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Learn more about the celebrities who have signed on to the "I'm an Alley Cat Ally" Campaign to raise awareness about the millions of Americans who care for stray and feral cats in their communities.

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Allies come in all shapes, sizes, and even species. Make sure to include your furry friends!

Celebrity Allies

Alley Cat Allies has caught the attention of some very important people (and cats).

Heather Mills
Heather Mills, a former model, is an activist charity campaigner and United Nations Association Goodwill Ambassador. She was awarded 2008 Animal Rights Activist of the Year. Mills was also featured on the reality TV show Dancing With The Stars during it’s 4th season. Here, she is pictured with Alley Cat Allies’ President Becky Robinson.

Dave Price
Dave Price, the weather man for the CBS Early Morning Show. is an avid animal lover. Pictured here with Frank the Feral on National Feral Cat Day 2009.

Susan Logan
Susan Logan is the editor of CAT FANCY magazine and She lives in Southern California with her cat Chloe.
Sparkle the Designer Cat
Sparkle the Designer Cat is a feline blogger, cat-to-cat advice columnist (no humans!) and author of the book Dear Sparkle: Advice from One Cat to Another. Dear Sparkle won the Wild Card category at the Hollywood Book Festival and honorable mention at the New York Book Festival. She is currently working on a sequel for Adams Media, due out in summer 2010. Sparkle and her human, author and editor Janiss Garza, are enthusiastic supporters of feral cats.
Dr. Arnold Plotnick, DVM
Dr. Arnold Plotnick is a board-certified veterinary internist and feline specialist, and is the owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists, a feline-exclusive veterinary hospital on Manhattan's Upper West Side. He is an award-winning writer and is the feline veterinary advice columnist for and CatFancy magazine. He is also the medical editor for Catnip, the newsletter for caring cat owners. He is pictured here with Crispy, the (self-proclaimed) feline Diva of the Universe.
Karen Dawn
Karen Dawn is the founder of DawnWatch, a website that is a base for news alerts that pertain to animal issues. Dawn is also the author of Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals. She speaks regularly on animal issues and her opinion pieces have appeared in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and more. Here, she is pictured with Frank the Feral.
"Lizzie B."
Featured in renowned pet photographer Kim Levin's book Catitude, Lizzie B. enjoys her skyline view on her kitty perch and is a proud supporter of Alley Cat Allies. Elizabeth "Lizzie B" Knickerbocker Jones was rescued from New York City’s ASPCA. She and her five kittens were going to be killed due to space. Lizzie B. was just a kitten herself when she was found.
Steve Dale
Steve Dale, pet expert and certified dog and cat behavior consultant, reaches more pet owners than any other pet journalist in America. He is the author of the syndicated newspaper column “My Pet World.” He’s also the host of nationally syndicated radio programs Steve Dale’s Pet World, The Pet Minute with Steve Dale; also Pet Central, at WGN Radio, Chicago.
Kim Levin and Charlie
Acclaimed pet photographer Kim Levin and her adopted border collie/greyhound mix “Charlie.” Kim has photographed thousands of cats and dogs over the past ten years and has published fifteen books including the best-selling
AnnaBell Washburn
AnnaBell Washburn is founder of Pet Adoption and Welfare Services of Martha’s Vineyard and was one of the first to introduce Trap-Neuter-Return to the U.S. AnnaBell resides in New York City with her four cats.