat Allies from any direct or consequential damages or injury, including personal injury, property damage, legal fees, or any other liability or expense (other than those stated in this agreement) by the foster caregiver or any other person as a result of this foster agreement.

12.  I understand that if Alley Cat Allies later discovers that any of the above-mentioned terms are not being met, Alley Cat Allies reserves the right to remove the foster cat(s)/kitten(s) from my home.

Electronic Signature and Consent
By selecting the "I Accept and Understand" button, entering your full name above and below, and selecting "submit", you are signing this Foster Application and Agreement electronically with an electronic signature.   You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement.  By selecting "I Accept and Understand" you consent to be legally bound by this Foster Application and Agreements.

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