Our 2017–2018 calendar is filled with inspirational stories and photos of beautiful cats—the animals Alley Cat Allies works to protect every day of the year. Thousands of cat photographs were sent in for consideration, and we hope you enjoy the photos of these wonderful felines as much as we do!

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  • Cover

    Bella and Bentley

    Lori Thornton

    Bella and Bentley are siblings that were abandoned in a box on the side of the road in Arizona. Lori arranged for them to get veterinary care and a new home.

  • President’s Message


    Becky Robinson
    President’s Message

    Abe is so polite and proper he’s nicknamed “Jeeves.” Becky’s constant companion, he even greets her at the driveway and escorts her safely inside the house.

  • President’s Message

    Petite Chérie

    Becky Robinson
    President’s Message

    Petite Chérie was taken in by Becky as a foster on February 14, making her a “Valentine” cat. Petite Chérie quickly bonded with Becky’s husband, Ed, and became a permanent resident of their household.

  • President’s Message


    Becky Robinson
    President’s Message

    Office Cat Oliver loves treats and exploring filing cabinet drawers.

  • President’s Message


    Becky Robinson
    President’s Message

    Office Cat Charles enjoys napping in the library and chasing shoelaces.

  • 2018 at a Glance

    Aaron Ross

    Stacey Bradley
    2018 at a Glance

    Aaron Ross is a sweet boy, always ready to cuddle with his human, feline, and canine friends. He turns the people he meets into cat lovers from his home in Pennsylvania.

  • October 2017


    Kathleen Ralph
    October 2017

    Pushka is a loving cat who enjoys basking in the sun in Australia. He doesn’t let the disability in his back legs get him down!

  • October 2017 Insert


    Rhonda Henry
    October 2017 Insert

    Orion is a real snuggle bug! When he’s not cuddling in bed with his owner Rhonda, he’s helping her out in the garden of their California home.

  • November 2017


    Cameron Way
    November 2017

    Sherlock, also called Homie, was rescued from a hoarding situation. Now he enjoys playing with other cats in Colorado.

  • November 2017 Insert


    Zack Jones
    November 2017 Insert

    Marky is a barn cat living in Idaho. This independent kitty became socialized to people while undergoing veterinary care, and has even become friends with chickens and goats while living on the farm!

  • November 2017 Insert

    Nala and Pip

    Jeanine Perez
    November 2017 Insert

    Meet Nala and Pip, two tabby kittens living in California. They enjoy taking naps on the balcony and even stroll around their neighborhood on leashes!

  • December 2017


    Dana Gaddis
    December 2017

    Dalton was a hand-raised, bottle-fed kitten that grew up to have a special relationship with his favorite person, Dana. They live in Florida.

  • December 2017 Insert

    Rosie and Patches

    Angela Centrella
    December 2017 Insert

    Rosie and Patches are best friends from Pennsylvania. They went through Trap-Neuter-Return and live with their community cat colony in Angela’s yard.

  • January 2018


    Karen Staser
    January 2018

    Andy is a sweet rescue cat. He loves sharing his California home with other cats and dogs.

  • January 2018 Insert


    Cathy Niland
    January 2018 Insert

    Sunday is a socialization success story! She went from super shy to super curious and friendly toward her people. Now she’s a total lap cat and living happily in her California home.

  • February 2018


    Robert St. John
    February 2018

    Mini is an indoor-outdoor cat who loves this old oak tree in Florida. She also loves her feline best friend, Dexter.

  • February 2018 Insert


    Donna Powell
    February 2018 Insert

    The cat checking out the Texas bluebonnets is Frankie. His mother, Mama, was caregiver Donna’s introduction to community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

  • February 2018 Insert

    Mama and Miranda

    Jonie Larrison
    February 2018 Insert

    Jonie first discovered Mama and her kittens under a shed in Indiana. While Jonie found loving homes for the kittens, she bonded with Mama and kept her. The stretching kitten is Mama’s baby, Miranda.

  • March 2018


    Sara Britting
    March 2018

    Zoro is a playful member of a community cat colony in New York. He and his feline family have all been through Trap-Neuter-Return.

  • March 2018 Insert


    Leslie Weiss
    March 2018 Insert

    Leslie fosters kittens in California, including this little guy named Inchworm. Becoming a foster is a great way to help socialize kittens and find them forever homes.

  • April 2018

    Sophie Sox

    Xavier Jones
    April 2018

    Sophie Sox rules her Texas home. Inside she has a fine collection of boxes, and outside she likes to inspect the bluebonnets with Xavier for company.

  • April 2018 Insert

    Buddy, Dexter, and Reggie

    Bonnie Varnum
    April 2018 Insert

    Buddy, Dexter, and Reggie are three of four ginger brothers called “The Pumpkin Gang.” These friendly cats like to explore their yard in California.

  • May 2018

    Pounce de Leon

    Sharon Lewczak
    May 2018

    Pounce de Leon is a smart cat that loves to explore—he can even open doors! He was found in Florida after a hurricane in 2004.

  • May 2018 Insert


    Eli Nguyen
    May 2018 Insert

    Rescue cat Koi is both lovely and loving! He was adopted from a shelter and now lives happily in his Arkansas home. Koi’s story is a great reminder of why you should adopt instead of shop for your next best friend!

  • June 2018


    Elana Rothenberg
    June 2018

    You’ll want to cross the path of this black cat! Zela loves to stop and smell the flowers around her Pennsylvania home.

  • June 2018 Insert

    Tiny Meow and Baby Gizmo

    Alisa Hoerner
    June 2018 Insert

    Tiny Meow had a litter about two years ago but has since been spayed. All her kittens went to forever homes, including Baby Gizmo (pictured here). They live in New York.

  • July 2018


    William Forster
    July 2018

    This handsome cat is Angus. Angus enjoys the summer flowers in Vermont. He looks great for 14 years old!

  • July 2018 Insert

    Norman and PR

    Michelle Tsoumani
    July 2018 Insert

    These Mediterranean felines are Norman and PR! They enjoy the warm sun and gorgeous scenery of their home on Andros Island in Greece.

  • August 2018


    Charles Smith
    August 2018

    Olive has never seen a tree she didn’t want to climb. Here, she’s in an aspen in Colorado.

  • August 2018 Insert


    Ellanah Fortune
    August 2018 Insert

    Frankie was rescued from a hoarding situation. Now he has a wonderful home in California, where he enjoys laying out on the patio and soaking up some rays on sunny days.

  • September 2018


    Shelley Little
    September 2018

    This Mississippi missy is Catherine. She started out shy, but is being socialized so that she doesn’t fear people.

  • September 2018 Insert

    Candy and Hank

    Brenda Younker
    September 2018 Insert

    Candy didn’t always trust owner Brenda with her kittens. But Brenda eventually won her over, and Candy brought the kittens, including Hank (pictured here), one-by-one to Brenda and put them in her lap. Today, they all live happily in Maryland.

  • September 2018 Insert

    Beaux von Tux, Nelly, Lolita, and Willie

    Natalie Yambrusic
    September 2018 Insert

    Beaux von Tux, Nelly, Lolita, and Willie are community cats in Washington, D.C. Here, the little colony enjoys a nice day on the porch.

  • October 2018


    Aidan Humrich
    October 2018

    Kiku is a goofy and loving cat living in California. She loves to help with the gardening by rolling around in the leaves and vegetable beds.

  • October 2018 Insert


    Beth Bucci
    October 2018 Insert

    Ginger is the princess of her Pennsylvania home. She is particularly fond of curling up for naps in the sunshine.

  • November 2018


    Diane Divagno
    November 2018

    Tiger is a farm cat living in Italy. He’s an indoor-outdoor cat that loves the sunshine.

  • November 2018 Insert


    Lejla Al Kaduri
    November 2018 Insert

    Bolt is friendly farm cat who shares his home with a colony of 12 other cats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He follows caregiver Lejla from the garden to the forest and everywhere else!

  • November 2018 Insert

    Blake and Malachy

    Tom Delaney
    November 2018 Insert

    Blake and Malachy were both rescue cats. They wound up at the same adoption center in Texas and were adopted into the same home!

  • December 2018


    Suzanne Stewart
    December 2018

    Bess has grown up from being “the little gray one” of her litter into a sweet and loving member of her family in Connecticut.

  • December 2018 Insert


    Lawrence Slaney
    December 2018 Insert

    Zack showed up at owner Lawrence’s house in Georgia one day and promptly made himself at home. He still lives there happily and gets along well with his kitty siblings.

  • December 2018 Insert

    Lexie and Mia

    Maria Fiorentino
    December 2018 Insert

    Lexie and Mia are adorable Bengal cats. This friendly duo shows off their striking marble patterned fur at home in California.

  • Feral Cat

    Ashlee, Slate, Axel and Luna

    Linda Lund and Sami Erickson
    Feral Cat

    Ashlee, Slate, Axel, and Luna (background) are a family of community cats in Nebraska. They enjoy daily food and water provided by caregivers.

  • Community Cat


    Debbie Venus-Fenrich
    Community Cat

    Popeye is the friendliest member of his Ohio cat colony. While the others are shy, this cat is interested in people.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cat


    Dolores Vezzolini
    Indoor/Outdoor Cat

    Negrito is a clever cat that can play fetch, walk on a leash, and even follows five commands! He lives in California.

  • Indoor Cat


    Vaune Peck
    Indoor Cat

    Magic is named for his personality. This charming cat is a sweet, curious, and playful member of his New Jersey home.

  • Back Cover


    Lisa Fulton
    Back Cover

    Tigger underwent Trap-Neuter-Return along with the other cats in his California colony. He enjoys climbing trees.

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