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Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Alley Cat Allies’ advertisements have allowed us to educate millions of people across the country about the importance of protecting the lives of cats. If you are interested in running our ads in a local publication, or on your local television channel, please contact our communications department for assistance.

“I’m an Alley Cat Ally” Campaign

Alley Cat Allies launched the “I’m an Alley Cat Ally” Campaign to raise awareness about the millions of Americans who care for stray and feral cats in their communities. We are delighted to have wonderful celebrities, like Portia de Rossi and Angela Kinsey, on board to represent the individuals from all walks of life who share compassion for these cats.
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“Save this Cat” Television Spot

More than 70% of all cats brought into our nation’s animal pounds and shelters are killed. Alley Cat Allies is changing the fate of our nation’s cats by leading the massive movement to stop the killing across the country.
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You love the outdoors. So does she.

Feral cats are domestic cats – just like pet cats. They are fearful of humans and cannot be adopted. They live healthy lives in their outdoor home. 
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