We know that without love and compassion, humanity cannot survive. The same is true for cats. Without veterinarians—and their huge capacity to save cats’ lives—humane programs like Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) cannot be sustained.

That’s how vital veterinarians are to this practice. Veterinarians put the “N” and “V” in TNVR. This week, I’ll be speaking at the Purdue Veterinary Conference in Indiana about veterinarians’ role in protecting and saving cats in their communities and around the world. Stay tuned, because I’ll be writing another blog after the conference to share with you all that we’ve discussed.

Naturally, veterinarians consider animal protection a top priority. It’s a given. That’s why we need veterinarians—the cats need them—to take an active role by embracing Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return. Whether it’s in conjunction with shelters, animal groups, advocates, or traveling with groups that perform low-cost, high-volume spay and neuter clinics on islands and in countries around the globe, their services are desperately needed.

TNVR is sound public policy (sterilization stabilizes cat populations) and provides a public health benefit (vaccinations build herd immunity and protect against rabies and other diseases). TNVR is the only effective and humane approach to community cats.

Alley Cat Allies has made incredible progress over three decades saving and improving cats’ lives by carrying out TNVR. But we still have so much work to do. And we can’t do it without the help and support of our compassionate veterinarians.

By training more veterinarians in TNVR, and making TNVR programs more accessible, communities will be able to strengthen their programs and save more cats. As the demand grows for these kinds of services, more veterinarians are needed to support this work.

Let’s join forces with our veterinarians and be the voice for cats. Together, we can save and protect as many lives as possible.