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Press Release

For Immediate Release: JUNE 25, 2008
Contact: ELIZABETH PAROWSKI, or 240-482-1984; FRANCIE ISRAELI, or 202-207-1134

Atlantic City, N.J. latest city targeted by Alley Cat Allies’ “Every Kitty – Every City” Program

BETHESDA, MD — Alley Cat Allies, the national advocate for stray and feral cats, announced that it has chosen Atlantic City, NJ for its ―Every Kitty – Every City‖ program, which raises awareness about outdoor cats, the importance of accessible, affordable spay and neuter services and the ineffectiveness and cruelty of animal control pound and shelter policies that kill cats. Atlantic City will join Baltimore, metropolitan Washington, DC and Chicago in the Every Kitty-Every City program.

"Alley Cat Allies has worked with local community volunteer groups and the health department in Atlantic City for years, helping to establish humane programs for the outdoor cats living around the city‘s famed boardwalk," said Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies. "We are thrilled to formalize this longstanding relationship through our Every Kitty – Every City program."

The Every Kitty – Every City program provides individuals and groups in the community with the tools needed to change policies that kill cats in shelters.

"Currently, being killed in a shelter is the leading cause of death for cats in the nation,‖ said Robinson. "Under the Every Kitty – Every City program, Alley Cat Allies helps to bring together and mobilize local resources to help individuals and communities to press for an overhaul to outdated 'animal control‘ policies and support lifesaving programs, including Trap-Neuter-Return for outdoor cats and affordable, accessible spay and neuter services for all cats."

As part of the program, Alley Cat Allies rallies and assists community volunteers, local groups, and private shelters that are already practicing Trap-Neuter-Return or are starting a new program. Alley Cat Allies sponsors monthly workshops, open to the public, for advice and instruction on the best practices of Trap-Neuter-Return and colony care. They also recruit and help train local veterinarians on high-volume, low-cost techniques that will increase the availability of affordable spay and neuter and vaccination services for cats.

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