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Trap-Neuter-Return Profiles

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the only effective and humane approach for feral cats. Some shelters and animal control departments across the country have adopted TNR and have significantly improved the lives of cats living in their communities. These profiles of organizations that have launched TNR programs include details on why they decided TNR was the way to go, how they started their programs, and how their programs have saved the lives of cats and improved their communities.

Spartanburg Animal Services

Spartanburg Animal Services is an agency that enforces the city’s animal control ordinances. Several years ago, the agency decided to overhaul its policing policies and emphasize education over enforcement. One of the most successful new ventures is a city-run TNR program for community cats. Read more »

San Jose Animal Care & Services

San Jose Animal Care & Services is a government animal control agency that serves the city of San Jose and surrounding communities. The agency has long embraced a number of lifesaving programs to humanely and effectively curb the growth of animal populations. In 2010, the agency expanded its work with feral cats, also known as community cats, by launching an innovative program to target cats entering its own shelter, San Jose Animal Care Center. Read more »

Fairfax County Animal Shelter

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter serving Fairfax County, Va. In 2008, the shelter started one of the first TNR programs in the region. Since then, it has become a powerful advocate for expansion of TNR throughout the greater Washington, D.C., area. Read more »

Humane League of Lancaster County

The Humane League of Lancaster County is an independent, nonprofit organization saving thousands of animals each year. Since 2008, as part of its effort to create a humane community and greatly reduce the number of healthy stray and feral cats entering the shelter, the Humane League has operated a successful TNR program for outdoor cats in Lancaster County. Read more »