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Humans: The Number One Threat to Wildlife
Focusing on the perceived struggle between cats and birds diverts attention from the real cause of declining bird populations: the enormous impact of the human species on birds and their habitats. More »

Federal Laws that Protect Bird Species
Some people mistakenly think killing cats will save declining bird populations. The federal laws protecting bird species indicate otherwise; Congress determined those laws were necessary because destructive human activities are the real threat to American wildlife. More »

These Stats are for the Birds
The rather tired—very bogus—debate about cats outdoors appeared in the September 30, 2010 “Home” section of the Washington Post. Let’s be unequivocally clear—the number one threat to birds is people. And, there is no credible evidence to show cats have any significant impact on bird populations. As animal advocates, we want what’s in the best interest of all animals, including birds. That means protecting animals—all animals—from being killed. More »

Breaking Down the Bogus Smithsonian Catbird Study
As advocates for all animals, we were dismayed by the irresponsible and biased conclusions of a study on bird deaths from the Smithsonian Institution. The 2011 study cannot be extrapolated to represent the complex cat-bird dynamic nationwide. This data has been manipulated to malign cats and used widely to dredge up a false and counterproductive debate. More »