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Low Key Complaints and Concerns from the Community

It is very common for conflicts to stem from issues between neighbors or people living in the same area as the feral cat colony. Luckily, these differences are the easiest to prevent and resolve, when dealt with quickly and in a calm and helpful manner.

Check out our Action Steps: How to Problem Solve with Neighbors.

When dealing with a neighbor that has concerns about the cats, use our conflict resolution techniques to determine the specific problem and do your best to resolve it. Address individual concerns by listening patiently and asking questions that uncover the specific problem. Check out our How to Live with Cats in your Neighborhood brochure for common concerns and easy solutions. Instead of arguing or pointing the blame elsewhere, do your best to find a solution to any problems that arise.

Should the situation escalate and you feel that tempers are flaring, put the brakes on the discussion and ask someone else—perhaps a fellow caregiver or neighbor—to help facilitate the discussion.

Mediate through Problems – Mediation is an important tool for resolving disputes between neighbors because it allows everyone a chance to speak and establishes an ongoing dialogue within the community. Use our mediation guide to uncover the root cause of the complaint and work towards a solution that meets the needs of the whole community, including the cats.

Perform Property Assessments – Assess individual concerns and then employ deterrent techniques, colony care tips, and tricks to divert cats from certain areas and make other areas attractive to them. Use our assessment and consultation formto get any agreement in writing.

Educate Your Neighbors – Use these educational materials and outreach tools to help you spread the word to your neighbors and community.

Prepare for NegotiationRead negotiation tips for finding common ground and a resolution.

Employ Bargaining Chips – Part of negotiation is offering services in exchange for getting what you want for the cats. This list of services could help you seal the deal.