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Listen to Alley Cat Allies' Community Relations Podcast
Alley Cat Allies interviews the former Director of Operations of The Cat Welfare Society in Singapore, Dawn Kua. Topics discussed include mediation, easy and effective deterrents and how to preempt situations from escalating.

Need Help at the Local Level?
Find help through our Feral Friends Network. This national group of veterinarians and people experienced with TNR can guide you and provide support as you work with the cats and neighbors in your own community.
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Educate Your Neighbors

As you perform Trap-Neuter-Return or colony care, or even if you simply care about the welfare of your neighborhood cats, educating your neighbors and community members about the cats will begin a dialogue with them. For one thing, neighbors will know who “speaks for the cats” if a problem arises—and won't call animal control. For another, you begin to build goodwill toward your work and your cause.

To help you spread the word to your neighbors and community, this section includes:
Educational Materials
Outreach Tools

Educational Materials

Available as printable webpage, printable pdf form, or to order online. Use these professional pieces to communicate about feral cats.

General Information

Deterrent Information

  • How to Live with Cats in Your Neighborhood – Providing concise and clear cat deterrent information, this brochure explains outdoor cat behaviors for the layperson who would like to understand what draws cats to certain areas, and shares quick and easy solutions and photos to explain how humane deterrents are the key to co-existing with cats. 
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Trap-Neuter-Return Information

  • Learn—and teach others—about Trap-Neuter-Return
    • Trapping Cats: How to Trap an Entire Colony – This video follows a Trap-Neuter-Return effort shown from start to finish to help you learn the ins and outs of the process. 
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    • Trap-Neuter-Return for Stray and Feral Cats: The Basics – A summary of the essential steps of TNR, helping you explain to others exactly what you're doing when you say Trap-Neuter-Return.
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    • How to Help Feral Cats: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trap-Neuter-Return – This concise guide to the humane method of trapping cats—the method that Alley Cat Allies introduced to the U.S. almost 20 years ago—follows a trapping endeavor from planning to completion. Ideal for new and seasoned trappers alike, this step-by-step handbook is a great reference to roll up and keep in your back pocket.
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  • Persuade others about Trap-Neuter-Return and Feral Cats

Community Outreach Tools

Use these materials to reach out to community members on a grander scale.