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National Feral Cat Day 2016

Spread the Word

It’s easy to talk about feral cats and the nation’s current animal control and shelter system. More than anything, outdoor cats need a voice. To help, start talking. Here's how:

  • Call your local shelters and pounds. Ask them if they have programs for feral cats. Tell them you support humane standards of care for outdoor cats.
  • Contact your local elected officials. Tell them you want the animal control system to be held accountable and to change.
  • Tell your friends, family, pet sitter, groomer, veterinarian, and others that you don’t think it’s OK to kill healthy animals, just because they’re not socialized to people. Tell them how they can join and become part of the collective action.
  • Spread the word about National Feral Cat Day on October 16.

Start conversations about outdoor cats. The cats will thank you.

Here are other ways to start the conversation about feral cats:

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  4. Inform yourself and others and show your support
    Go to our marketplace to purchase our products that can help raise awareness and educate others about feral cats. Hang posters at your local library or store, distribute brochures at local events, and wear Alley Cat Allies hats and t-shirts to show your support.