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February Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Adoptable Cat: Get Serenaded by Beyoncé
Adoptable Cat - Beyonce

Beyoncé got her name when our Atlantic City Program Manager Amanda brought her to a veterinary appointment, where she sang along with the pop music playing over the speakers. This gorgeous girl has a big voice and she’s not afraid to show it off! A rock star in her own right, she’s full of personality and loves to play indoors and out. Naturally, she’s a bit of a diva around other cats and prefers to perform solo. Is your home the perfect venue for Beyoncé?
Read more about Beyoncé.

Setting the Record Straight on Oreo's Law
Oreo's Law

Last year, a bill known as “Oreo’s Law” was proposed in the New York State Assembly that would require all municipal animal control pounds and shelters to transfer any animal in their care who is scheduled to be killed to a nonprofit animal protection organization that requests possession of the animal. As leading proponents of shelter reform, Alley Cat Allies worked with the legislative sponsor to strengthen the bill, but it was never scheduled for a vote. This month, the bill was reintroduced with improved language that will protect the lives of cats, and it has our support.
Learn more about Oreo’s Law.

Alley Cat Allies' Milestones Project
Milestone Project

Twenty years ago, Alley Cat Allies was incorporated—and cats’ greatest ally was born. Over two decades, we led the movement for cats’ humane care in America and celebrated major victories and new advances every year. In celebration of our 20th year, we’ve collected these memories and others into an interactive timeline that tells our story: the story of TNR in America, and one that would not exist without your support.
Take a look back with us at
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Tell us how Alley Cat Allies has influenced your life and your cats' lives.

Thank Your for Protecting Utah's Cats against Cruelty
Utah HB 210

Recently, we asked you to help us speak out against a deadly bill that would have repealed protection for cats under Utah’s anti-cruelty laws and allowed them to be shot and killed. Following an overwhelming national outcry, the bill was gutted and the dangerous language removed. Thank you for contributing to this major victory in our mission to protect the lives of cats!
Get the facts about feral cats and anti-cruelty law.

Alley Cat Allies Responds to US Fish and Wildlife Plan
Fish and Wildlife

Last month, in a draft management plan open for public comment, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recommended trapping and removing feral cats in the Florida Keys and sending them to a shelter where they would be killed. Together, we responded loud and clear against this poorly-researched plan with the over 6,000 messages you sent through our action center and our own direct in-depth response asking the FWS to improve their plan and take a humane approach instead.
Read our comments submitted in response to the FWS plan.
Check out Becky Robinson’s article on Care2.

Understanding Why Catch and Kill Doesn't Work
Vacuum Effect

We’ve said over and over that removing cats from an area—either by catch and kill or relocation—is a futile approach because more cats will simply move in to take advantage of available resources. If you find yourself explaining this to neighbors, city officials, or anyone else that wants the cats to “just go away,” turn to this new resource detailing the vacuum effect. The fact sheet includes scientific studies and testimony from animal control personnel on why killing or removing cats won’t work.
Learn about the vacuum effect.

New Resources

Alley Cat Allies FAQs – Got a question about Alley Cat Allies or feral cats? Find your answer fast on our helpful FAQ page.
Winter Newsletter – The winter edition of Alley Cat Action is out! Find out what’s happening on the front lines of our movement.

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