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Biography – Joanne Correira, Outreach and Events Associate

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Cómo vivir con gatos en su vecindario

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Fact Sheet | Cats and Wildlife

The Natural History of the Cat

Cats have lived outside among people for over 10,000 years—indoor-only is a new idea! Learn about the history of cats, from wild cat to domestic companion.

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Atrapar-esterilizar-soltar para los gatos perdidos y callejeros: Información básica

Webinar | National Feral Cat Day

Paw-some Strategies for Raising $$$ Webinar

This free webinar walks through the basics of how to fundraise and spread the word about your good work.

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Trapping Cats: How to Trap an Entire Colony

When you’re getting ready to conduct Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), one of the best things you can do for the cats you care for (and for you!) is to try to trap an entire colony at once.

Fact Sheet | Trap-Neuter-Return

Why It’s Trap-Neuter-Return Not Trap-Neuter-Adopt

Felis Catus, the domestic cat that plays a pivotal role in our lives, is born and lives in a broad range of circumstances, from pampered house cat to outdoor feral cats. Because cats in different environments all look so similar, it is easy to imagine that a feral cat is, or wants to be, a creature much like the cat curled up on your sofa. In truth, feral cats are very different from the cats we easily share our homes with. Feral cats are unsocialized to humans.

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Eartip Poster

Posters | Veterinarian Awareness

Community Cat Infographic Poster

What is a community cat anyways? This informative poster has the answer! The infographic includes the definition of ‘community cat’ and essential facts about their lifestyle and needs. Share this poster with your friends and neighbors to spread knowledge about the cats who live among us.

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Trap-Neuter-Return for Community Cats: The Basics

These full-color brochures have everything you need to know about the Trap-Neuter-Return process—and how it benefits cats and people. Hand them out to your friends and neighbors to educate them about community cats and raise awareness about TNR.

Brochures | Trap-Neuter-Return

What Americans Really Think is Humane Care for Cats Truth Card

Americans overwhelmingly support humane treatment for community cats. This informative truth card includes the data and statistics that prove