Brochures | Atlantic County NJ, Boardwalk Cats Project

ACA Boardwalk Cats Project Educational Pamphlet

Fact Sheet | Animal Shelter, Atlantic County NJ

Local Resources: Atlantic City, NJ

Video | Community Change, Trap-Neuter-Return, Virginia

Fairfax County, VA Animal Shelter Trap-Neuter-Return Program

Fairfax County Animal Shelter’s Trap-Neuter-Return program is an excellent and successful example of a community coming together to create the best environment it can for cats.

Video | Atlantic County NJ, Boardwalk Cats Project

Boardwalk Cats Project Video

Learn more about our Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project.

Case Studies | Atlantic County NJ, Boardwalk Cats Project, Community Change

Atlantic City Boardwalk Project Case Study

Webinar | Community Change, En Español, Trap-Neuter-Return

Ayudando a los Gatos en Tu Comunidad: Introducción a Atrapar-Esterilizar-Regresar

Guide/How-to | Veterinarian Awareness

Veterinary Resource Center

Our Veterinary Resource Center has all the answers about cat health and behavior. Veterinarians: read all about community cat medical concerns. Learn more!

Fact Sheet | Disaster Response

Disaster-Proofing A Community Cat Colony

If you ever need to evacuate your home, you’ll want to plan to take your pets along, but what about feral cats?

Fact Sheet | Disaster Response

Including Pets in Your Family’s Disaster Plan

When it comes to the animals in our lives, advance planning can make a life or death difference. This is especially true for cats, because they tend to hide when they feel stressed.

Webinar | Trap-Neuter-Return

Helping Cats in Your Community Webinar


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“Help! I Found a Kitten Outdoors” Poster

Guide/How-to |

How Old Is That Kitten?

“How old is my kitten?” Find out kitten age with our “kitten progression” chart. You’ll learn the stages of cat growth from newborn to 10 weeks.