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 Stay on the cutting edge of feral cat related issues and the movement by subscribing to email alerts and to our newsletters, reading our publications, viewing our videos, or attending a workshop in your area or viewing one online. The more knowledgeable you are about the issues, the better advocate you will be for the cats. Let us help you stay informed!  


Our newsletters keep you informed about Alley Cat Allies’ activities and about the latest in the movement to stop the killing of cats in the animal control and shelter system.

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Tools for Change

Our brochures, posters, and educational materials are the leading resources on feral cats in the country, used by shelters, nonprofits, and individuals to educate others and spread the word about feral cats and humane care.

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Publications & Research 

Our research documents public opinion and spay/neuter rates; our analysis provides you with summaries of feral cat research that support your TNR and feral cat work.

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Public Service Announcement

Our PSA raises awareness about the practice of killing cats and has been viewed in television markets across the country including Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and New York City.

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Educational Videos

Our educational videos provide step-by-step instruction on feral cat care and present important suggestions to help you along the way.

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Alley Cat Allies regularly holds workshops in several locations across the country to help educate communities about outdoor cat care and Trap-Neuter-Return.

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Our ads appear in mainstream and pet-related publications, reaching over three million people in magazines and papers such as VegNews, E! the environmental magazine, Good, and Cat Fancy magazines.

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Guide to Working with the Media

Knowing how important it is to promote these issues, we have assembled a guide to working with the media that will help you feel like a professional.

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