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Fifth Week

This is when the fun begins. Now that the kittens’ sight is fully developed, they are engaging in vigorous and exhaustive play, running around and exploring until they quite literally fall asleep right where they are. While they are experimenting with solid food, Callie, Penguin, and Ruby are still nursing from their mother (or being bottle fed by you) a few times a day.

31 days

Exuberant play means tired kittens! Play—with each other and with you—is an important part of kitten socialization because it helps them bond with each other and build confidence around people.

32 days

The kittens are being handled by people early and often to encourage their social development. Getting love and play from humans helps them connect positive experiences with people—something that will help when they are adopted into new homes.

Five weeks old

Showing their independence, Callie, Penguin, and Ruby are beginning to demonstrate their individual personalities—Callie is shy but cuddly, Penguin is bold and a bit spastic, and Ruby is the love bug of the group.

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