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Every Kitty – Every City: Atlantic City Outreach

In Atlantic City, Alley Cat Allies is raising awareness and educating the community about outdoor cats, feral cat colony care, Trap-Neuter-Return, and the importance of accessible, affordable neuter services. 
Learn more about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

Spring Cleaning for the Boardwalk Cats

Atlantic City Boardwalk CleanupMay 3, 2014
Time to tidy up before tourist season starts! The Boardwalk Cats got a little help from Alley Cat Allies staff and a team of volunteers who cleaned shelters and refilled them with fresh straw, repositioned shelters to offer more protection from weather, and beautified the boardwalk by picking up debris. A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped!



Congratulations to Mayor William Akers of Seaside Heights, New Jersey on Win of Animal Protection Award

March 17, 2014
Seaside Heights, New Jersey Mayor William Akers was awarded by the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey with the Scott McVay Unity Award and a corresponding $1,000 cash prize. Alley Cat Allies had nominated Mayor Akers for the Unity Award in recognition of his major support of the TNR program for Seaside Heights’ boardwalk cats. Mayor Akers announced he will donate the cash prize to the Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Group (SSHAWG), which has worked in conjunction with Alley Cat Allies to spay/neuter the Seaside Heights boardwalk colonies.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Featured in New Resource

Trap Neuter Return Effectively Stabilizes and Reduces Feral Cat Populations March 2014
The Boardwalk Cats have been a fixture in Atlantic City for years, but colony sizes have decreased noticeably since TNR was put into place—and that’s a good thing! The cats’ story is now featured in a new resource explaining how Trap-Neuter-Return Effectively Stabilizes and Reduces Feral Cat Populations.

Mass TNR Effort for Seaside Heights Cats

Fall 2013
Partnering with Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Group (SSHAWG), Alley Cat Allies assisted with a targeted trapping event to sterilize the cats at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk. Despite inclement weather on trapping days, the hard work of volunteers resulted in a successful effort—almost all of the cats were spayed/neutered.

Fall Cleanup Prepares Boardwalk Cats for Winter

October 28, 2013
Another Boardwalk Cats cleanup is complete thanks to the volunteers who came out in the crisp fall air to help the cats prepare for winter. Shelters were restocked with straw and rearranged to provide comfort and insulation in the colder months, damaged structures were repaired, and any trash and debris in the area was removed.

Alley Cat Allies Teams Up to Help Boardwalk Cats in Seaside Heights, New Jersey Days Before Fire

October 9, 2013
After working together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Alley Cat Allies has partnered with Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Group (SSHAWG) to institute a Trap-Neuter-Return program for the cats at the boardwalk. On September 12, a fast-moving fire broke out on the boardwalk in Seaside Parks, New Jersey, destroying much of that boardwalk, as well as much of the neighboring Seaside Heights boardwalk. Thankfully, all the cats in the Seaside Heights colony have been accounted for and are now safe, which goes to show that feral cats are resourceful and safe outdoors.

First Meeting of the Coastal New Jersey Cat Assistance Network

September 2013

This month, Alley Cat Allies coordinated the first meeting of a brand new coalition that will shape the future of cat protection in New Jersey. The goal of the Coastal New Jersey Cat Assistance Network (CNJ-CAN) is to unite the individuals and organizations in the region working to help cats. This is the first of many regular meetings to discuss challenges, share victories, and divide and conquer the work in the area.

End of Week Update on Atlantic City Relief Efforts

November 2, 2012
An Atlantic City Boardwalk cat after Superstorm Sandy This has been quite a week for the Atlantic City Boardwalk cats, and our Disaster Response Team!

The cats at the Boardwalk fended for themselves during Superstorm Sandy, as all animals who call the outdoors their home will do. And when the storm passed and our team was able to get in to the city for an assessment, we found them coming back to their colony sites and getting their lives back to normal. Feral cats can live healthy, long lives outside—and these cats were front and center proving it to the world.

Alley Cat Allies Deploys Disaster Response Team to Atlantic City

October 31, 2012 The boardwalk after Superstorm Sandy
This afternoon Alley Cat Allies’ Disaster Response Team arrived in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to conduct a full assessment of the Boardwalk cat colonies and to determine where assistance is needed most immediately. The receding floodwaters from Hurricane Sandy have revealed unprecedented devastation in the area: boats in the middle of streets, debris from the beach in midtown, and barrier islands completely destroyed.

Along the Boardwalk the powerful ocean dragged the cats’ tide-tattered shelters out onto the beach, scattering them around like seashells. The destruction is nothing short of catastrophic.

Despite the devastation, we are very pleased that our program manager in Atlantic City continues to report seeing cats returning to their colonies along the Boardwalk. Often cats will stay away from an area for a few days to a few weeks until they know things are back to normal, so the fact that we have seen almost half of the Boardwalk cats is a sure sign of their resilience.

Alley Cat Allies Rallies in Atlantic City after Hurricane

October 30, 2012
In the immediate wake of Hurricane Sandy, Alley Cat Allies is mobilizing staff and volunteers to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where clean up and recovery efforts are underway at the Boardwalk after the devastating flooding there. More than 100 feral cats have called the Boardwalk home for the last 13 years. Their safety is our utmost concern.

Today our program manager in Atlantic City reported seeing cats returning to their colonies along the Boardwalk. It’s extremely encouraging to see cats coming back already after such a serious storm. Access to the most damaged part of the Boardwalk is still hampered by road closures, but we’ll continue to provide updates as the floodwaters recede and we’re able to conduct a full assessment.

Beginning tomorrow, Alley Cat Allies’ disaster recovery team will be in Atlantic City providing support to caregivers and rescue groups. We will help to assure that cats found during rescue efforts will have shelter until their caregivers or families are identified or until safe locations or new homes can be found. We will also vet any injured cats, spay/neuter and vaccinate any cats that may be displaced but who are rescued, and provide supplies and volunteers to help build safe shelters and stations for the Boardwalk cats and other cats adjacent to the Boardwalk.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats are Safe After Hurricane Irene

August 29, 2011
The Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats weathered the storm this weekend and are doing great! Staff and volunteers prepared all colonies prior to the hurricane's arrival and checked on the cats once the storm cleared. Despite some flooding, the colony sites held up well and the cats were happy to see their regular caregivers.

Because the impact of the storm was minimal, emergency volunteers were not needed for cleanup. We are grateful that there appears to be no major damage in Atlantic City, and that The Boardwalk Cats are all safe.

Earth Day Cleanup

April 16, 2011
Alley Cat Allies’ Atlantic City Program Manager, Amanda Casazza, and six volunteers celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up three colony sites along the Boardwalk. The volunteers picked up trash, repaired feeding stations, and refurbished cat shelters. The cats—and Mother Nature—must be grateful for the team’s hard work.

We will hold more clean up days this spring. Sign up to volunteer.

Exhibiting at the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey Conference

March 19 – March 20, 2011
Alley Cat Allies exhibited at the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey’s 2011 Conference. Amanda Casazza, Atlantic City Program Manager, met New Jersey’s animal advocates and shared with them our materials on protecting and improving the lives of cats. The exhibit included a free raffle giving conference attendees the chance to win an Alley Cat Allies gift bag. View Alley Cat Allies merchandise and awareness products.

Boardwalk Cleanup

October & November 2010
On three Sundays this fall, Alley Cat Allies volunteers will meet to clean up colony sites along the Boardwalk in preparation for winter. Volunteers will fill shelters with fresh straw to help keep the cats warm in cold and severe weather, repair feeding structures, pick up trash, and more.

To sign up, fill out our volunteer form and enter "colony site cleanup" in the "other" section at the end.

Exhibiting at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference

October 11 – October 14, 2010
Because the veterinary community plays a unique and critical role in improving the lives of stray and feral cats, Alley Cat Allies’ Atlantic City Program Manager, Amanda Casazza, will be exhibiting at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference. She will be offering educational materials to the veterinarians, technicians, practice managers, and students so that they will be better equipped to answer questions on feral cat veterinary care. View our Feral Cat Veterinary Protocol.

Boardwalk Cats Project Event a Success

July 10, 2010
On Saturday, July 10, Alley Cat Allies celebrated 10 years of protecting cats on the Atlantic City Boardwalk! The project would be nothing without the dedication of our supporters and local volunteers—who demonstrated their commitment further by sticking with us even in the pouring rain.

At the event, President Becky Robinson recognized the efforts of the dozens of people over the years who have helped to make the Boardwalk Cats Project one of the oldest and most successful city-supported Trap-Neuter-Return programs in the country—one that serves as a model for other city TNR programs.

The recognition extended to our long-time partnerships with Atlantic City Department of Health and Human Services director Ron Cash and Atlantic County Humane Society director Steve Dash. Together we have demonstrated that TNR really is best for the cats and for the community.

Becky, Steve, and Ron unveiled our new signs on the boardwalk demonstrating a recommitment to the project.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

July 10, 2010
This summer, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Alley Cat Allies Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project. This city-endorsed Trap-Neuter-Return program has provided care for the cats over the last ten years with the help of volunteers and services from the Humane Society of Atlantic County. The Boardwalk Cats Project serves as a model for similar programs across the country.

The celebration event will include a commemorative address by Alley Cat Allies President Becky Robinson, a volunteer appreciation presentation, door prizes, snacks, and more.
Learn more about the event »

Atlantic City Spay/Neuter Day

January 15, 2010
Alley Cat Allies is sponsoring a spay/neuter day for 60 cats living in two Atlantic City neighborhoods: Buzby Village and Belfield Ave. The clinic is set to include pet, feral and stray cats. If you would like to volunteer to help trap the Buzby feral cats on January 14 or help return them on January 16, please fill out the volunteer application and enter “Trapping for January clinic” in the "Other suggestions/questions/feedback?" section.

Find Our Literature at a Veterinary Clinic or Pet Store Near You!

Starting December 2009
We have partnered with a large number of area businesses, including veterinary clinics and pet stores, to help disseminate our brochure, Boardwalk Cats Project truth cards. Look for a display with our information and be sure to thank the business for helping Atlantic City’s stray and feral cats!

Bus Shelter Ads

November 2009
This month 25 Alley Cat Allies bus shelter ads went up around the city to advertise our local Every Kitty – Every City Atlantic City program and Boardwalk Cats Project. A special thanks to Clear Channel for donating the advertising space. Keep a look out for these beautiful ads.
Read the Press Release »

Leafleting on the Boardwalk

November 20, 2009
Alley Cat Allies and Frank the Feral will be out in full force at the Boardwalk on Friday afternoon, November 20, passing out Boardwalk Cats Project truth cards and answering questions about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.
Read the full story from NBC 40 »

Boardwalk Clean up

November 2009
Each weekend in November, Alley Cat Allies volunteers will clean and remove trash and debris from under the boardwalk. During the winter months shelters are filled with fresh straw to help keep the cats warm in cold and severe weather.
Learn more about volunteer opportunities »

Cat Abandoner Apprehended

August 2009
On August 18, 2009, Alley Cat Allies’ Atlantic City Fieldwork Coordinator, Amanda, witnessed three men dumping a tame mother cat and her kittens at the Atlantic City, New Jersey Boardwalk. The cats had been transported to the site in the trunk of the men’s car, inside a box with no ventilation. As Alley Cat Allies’ Boardwalk Project Coordinator, Amanda knew to call local law enforcement right away.

Luckily, Amanda was able to provide witness testimony to the responding police officer that helped get the men cited for cruelty to animals. One of the men charged was fined $500, and given 15 hours of community service. 
Read Amanda's testimony.

Alley Cat Allies does not tolerate animal abandonment. Alley Cat Allies’ Atlantic City Boardwalk project posts large signs in multiple locations that explain the Trap-Neuter-Return program as well as the laws and penalties about abandonment. The signs also provide the contact information for all involved organizations.

Understanding Why Abandonment Constitutes Cruelty »

Exhibiting at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference

October 13 – 15, 2009
Amanda Casazza, Alley Cat Allies Field Coordinator, has factsheets and information ready for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. She will provide attendees with eartipping protocol information, scientific studies on Trap-Neuter-Return, and more.

Exhibiting at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference

October 13 – 16, 2008
Amanda Casazza, Alley Cat Allies’ Atlantic City Fieldwork Coordinator, will exhibit at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference. She has materials about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return to display and will discuss feral cat veterinary protocols with conference attendees.

Exhibiting at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference

October 9 – 11, 2007
Kim Kean, Alley Cat Allies’ Atlantic City Fieldwork Coordinator, and Alley Cat Allies volunteers will table at the 2007 Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference. Kim will teach conference participants about the Alley Cat Allies Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project and distribute educational materials.

Alley Cat Allies hosts a Feline Frenzy

June 2007
Over 30 volunteers assembled for one weekend to trap 80 cats as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program. During the Feline Frenzy, sixty-eight feral cats were neutered and returned and 21 socialized cats were put into foster care to be adopted. 
Read the news coverage »

Boardwalk Cats Project

Alley Cat Allies has cared for the feral cat colonies along the boardwalk as part of a city-supported Trap-Neuter-Return program since 2000. The multiple colonies are monitored and fed by Alley Cat Allies staff and volunteers. 
Read the Boardwalk Cats Project Truth Card » 
Read the Boardwalk Cats Project Case Study »