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Alley Cat Allies' Ant Proof Bowl Recommendations

With warmer weather come insects. Keeping your cat colony’s food and water bowls ant-free can prove a challenging task. There are a number of ant-proof bowls on the market. Below are the bowls tested by Alley Cat Allies.

The Antser 
Available at
A combination of water and soap are put in the bottom of The Antser. Food and water bowls are placed on the flat top. Water inside The Antser should be changed at least once a month. Made-in-USA.

Special thanks to The Anster.

Available from
($8.00 - $14.00)
The Fool-A-Bug stands on little feet hidden by the lip of the bowl, preventing ants and slugs from climbing up the walls. This bowl must be on flat ground, so that no part of the lip touches the ground.
The Little Feeding Friend 
Available from Simple Pet Solutions
The Little Feeding Friend feeder holds a bottle of water in the center to maintain water level, and a food hopper provides a gravitational free flow of food. The bowl of water stands between ants and the cat food. Though this feeder is “ant proof” Alley Cat Allies recommends feeding cats only the amount they can eat in a 30 minutes sitting. We do not recommend leaving food out at all times. The feeder can only be used for dry food.

Special thanks to Simpet Solutions.

The Mote 
Available from
$14.95 plus tax
The Mote does not use water, but instead has a lip that prevents ants from climbing up. A favorite used by Alley Cat Allies in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Special thanks to Ant Proof Bowl.

The Outdoor Pet Feeder
Available from
$15.00 - $20.00
The Outdoor Pet Feeder has a snap-out dinner tray which is large enough to fit a smaller feeding bowl (for easy removal and cleaning). The dinner tray sits in a water moat that can hold up to 2 quarts of water to keep ants out. The Outdoor Pet Feeder now also comes with an optional tent to help keep food dry and birds out. A few of the test cats were scared of the flaps, but approached once the flaps were lifted. Tip: Change the water often and add just a few drops of dish detergent to the moat water to prevent mosquito breeding.

Special thanks to Outdoor Pet Feeder by Carter Pets.