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The Flawed Argument

Misguided conservation groups base their position against Trap-Neuter-Return on flawed data and faulty logic. Research shows that human activities are by far the number one threat to birds and wildlife, all over the world. It’s preposterous to assert that feral cats are the prime danger to any endangered species which may still live in such an urban environment as Los Angeles!

Arguments against Trap-Neuter-Return are naïve and uninformed. Make no mistake – Trap-Neuter-Return is the only effective and humane option for feral cats. Decades of shelters killing feral cats have shown time and again that ‘catch and kill’ is not only cruel – it is an utter failure. Meanwhile, hands-on experience and numerous scientific studies show that Trap-Neuter-Return is effective and beneficial for the entire community. Many progressive communities across the U.S. have embraced the program.

But groups like the Urban Wildlands Group, American Bird Conservancy and the local Audubon Society want to turn back the clock and resurrect a costly and failed approach that kills cats by the tens of thousands.

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