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Poison Threats

While you are assessing a feral cat colony, you may encounter threats to the cats by uninformed people. There are steps you can take to put a stop to these threats and ensure the ongoing safety of the colony.

For less severe complaints, learn more about helping cats and people to co-exist in our Colony Care Guide.

In many states and locales, poisoning domestic animals—including feral cats—is a crime. You can check your laws through your local government or local animal control offices.

When a serious poison threat is made or a cat dies mysteriously, confront this behavior head-on by posting a flyer detailing the laws about animal cruelty and poisoning and the potential sentence for such crimes. The flyer lets the neighborhood (and the potential poisoner) know that the cats are being looked after and that others are watching—and that the threatened offense is a crime.

Sample poison flyer. Print this out on brightly colored paper and post it around the neighborhood.