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10) Provide Quality Services and Continually Assess Your Progress

Devising a reliable authorization system for vet care, keeping careful track of your expenses, and paying the veterinarians promptly are critical parts of maintaining a good reputation in the community for providing quality services. Your programs and their successes are the best way to maintain an organization. When you are well-known and respected, you will have no problem recruiting volunteers, raising money, or having influence in local political matters pertaining to cats.

  • Do what you do well. Quantity without quality is destructive. Don't do more than you can do well; the cats deserve quality care. Providing good care for the animals and accurate information for the public must be top priorities in developing your programs, and in selecting and training your volunteers. Take care not to expand services more quickly than your resources can support them.

  • Assess your progress and make changes. The leaders of the organization are responsible for fulfilling the organization's mission and meeting the organization’s goals. This requires periodic assessment of your progress, and making necessary changes to get the job done. Are you truly fulfilling your mission? Are you meeting your goals? Are the programs working? Remember, success is an ongoing process of making adjustments.