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Feral Cat Movie Night

Celebrate National Feral Cat Day by hosting an especially meaningful party—one with a life-saving mission. Gather your friends to learn more about the movement to protect and improve the lives of cats. Use the ideas below to invite others to join the movement.

Invite Everyone to Join the Celebration

Send invitations to your friends and neighbors to invite them over for a night to learn more about stray and feral cats and how to protect them.
Use our invitation template.
Register your event in our NFCD events listing to let others outside of your social circle know about your event.

Use Alley Cat Allies’ Educational Materials to Share the Important Message

Give your partygoers goody bags filled with materials that will teach them more about feral cats. Include our booklets, doorhangers, videos, brochures, and truth cards.

Order our booklets, doorhangers, videos, brochures, and truth cards.
Print out factsheets and guides for cat care from our Care for Cats Section. 
Order T-shirts, pins, bumper stickers, and other products with I © Feral Cats, and I'm an Alley Cat Ally, LOLcats, or our logo.

Share information and Show Movies

Teaching others about feral cats is easy using our Helping Community Cats Workshop templates, scripts, and videos. Our materials at can guide you through the topics to cover as you present feral facts to your guests. Then, gather your guests around a television or computer screen to watch Alley Cat Allies’ informative videos about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

Check out our educational videos. 
Use our workshop page for ideas.

Ask Your Guests to Join the Movement

Once you’ve gotten them interested, invite your visitors to sign on to the movement We’ve got lots of ways they can get involved. They can:

  • Become an insider – Have our online registration form available on your computer for new supporters to sign up to receive our Feral Power alerts.
  • Become an ally – Ask guests to tell the world they support feral cats by becoming a part of our “I’m an Alley Cat Ally” campaign. Print out some blank pledge pages, set up your camera, and upload the photos afterward.
  • Become a supporter – Make sure to have a donation form available for anyone who wants to support Alley Cat Allies at your party. At the end of the event, simply mail the donations to: Alley Cat Allies, 7920 Norfolk Ave, Ste 600, Bethesda, MD, 20814-2525. Make sure to thank everyone for their support.

Feed Your Hungry Visitors

Use this recipe to create a whimsical cat-themed dessert for your guests. Don’t worry – everything is edible!

Take the Next Step

If your visitors are excited about helping feral cats, take this chance to start talking about starting your own organization. Alley Cat Allies has some great pointers in our Change Your Community Section.

After the Party

Follow up with your attendees. Thank them for attending your movie night and ask them to keep in touch. If you held this event as part of NFCD, make sure you check back at to tell us about your event.