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Press Release

For Immediate Release: September 11, 2009
Contact: ELIZABETH PAROWSKI, or 240-482-1984; FRANCIE ISRAELI, or 202-207-1134

More than 14,000 letters sent from Alley Cat Allies supporters, opposing bill

BETHESDA, MD — Alley Cat Allies, the national advocate for stray and feral cats, this week
declared victory after the California State Assembly voted 28-42 to reject S.B. 250, legislation
that would have hurt feral cat caregivers and low income pet owners by establishing a harmful
mandatory spay/neuter law.

“This is a major victory. Our supporters made their voices heard – they sent more than 14,000
letters to state lawmakers in opposition to this harmful bill. We’d like to thank them,” said Becky
Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies.

S.B. 250 would have imposed mandatory spay/neuter laws, which do not work to increase neuter
rates, but instead end up punishing Good Samaritans who care for feral cats or pet owners with low
incomes. Alley Cat Allies supports public funding to increase the availability of high-volume, lowcost
spay/neuter services, which this bill would not have done.

Robinson noted that Alley Cat Allies intends to remain vigilant, as the bill’s sponsor intends to
reintroduce S.B. 250 next year.

“Legislation to impose mandatory spay/neuter laws is terribly misguided. We will continue to
oppose any legislation that could have severe and unintended consequences on feral cat caregivers
and other people who are simply trying to help,” she said.


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