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Cat Fatalities and Secrecy in U.S. Pounds and Shelters “Euthanasia” in animal control pounds and shelters is the number one documented cause of death of all cats in the U.S. Read more »

Ordinances that Push More Cats into Pounds and Shelters In spite of the existing levels of killing in animal control pounds and shelters, some jurisdictions are passing laws that force even more cats into these facilities.
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The Difference between Euthanasia and Killing Millions of cats die in U.S. animal control pounds and shelters every year. The pounds and shelters say these animals are “euthanized.” But they’re not—they are killed. An animal is only euthanized when she is terminally ill or untreatably injured. Learn More »

What’s Best for Cats: Being Alive or Dead? Many animal control pounds and shelters operate on the notion that if a cat can’t live in a human home, it’s best to kill her. They use individual anecdotes of sick and abused stray cats to extrapolate that that millions of these animals are better off dead than alive. But research shows otherwise. The bottom line is: being killed is not in cats’ best interests. Read More »

Alley Cat Allies Response to PETA: Feral Cats Deserve to Live
PETA’s promotion of the mass killing of cats is a remarkably backwards and out of step. First and foremost, it is in no animal’s best interest to be killed. Read more »