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Press Release

For Immediate Release: August 24, 2010
Contact: ELIZABETH PAROWSKI, or 240-482-1984; FRANCIE ISRAELI, or 202-207-1134

Officials Sealed Housing Project’s Crawlspaces While Cats Were Inside

BETHESDA, MD — Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s advocate for stray and feral cats, today demanded that the New York City Housing Authority open sealed crawlspaces at the Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City, N.Y. to allow rescuers to save the lives of at least a dozen cats who are trapped there.

“This is a desperate situation. The cats have no food and no water and temperatures under the crawlspaces can top 150 degrees,” said Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies.

“We have trained volunteers standing by and ready to help, but the NYCHA has repeatedly denied rescuers access to the crawlspaces,” Robinson said. “Unless the city reverses its decision immediately, these cats will die a horrible death.”

Robinson said that Alley Cat Allies and other local groups have repeatedly approached the Housing Authority with offers to provide low-cost spay/neuter services and implement a humane, lifesaving Trap-Neuter-Return program at the Ravenswood Houses, but these offers have been refused. Instead, the NYCHA allowed contractors to go ahead with a plan to seal up the crawlspaces at the building while cats were still trapped inside.

Alley Cat Allies is asking supporters to contact the NYCHA and demand rescue for these cats before it is too late, as well as allow the practice of humane programs like Trap-Neuter-Return to end the breeding cycle and improve the cats’ lives.

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