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Alley Cat Allies Boardwalk Cats Project
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Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project

Since 2000, Alley Cat Allies has been caring for the feral cat colonies of the Atlantic City Boardwalk as part of a city-supported Trap-Neuter- Return (or TNR) program. The feral cats on the boardwalk—like all feral cats—are not socialized to people, and so they are not adoptable. They live healthy, natural lives in their outdoor home.

Trap-Neuter-Return is part of the Boardwalk Cats Project

With TNR, the boardwalk cats are humanely trapped, then neutered and eartipped by a veterinarian. An eartip is the universal symbol that a cat has been neutered and vaccinated as part of a TNR program. The cats are then returned to their outdoor home at the boardwalk. Learn more about Trap-Neuter-Return.

Volunteers also provide ongoing care— for the cats AND the boardwalk

The cats on the boardwalk are looked after by a group of dedicated volunteers and staff of Alley Cat Allies. They are fed on a coordinated schedule, and have comfortable, warm outdoor shelters for colder months. The caregivers also work to keep the boardwalk beautiful, hosting regular clean-up days to pick up litter and debris. Learn more about volunteering at the boardwalk.

Abandoning a pet cat at the boardwalk is against the law

Cats who are accustomed to living with humans and being cared for by them do not have the skills to fend for themselves outdoors. No pet cats should be left at the boardwalk; it is considered abandonment, and it is illegal. Learn more about abandonment.

Trap-Neuter-Return improves the lives of feral cats

The TNR program at the boardwalk has stabilized the colonies’ populations and improved the lives of the cats living there. Scientific studies show that not only does neutering improve the lives of feral cats, it also improves their relationships with the humans who live near them. There are no more kittens, and the behaviors and stresses associated with mating—such as yowling and fighting—stop.

Neutering your pet cat is an important way to show you care

Neutering provides your pet cat with the same benefits it does for feral cats. Female cats avoid the stresses of pregnancy and mating, and male cats don’t fight or spray. Plus, there will be no new kittens—by making sure your cat can no longer mate, you are ensuring there are no additional animals looking for homes. Sterilizing your pet also increases her chance of a long and healthy life.

Affordable neuter services are available in Atlantic City

There are several options in the Atlantic City area for low-cost spay or neuter surgeries. See a list of spay/neuter clinics.

Interested in adopting a cat?

While monitoring the boardwalk colonies, volunteers are occasionally approached by stray cats who are friendly to people. These cats, who are accustomed to living in homes, are placed in foster care and put up for adoption. See a listing of our foster cats.

You call it the boardwalk. She calls it home.

Get involved and learn more about the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats program.