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Frequently Asked Questions about Donations 

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I make a donation in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes, we gratefully accept donations for any amount made in honor or in memory of a special loved one or beloved animal. Should you wish to make a gift in memory of a departed friend, family member, or animal, our memorial gift program honors and preserves the memory of the special animals as well as those individuals who were true friends to animals.

Memorial donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. With a donation of $100 or more, your memorial will also be acknowledged on a special recognition page in our Annual Report. We will, at your request, send notification of the memorial gift to a family member or other individual you designate. Through the Remembrance Gallery, you also have the option of creating a free online memorial page. Learn more about making a gift in someone’s honor or memory. 

Does Alley Cat Allies accept stock donations?

Yes, donating stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, and other securities offer alternative ways to give that can benefit both you and Alley Cat Allies. When donating assets that have appreciated in value, you can avoid capital gains taxes. In some cases, Alley Cat Allies also accepts gifts of non-liquid assets such as real estate, art, jewelry, and valuable collections. Learn more about securities donations.

How much of my money will go directly to protecting cats, as opposed to going toward administrative and other nonprogram costs?

Alley Cat Allies is a leader among nonprofits with regards to efficient use of funds. Alley Cat Allies undergoes an independent financial audit each year. In fiscal year 2007, more than 84% of our funding went directly to programs to protect cats. Alley Cat Allies’ fundraising costs are well below the “maximum acceptable” for the Better Business Bureau, and we recently received the coveted four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s Premier independent charity evaluator. Learn more about our finances.

Can I donate my vehicle?

Yes, our vehicle donation program lets you turn your used car, van, truck, RV, motorcycle, boat, or even airplane into a charitable contribution to Alley Cat Allies. Proceeds from the sale of donated vehicles pump much-needed dollars into our programs. Donate your used vehicle.

How can I update my mailing address in your records?

You can update the information yourself by updating your online profile. You can also contact the Development team at 1-866-309-6207. View or create your profile today.

How can I get more involved with Alley Cat Allies’ work?

For meaningful ways to help stray and feral cats in your community and across the nation, please visit our Action Center.

I have a question about making a donation that is not answered on this page.

Click here to ask a question about making donations to Alley Cat Allies. Please note: This form is for submission of questions about donations only. If you have a general question, comment, or suggestion or are writing to make us aware of information that you think would be of use to our cause, please contact us using the Email Assistance Form.