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August Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Angela Kinsey Joins Our "I'm an Alley Cat Ally" Campaign
Angela Kinsey

Actor Angela Kinsey (who portrays Angela Martin on NBC's The Office) showed the world her compassion for stray and feral cats last month when she joined our "I'm an Alley Cat Ally" campaign, to raise awareness about the millions of Americans who care for stray and feral cats in their communities.
Read the Press Release.
Learn more about the "I'm an Alley Cat Ally" Campaign.
Support the movement: Take the photo pledge or shop for "I'm an Alley Cat Ally" products.

Adoptable Cats: Summer and Lotus—A Purrfect Pair
Summer and Lotus

These two loveable young ladies have overcome hard times to become fast friends. Lotus was abandoned on Atlantic City’s boardwalk, and Summer was locked in a crawl space for a month with no access to food or water. Fortunately, one of our employees found them both and introduced them. Since then, they’ve become inseparable, so they would like to find a home together.
Learn more about Summer and Lotus and see our other adoptable cats.

Educating Veterinarians about Feral Cats
Tuxedo Cat

Veterinarians are often the first place people turn when they find cats, but the veterinary community doesn’t always give accurate information about stray and feral cats. Our Veterinary Awareness Campaign helps fill this void of information, and this month, we’ll be exhibiting at the CVC Kansas City Veterinary Conference on August 28, handing out materials, sharing our feral cat health research, and explaining “feral friendly” techniques for veterinarians to use in their practices.
Learn more about the Veterinary Awareness Campaign.
Visit our Veterinary Resource Center.

October 16 Marks the Tenth National Feral Cat Day
National Feral Cat Day 2010

National Feral Cat Day is just around the corner! Keep an eye on your mailboxes, and inboxes, for more information about ways to celebrate, how to tell us about your local event, and what you can do to help make the world a safer place for cats.
Prepare with event ideas, merchandise to help celebrate, and more at

Update – Office Cat Jared is Doing Well

After a month of radiation treatments, Office Cat Jared has had his final treatment and is doing great! Adopted as a youngster from a threatened feral cat colony in Maryland, Jared has lived in the Alley Cat Allies office for the past 12 years. He's glad to be back to business as usual, being adored by the office staff and his smitten follower, Office Cat Diana. He has also resumed his important duties of “Facilities Manager,” which include sleeping in inboxes and weighing in—sometimes a little too literally—on conference calls.
Share your morning coffee with Jared with a mug from our Café Press store. 
Donate to help us continue advocating for cats like Jared.

New Resources

Alley Cat Action Summer Edition – This edition celebrates the many faces of the movement working for cats—from celebrities, to long-time volunteers for the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project, to local activists, and everyone in between.
Helping Community Cats Workshop Resources – Hosting a local workshop and educating your community is easy with our Helping Community Cats Workshop templates and scripts.

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