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Press Release

For Immediate Release: January 8, 2008
Contact: ELIZABETH PAROWSKI, or 240-482-1984; FRANCIE ISRAELI, or 202-207-1134

Assistant District Attorney Paige Santell Offers Insight into the Galveston, Texas “Cat-Shooting” Trial

WASHINGTON, DC — Highlights of an exclusive interview with Paige Santell, the prosecutor in the November 2007 trial of a man accused of shooting and killing a feral cat in Galveston, are now available online at the Alley Cat Allies Anti-Cruelty Center. (

In the interview, Santell – who prosecutes felony child abuse, animal cruelty, and sex crime cases for the Galveston District Attorney’s Office – discusses the facts of the case and describes the emotional involvement of John Newland, the tollbooth operator who cared for the cat who was shot. She also explains why the Galveston case spurred the State of Texas to revise its anti-cruelty laws to clearly include stray and feral cats, and what impact that revision will have on feral cat caregivers.

"I am very, very, very proud of the work we did on this," Santell says. When asked if she would do it all again, she replies, "you bet."

The Alley Cat Allies Anti-Cruelty Center offers analyses of U.S. laws, public policy, and current events involving cat cruelty, including the recent Galveston trial. It can be found at


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