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March Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Adoptable Cat: Fly Away with Harry Potter
Adoptable Cat - Harry

Harry Potter is a loving little guy looking for a home to call his own—just like his literary namesake. Adored by all, this friendly feline enjoys company from his own kind and from people (magical and Muggle alike). He may look innocent curled up in his basket in the sun, but when he comes across catnip, this little wizard has a mischievous streak to match the white “lightning bolt” on his forehead. He’ll cast a spell on your heart—is there room in your castle for Harry Potter?
Read more about Harry Potter.

Forging New Partnerships in New Orleans

Alley Cat Allies has been active in New Orleans for more than two decades, supporting spay/neuter and educating the community about humane cat care. This month, we pushed these efforts even further by awarding a grant of $20,000 to two local clinics—the Louisiana SPCA and the Southern Animal Foundation—to provide fully subsidized feral cat spay/neuter. The free neuter services will continue while funds last, at which time low-cost clinics will resume. Both organizations will also be holding free monthly Helping Community Cats workshops all year! 
Learn more about these exciting new opportunities in New Orleans!

Maryland Takes Steps toward a Statewide Spay/Neuter Fund
MD Spay/Neuter Fund

This month we rallied Maryland residents to support an important bill that would pave the way to establishing a statewide spay/neuter fund. Accessible, affordable spay/neuter is a key element of any successful TNR program and more than half of all US states already have funds that support spay/neuter. Together with our supporters, we let legislators know we want Maryland to join their ranks—and it worked! The bill passed the House and is currently under consideration in the Senate.
Maryland residents – take action again to support this bill in the Senate!

A Big Month for Cats in Utah
Utah Cats

We’ve been in frequent contact with our supporters in Utah this month, keeping them informed of two bills that dramatically affect the state’s cats. In our last eNews, we told you how a bill that would repeal anti-cruelty protection for feral cats had been gutted after a national outcry. Shockingly, some of the harmful language was restored to this bill before it passed the Utah House of Representatives. Again, we spoke out against this bill and are happy to report that the Utah Senate did not take up the bill. The Utah legislature did pass one positive bill for cats, S.B. 57, a bill we advised on that can save countless cats’ lives by allowing feral cats to be transferred from shelters to TNR programs.
Learn the truth about cat fatalities in shelters.

Kitten Season is Coming—Are You Prepared?
Kitten Season

Spring is almost upon us, and that means kitten season! If you come across kittens outside, will you know what choices to make and what steps to take to protect their best interest? Check out Becky Robinson’s kitten care tips below and visit our kitten care resources to make sure you’re ready if kittens come your way.
Read Becky’s Kitten Care Tips in Our Press Release.
Learn How and When to Care for and Socialize Feral Kittens.

Supporting Stronger Anti-Cruelty Laws in New Mexico
NM Anti-Cruelty

When a bill that would strengthen New Mexico’s animal anti-cruelty laws passed the state’s Senate Public Affairs Committee last month, we reached out to our supporters to help get this crucial bill to the full Senate for a vote! Now the bill has passed the Judiciary Committee and is awaiting a vote on the Senate floor. In the past, the state’s existing anti-cruelty statute has made it difficult to obtain convictions in some clear-cut cases of cruelty to animals. This new bill will make sure offenders convicted of extreme cruelty to animals receive stronger punishments.
New Mexico residents—support stronger anti-cruelty laws!
Learn more about animal anti-cruelty laws.

New Resources

Feral Cats and Human Health – Feral cats are safe members of our communities. Read the research in our new article on outdoor cats and human health.

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