BeckywebBecky Robinson, the president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, is a global leader in the movement to protect and improve the lives of all cats. Her vision, thought leadership, and innovation have revolutionized humanity’s understanding and respect for the intrinsic value of cats.

Becky is working toward transformational societal change with a distinct, but not exclusive, focus on compassion for animals, community empowerment, and community cohesion. Her work encompasses environmental care and sustainability.

After Becky exposed the entrenched institutional cruelty of animal control agencies and shelters through which millions of cats were killed every year for a century, she sparked the movement that has permanently transformed animal care, animal control, and veterinary medicine.

Becky has been instrumental in promoting the scientifically proven benefits of every aspect of cat care and protection, including Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). She organized and launched the first sustainable veterinary program in the United States dedicated to community cats, where they could be sterilized, vaccinated, and eartipped before being returned to their colonyall at no cost to the caregivers.

Becky is at the forefront of driving the adoption of public policies that ensure humane, nonlethal cat care and cat population management practices are established and enforced. Debunking flawed views that cats’ deaths will help wildlife populations rebound is a crucial part of these efforts. In fact, Becky regularly presents the science that has demonstrated that killing cats is cruel and does not control their populations.

In many regions of the world and large parts of the United States, saving the lives of cats and kittens is now the norm, with an ever-growing number of animal services agencies no longer rounding up and killing cats found at-large in their communities. Becky has inspired people to become advocates. As a result, tens of thousands of activists have helped expose the institutional cruelty of killing animals in our shelters.

Because of her successes, nonlethal controlespecially TNRis now considered the best practice and widely endorsed by large and small municipal governments and communities including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Dallas, as well as national and local animal protection organizations, rescue groups, veterinary associations, and individuals worldwide. Becky’s tireless efforts changed how the world views and treats cats.

Becky advocates strongly for the protection of wildlife and the environment and for a dramatic change in how humans live and impact our planet. Cats, wildlife, and people all depend on a healthy planet for our very survival. At the heart of advocacy for the protection of cats is compassion, and compassion logically and rightly extends to all animals, including humans.

Becky’s expertise makes her a highly sought-after authority on cats. She has spoken, often as a keynote, at hundreds of conferences, including many international conventions.

She has been featured on top media networks ranging from The New York Times and National to NBC Nightly News, PBS, the Hallmark Channel, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, just to name a few.

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