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April Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Adoptable Cat: Pal Around with Jason
Adoptable Cat - Jason

This inquisitive black-and-white boy was found in Atlantic City, looking to make friends. Now 10 months old, this social young man loves to hang around with his peers, explore, and get into whatever toys and hiding spots he can find. Playful and fond of attention, Jason is the perfect playmate for you and other young cats. Do you want to buddy up with Jason?
Read more about Jason.

Smithsonian Botches Study
Smithsonian Study

We were dismayed last month when researchers from the Smithsonian Institution published a gross misinterpretation of a study on bird deaths. We knew this needed a strong response. We sent letters to the editors of news outlets that published stories about the studies and explained how these authors manipulated the facts in order to scapegoat cats. We explained how the study is misleading and ignores the fact that humans are the true threat to wildlife, including birds. It is time to move past this tired topic and work together to protect the lives of all animals.
Learn why the Smithsonian study is unreliable and deceptive.

Taking Action to Reform Texas Shelters & Protect Cats
Texas - Take Action!

We’re excited about a progressive bill currently under consideration in Texas that would make saving cats’ lives a top priority in pounds and shelters—and greatly restrict how shelters can decide to euthanize an animal. Currently, more than 70% of cats entering shelters nationwide are killed. This bill is a long overdue step in a new direction! We’ve called on our supporters in Texas to speak up for a shelter system that reflects the humane ethic of Texans—and all of America.
Texas residents – take action now!
Read more about Americans’ humane ethic.

Help Us Help Kittens with Operation: Born Feral
Opertation: Born Feral

March is the peak pregnancy month for cats, meaning millions of feral kittens are on their way in the weeks ahead. When Americans find these kittens outdoors, they will turn to us for help—and we’re turning to you. These kittens depend on us. Help us save more lives this month and provide Americans with information and resources during the height of kitten season by donating to Operation: Born Feral today.
Make an Operation: Born Feral emergency donation!

Alley Cat Allies on NBC Nightly News
NBC Nightly News

Millions of Americans already care for feral cats, and now millions more know about it after a recent NBC Nightly News report on feral cats and their caregivers. The online segment features two colony caregivers discussing their hard work, passion, and devotion, as well as our president, Becky Robinson, discussing the importance of Trap-Neuter-Return as the only humane and effective approach for feral cats.
Watch the video.

New Resources

Pick up some pointers on resolving conflicts with neighbors and decision makers in the NEW Troubleshooting with Community Members section of our Community Relations Resource Center.

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