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Remembrance Gallery

This unique program is a way of paying tribute to beloved animals and animal lovers by making a gift in their name and putting your remembrance on our website. Create your own Remembrance here.

Memorial for Bynx

Submitted by
Michael and Maryanna

Bynx, you were only with us for two short years. You filled our lives with so much joy. We pray you didn't suffer in the end. You will always be our beautiful son. We miss you every day. Life is just not the same without you. We pray that you are with God and all of our other beautiful kitties in heaven. Love Mama and Papa.

Memorial for Sammy and Elliott

Sammy and Elliott
Submitted by
The Baums

RIP Sammy and Elliott

Memorial for Sebastian

Submitted by
Nancy Jameson

In loving memory of a special boy, Sebastian.

Memorial for Lori A Dolinski Antonik

Lori A Dolinski Antonik
Submitted by
Thomas and Natalie Shawah

In memory of Lori A Dolinski Antonik

Memorial for Lori A. (Dolinski) Antonik

Lori A. (Dolinski) Antonik
Submitted by
Jeff and Chris Yucaneer

We are sorry to hear of Lori's passing. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Memorial for Xavier

Submitted by
Lori's Catster and FB Friends, with Love

Xavier, beloved handsome kitty of Lori Martin ‹3

Memorial for Timothy Morey

Timothy Morey
Submitted by
Dan and Deanna Jacobson

We will miss Timothy sorely! as will his current cat Sasha, his mom, brother, sister and niece and nephews. But we know he joins his adored cat Daemon in Heaven. Timothy was a wonderful person to all around him. He was also one of the smartest people we have ever met. The first person in our office to learn how to work remotely! as well as a superb writer. We enjoyed many of the same books and poets. Our thoughts and prayers to his family and other friends as they mourn, but also celebrate Timothy's life with them.

Memorial for Ruth Moynier

Ruth Moynier
Submitted by
Marcy Ayanian

Donation given in memory of my sweet friend and neighbor, Ruth Moynier of Culver City, California, a retired school teacher who died on March 16, 2016, just short of her 86th birthday. Cats would show up on her doorstep knowing that they would find a caring person there. The last to benefit from her kindness was a white one named "Sugar," whom she cherished and who left this Earth before her. I hope they are together again now. Rest in peace, dear Ruth.

Memorial for Tinky

Submitted by
Deena Loeffler

Sweet Tinky came into my life during my last year of college. There was a January blizzard in Michigan and she was living on a kind neighbor's porch. We had twelve sweet years together in three different states until she was diagnosed with cancer in December 2015. I will always love my tortie baby and am glad for our happy memories.

Memorial for Dusty

Submitted by
Marc & Brandon

Dusty was a very sweet boy and good friend to our Phil. We will miss his easygoing demeanor and warm heart. His mom, Tina, loved him very much, and we are so sorry for her loss. We wish all cats as good of a life as Dusty had.

Memorial for Rufus

Submitted by
Mark and Nancy

our big boy that will be remembered always and missed very much.

Memorial for Angel Johnson

Angel Johnson
Submitted by
Linda E Johnson

My sweet beautiful Angel. We had 15 wonderful years together. I am so thankful that I adopted you. I will love you always.

Memorial for Patricia Collins

Patricia Collins
Submitted by
The Grey Family

In memory of a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful heart. May you be basking in the light of God's love with all of your babies across the "Rainbow Bridge".

Memorial for Patricia Collins

Patricia Collins
Submitted by
Michele W.

In memory of my Aunt Pat, who loved life, her family, and her cats.

I hope your light shines brightly elsewhere now, and wherever that may be, I hope a cat sits purring peacefully on your lap.

Memorial for Wheezy

Submitted by
Friends of Wheezy Arbini

To my sister Pat in honor of her BFF Wheezy who provided 15 years of unconditional love, laughs and cuddles. She's another guardian angel now.

Memorial for Roy T. Simpson

Roy T. Simpson
Submitted by
Cathy Simpson

In memory of a very special person who loved cats and dogs and took care of feral cats and their offspring for many many years.

Memorial for Teddy

Submitted by

My Teddy was 11 years old when I had to make the decision to send him to heaven. He was the most beautiful feral kitty with the sweetest disposition. He is missed by his lifetime buddy "Salem" and our family. He was an angel here and an angel above.

Memorial for Brownie Balls

Alexandra Shelley
Submitted by

In honor of you Funny Face. You were loyal to the end. I am so sorry I put you in that position. I searched for you all through the jungle but I should have not left until I found you. Even if it took a year. I do so wish I knew if a family or person took you in or what ever happened to you. But you were a wanderer and you needed wander even though you were so old. I love you so much.

Memorial for Ursul aka Nose

Submitted by
Roseann Cinalli

My kitty, Princey, is very special. I call her my love kitty. She is a beautiful longhaired black and white tuxedo cat. She had severe kidney disease from the poison pet food scandal. Her fight with kidney disease was fought with dignity and poise. She never lost her love for others. Horrifyingly, she was inadvertently killed by my family. When I was on vacation in New England, when they didn't do the frequent litter changes, her kidney disease necessitated. She was said to have not lost her poise and love, even to my family until her last breath. Very oddly, I happened to be at the Hawthorne hotel, the fourth rated ghost hotel in the country, when she went to heaven. Folklore has it, that in are powerful share of love, across the miles at the time of her death on her birthday, 10-15-2008, is what turned her into the popular princey ghost. She does the walkin', God does the talkin'!

Memorial for Esther Farin

Esther Farin
Submitted by
Rita Farin

My mother recently passed away. She adored cats and fed all the strays in the neighborhood even when neighbors complained. She never had the pleasure of having one of her own, but even with her Alzheimers she would light up when I showed her cat videos.

Memorial for Heinz Klapow-Taylor

Heinz Klapow-Taylor
Submitted by
A Cat Friend

Those of you who met Heinz know first-hand that he was unlike any other cat. His absence is going to be a huge adjustment for us. Our main comfort right now is knowing that he had the best life with us, and we knew when to say goodbye.

Memorial for Brownie Balls

Brownie Balls
Submitted by

In memory of my first feral fur baby who needed a home when all others turned him away. If it were up to me, he would still be with me, sunning himself in a safe and loving environment.

Memorial for Scaramouche

Submitted by
Pat Pontus-Martin

In memory of my sweet boy, Scaramouche who went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 31, 2014... I love and miss you so much! ♡♡♡

Memorial for Ursul aka Nose

Ursul aka Nose
Submitted by
D. Evans

Nose was neutered and ear tipped about 14 years ago. He beat the odds and lived with quiet grace and stealth on the streets of our Houston neighborhood, surviving hurricanes, floods, fleas, mosquitoes and occasionally, unkind humans with traps. His bare nose made him an instantly-recognizable member of our street. He lived a solitary existence, not with a colony, and when he befriended my cats, I thought I saw in him a longing for more comfort. I tried to tame him, but we moved, so my friend and neighbor G took over the task. For the past three years those two have had an unbreakable bond. The last year G coaxed Nose indoors, where he was nursed lovingly through kidney and liver disease, enjoying the comfort and safety of his new life. On 1/2/16 Nose passed away peacefully with his dear friend by his side.

Memorial for Susan Powers

Susan Powers
Submitted by
Andie Brooks

For Mrs. Susan Powers, a sweet soul who meant so much to the cats and people in her life. Rest in peace. We love you always.

Memorial for Marielle Gomez-Kaifer

Marielle Gomez-Kaifer
Submitted by

In memory of a man who loved cats, and bestowed that love upon his daughters.

Memorial for Wally 'P' Gator Gynan

Wally "P" Gator Gynan
Submitted by
JENN Gynan

I love you more than words can say. You took a piece of my soul when you left this world. I will never be complete again until we are reunited.

Memorial for Beau

Submitted by
Renee Jolley

My Very Special Boy Kitty - Much loved, much missed.

Memorial for Alexander Prine

Alexander Prine
Submitted by

Alex was a fine young man who was taken from this world far too soon. He was a wonderful son and strong supporter of animals, especially cats. He rescued and saved many a kitty in his short life. He will forever be missed.

Memorial for Athba Hammed

Athba Hammed
Submitted by
Erica H.

In memory of my friend Athba who loved all animals but especially cats and she saved more than one from living on the street. Taken too soon but lived a full life. She was loved and will be missed by many.

Memorial for Norma Jean Shearer Thompson

Norma Jean Shearer Thompson
Submitted by
Holly Lamb

A beautiful woman with a heart of gold! Ms. Jean provided a loving home for many animals. You will be missed.

Memorial for Jaime Dawn Woodward-Zeis

Jaime Dawn Woodward-Zeis
Submitted by
Carla Zeis

Our family lost our dear Jaime in September to cancer for which she fought a valiant fight. One of her great loves in life were her kitties, they were her babies. I know she supported this worthy cause because of her love of cats, for which we shard a great bond. I felt this was the best way to honor her memory.

We love and will always miss you Jaime,
Carla, Jim & Matt Zeis

Memorial for Nelly Bottom Johnson

Dena Seymour
Submitted by
Bill Daniel, Seminole, FL

Eternal rest, grant unto Dena O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon her.
May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Memorial for Janice C Clinard

Dena Seymour
Submitted by
Janine Birr

My dear sweet girlfriend Dena,

you will be forever in our where an angel on earth, and I know that you have been God's chosen Angel up above. I'm certain that like your love for precious will have 9 lives and will continue to be a special part of our lives. Xoxo Love and missing you very much.

Your friend always, Janine Birr

Memorial for Nelly Bottom Johnson

Dena Seymour
Submitted by
Amy and Rick

In memory of Dena Seymour who was taken from her family and friends too soon. May she live forever in happy and joyful memories.
Memorial for Nelly Bottom Johnson

Nelly Bottom Johnson
Submitted by
Nelly Bottom

In memory of my sweet lil Nelly, who passed away a year ago unexpectedly. You were my first and best cat, and you turned me into a genuine black cat person. Now I work to help other homeless black kittens such as you were. You were my most treasured pet and best friend and familiar. You always knew when I was happy or sad and just how to take care of me, and for that my precious Nelly you will never be forgotten. Always in my heart, I will see you again someday.
Memorial for Janice C Clinard

Janice C Clinard
Submitted by
Mike, Terri, Rod and Laurie

Janice C Clinard always loved cats, starting with her dear cat Fluffy when she was a little girl and ending with her beloved Smitty who was with her for the last 12 years of her life and always on her lap. She left food and heated beds out for feral cats, assisted in spay/neuter release activities and was proud to donate to this organization. She never met a cat she didn't love.

Memorial for Janice Clinard

Janice Clinard
Submitted by
Laurie Clinard

In memory of my beloved mother and best friend, who passed down to me her love of cats among countless other gifts.

Memorial for Linda J. Vicario

Maggie Moore
Submitted by
Diane Dietrich

We will miss you Maggie!!
Memorial for Linda J. Vicario

Linda J. Vicario
Submitted by
Patricia R. Fortes

Rest in eternal peace Miss Linda. You have left footprints on the hearts of so many.
Memorial for Pantera

Submitted by
Mark & Nancy

Our little girl that left us too soon. She was a true fighter till the end.
Memorial for Simba

Submitted by
Laurel Leiter

Simba's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday in heaven my sweet angel boy!! I hope you are having fun with all your new friends over the rainbow bridge!! I love you always my best friend!!!! XOXO
Memorial for Mango

Submitted by
Johnny B

Mango was not just a cat, but someone who provided unconditional love every day. He lived a beautiful, happy life and will never be forgotten. He taught me how to be a better person, and I will always be grateful he was brought into my life.

Memorial for Lindsey 'Linny' Louise Wethern

Lindsey "Linny" Louise Wethern
Submitted by
Becky Whittington

Linny was a wonderful and caring person...she loved her cat Milo so much. She will be always missed.

Joanne Panza
Submitted by
Marcia Godich

Joanne always loved cats, and cared for both her own housecat companion, Greybeau (who hid on top of the china cabinet when people came to call) and a variety of neighborhood cats, who all new when it was dinner time and came running at the sound of her voice. They will all miss her, as we do, but I'm sure she is now busy at the Rainbow Bridge, making sure that none of the cats there are lonely or hungry while they wait for their special people. Run Free, Joanne.

Petunia Cornell
Submitted by
Linda and Arman

Petunia came to us out of the Katrina disaster. She was carried from New Orleans to Northern California with 40 others who were also sick and needing homes. She joined our family with her brother, and never looked back. She was a joy, a clown who adored her toys, a sweet sweet soul. She rewarded us endlessly for that rescue, and gave us a life-long heartstring to New Orleans. Sweet P, we love you and miss you, and wish we could have had you with us much much longer.
Memorial for Alli

Submitted by
Alli's human friend, Lynette

Alli was a young adult feral that I trapped 16 years ago; her colony had to be relocated because that area was undergoing construction and all the cats there were in danger. Before I could take her to the spay clinic, Alli escaped from the humane trap while in my extra bedroom and it took a year to recapture her. Meanwhile, I caught and neutered a young male (Baba) from the same colony, and the two became friends. So I decided they should stay together in the room--apart from the rest of the household hubbub--and they seemed happy together. Keeping true to her feral roots, Alli loved looking out the window and seemed alarmed when I did any gardening. As she neared 15-16 years of age, Alli became tame towards me. She was very loving and trusting in fact. Alli's love was a wonderful, unexpected gift, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have full faith that I will see Alli happy and healthy at Rainbow Bridge.
Memorial for Mr. Big Bopper It's been one year today I said goodbye to you my best friend. I miss you as much today as ever. I can't believe it's been a year since you passed away. I am praying to see you in heaven someday waiting for a snack or just to walk around with me. I love you pal. Miss you.
Memorial for Ketchup Svelan

Ketchup Svelan
Submitted by
Yaya, Mom and Tefi

Ketchup was loved and cared for the most amazing mom. She had a great life because of her. We'll miss you precious angel!
Memorial for Francine Byers

Francine Byers
Submitted by
Robi Dunn

Fran was my best friend, and she was a friend to all animals. She traveled the world on many missions to save endangered species. At home she saved and fed many feral cats. She donated to nearly every animal organization there is. She was a vegetarian, and she never wore any animal products. An angel has left the planet.
Memorial for Princess Deering Walmsley

Princess Deering Walmsley
Submitted by

My beautiful Princess, I miss you so much that it still hurts, however I know you are happy and free waiting for me at the Bridge. You were my 1st soulmate and will forever reside in my heart. I love you & miss you all of my days.

Memorial for Laura

Submitted by
Ruthie, Joe, Fox and Freckles

Grieve not,
Nor speak of me with tears,
But laugh and talk of me
As if I were beside you...
'Twas Heaven here with you.

- Isla Richardson

Memorial for Joan Georgitso

Joan Georgitso
Submitted by
Sybil, Jeff and the animals we live with

Joan was a dear friend. Joan loved helping the stray and feral cats in her neighborhood. She was a lifelong friends to all animals and passed on that love of animals to her family. Joan will be missed by her family, friends and all the animals whose life she touched...four legged and feathered.

Memorial for Dale Edward Dalton

Dale Edward Dalton
Submitted by
Marsha Papanek

In loving memory of a friend for over 50 years and a high school classmate. Dale was a wonderful, kind and caring person to his friend, family and cats!

Memorial for Minkey-Monkey

Submitted by
Mummy and Daddy

An end of an era. Our lives will always be sadder without you in it. Hope you're with Snozzages having a good catch-up. Miss you every minute of every day.

Remember Poe

Submitted by
Brown Family

When we picked out Poe from a litter of newborn kittens, we purposely chose the liveliest one of the bunch—a black and white ball of fur who thought nothing of trampling over her brothers to get to the top of the heap. Right up until the end, she never lost her rambunctious nature, or her slightly disdainful attitude, whether she was rolling over for tentative belly rubs, swatting at someone from behind a curtain, reliably running up to greet mom at the door, or cuddling up with the one family member who isn’t fond of cats. We will miss our loyal, entertaining, and well-loved family member!

Memorial for Kramer

Submitted by
Roxanne Cuevas

Kramer showed up in my neighborhood as a battered, older tom cat. Thanks to the philosophy shared by Alley Cat Allies, I had him TNR'd, and he lived the good life for about 6 years. He took a part of my heart with him when he died, and I'll always remember him with love and appreciation. He was a very special, quirky cat. Hasta Luego, Kramer. You live on in spirit.

Memorial for Boswell Kriss

Boswell Kriss
Submitted by
Lorna and Evan Jane Kriss

May your soul take flight. May you be at peace. May you always be safe in the arms of the angels, as you are in our hearts. May you know that you live in our hearts forever. May you know how much we love you and how much we miss you, everyday, always. Thank you for being part of our lives. Thank you for sharing our home and our love. You were a blessing to us. You truly are a unicorn. Until we meet again, God keep you, little Boz.

Memorial for Arlene McCann

Arlene McCann
Submitted by
Peter Giacomazzo and Richard Nelson families, Rockford, IL

In memory of our cousin, Arlene, who loved animals and helped many "critters" throughout her life.

Memorial for Willoughby

Submitted by

In loving memory of my little orange buddy. I only got to know you for a few months, but I'm going to miss you terribly.

Memorial for Ali

Submitted by
Linda and Ross Morgan

We love you silly girl!!! Rest in peace.

Memorial for Rudy

Submitted by
Gail, Patches Place Cat Rescue

I only had Rudy a short time, he came to my rescue when his former caretaker could no longer keep him. Rudy was Feline Leukemia positive so I had his picture taken with Santa hoping that maybe someone would see how sweet he was and adopt him. Rudy followed me everywhere and just wanted to be with his special person. I was considering keeping him but that was not to be. Rudy started having problems swallowing so I took him to the vet. Within a few days he could barely breathe. You see, Rudy had an agressive cancer in his throat so I put him to sleep since there was nothing to be done. I miss him so much, but at least he was loved for the short time I had him.

Memorial for Simba

Submitted by
Laurel Leiter

In loving memory of my sweet angel boy Simba. Separated in body but bonded together forever in spirit. I miss you my best friend but know you are forever at my side. Thank you for choosing me. Our time together on earth was a true blessing. I love you so very much Simba. Love never dies; love never ends; it only grows stronger in spirit. Fly free my friend, always surrounded by peace, light & love. Until the day I see you once again...

Memorial for Logan Big Juice Fall

Logan "Big Juice" Fall
Submitted by
"Mommy" and "Dad"

In Memory of a much loved cat! (Even with your ornery calico personality)
Thanks for you 18 years of companionship
RIP 1996-2014

Memorial for Alfie

Alfie Curtis
Submitted by
Mary and Bill

This is a memorial for our neighbor's cat Alfie. Alfie was an incredibly handsome boy who "adopted" Luke and Linda. He enjoyed exploring the neighborhood, spending time with Luke at his side, sitting on his cat tree watching the bird feeder, and being brushed by Linda per his request. He taught our cat Vinny about sharing the neighborhood territory. Through Alfie, we got to know our neighbors Luke and Linda who gave him a wonderful and stimulating life, full of cat adventures as well as the comforts of home. Alfie is missed by all but especially by Luke and Linda. RIP dear sweet Alfie. I know that Luke and Linda will hold you in their hearts forever.

Memorial for Tiger and Frank

Tiger and Frank
Submitted by
The Belfort Caretakers

In memory of the 2 ferals we lost this year, Frank (cream siamese) and Tiger. You both were the kings of the colony and will be dearly missed by us caretakers. We are proud to have made your lives a little easier with food, company, and the occasional pets.

Memorial for Mama

Submitted by
Linda L.

mama its just about 1 year since you disappeared, from us and then you came back on Christmas day to find out you were bitten by a another cats and got a very bad infection. with that we had to put you down. We miss you so very very much.

Memorial for Brendan Andrews

Brendan D Andrews
Submitted by
Mom & Dad, & Andrews Family

1976- 2014

Memorial for Trouble Miller

Trouble Miller
Submitted by
Linda H.

Trouble, you were an exceptional cat and we will miss you!

Remembering Shadow

Submitted by
Your Loving Mama

My sweet baby boy, I will never forget the first time I saw you. You were so little and wild. I sat in the parking lot for many nights on my lunch break trying to get you use to me. The wonder I felt the first time you decided you could trust me and got in my lap. You were so small and sweet. When your fur mama was hit by a car I couldn't leave you so home you went with me. You were my constant companion for almost 13 years and were loved so much. I never thought our time would be so short.....I look forward to the day I can hold you again my sweet baby boy.

Remember Shirley

Shirley A. Mason
Submitted by
Debbie, David, & Danny


as I walk through the journey of life,
I remember.
I remember how you helped me to grow
with love, truth, and honesty.
I remember how you helped me to choose the right path
with values, morals, and self worth.
I remember how you gave me dreams
with hope and confidence.
You made me who I am today,
and I will always remember you in life's passings
for no one could touch my life as you have.

Remembrance in life's passing is the truest form of love one can give, for a memory should never die and love should live forever in the heart of another!

Remember Tonks

Submitted by

June 23, 2014

What will I do without you, my precious little friend. Part mischief but all blessing, I loved you to the end.

A few short months is all we had, then one day we had to part. You will always be my loving friend, and forever in my heart.

Memorial for Lillian Gottfried

Lillian Gottfried
Submitted by
With Love, Marsha

In remembrance of a wonderful mother, who raised two beautiful daughters who always loved cats--Carole Knobler and Susan Gottfried.

Memorial for Zion

Submitted by

In loving memory of my Zion, the freest and most honorable spirit I've ever known. Today is the day the shelter mistakenly deemed you feral and took you from us. We miss your morning demands for cream and they way you would snuggle under my chin. You were the most regal and beautiful creature, and you left us too soon. I've never known an energy as pure and true and yours. I still think about you every day. We love you Zi Guy!!

Memorial for Pearl

Pearlie Girl Oatman
Submitted by

She was a sweet girl, and my parents gave her a good home. Her stay was much too short.

Memorial for Pumpkin

Submitted by
Robin Diana Ashe

Dear Pumpkin,

You were the neighborhood cat and everyone misses stopping to pet you on their daily walks. We miss you most of all.

MawMaw, Robin, and Fluffy

Judith F. Solomon
Submitted by
Friends of Judy Solomon

Judy had a huge soft spot in her heart for cats, and for the work that Alley Cat Allies does. At one time, she had as many as eight cats and was lovingly known as the "Cat Lady". She was a sweet woman with a huge heart and she will be missed dearly.


Submitted by

Dearest darling Pfeiffer,

You are so loved by your daddy and all his friends. We are so, so sad that you are no longer here with us to talk to and love. But we know that you are in cat heaven and are no longer suffering. You and your memory are just so special to us, and you are in our hearts every minute. God bless you. We can just see you frolicking with the angels. WE LOVE YOU PFEIFFER. XOXO

Memorial for Mister Cat

Mister Cat
Submitted by

He was barely cared for by an elderly woman who thought she was doing the world a favor by feeding strays without spaying or neutering them (and who single-handedly created a horrific feral cat problem in the neighborhood). His life became eminently better when he wandered over to my house two doors away. I named him before I claimed him as my own, but "Mister Cat" fit him because he was a cat's cat -- smart, self-assured, unflappable, hunter, sleeper, surveyor of his domain. He trusted me as no other cat ever has, and I never gave him reason not to. We were best of friends for eight years before I had to say goodbye. The last two years were difficult, but he taught me so much ... to believe in the possibility of miracles. To embrace the sacred task of care. To accept what you cannot change. And finally, that truly selfless love doesn't come with attachment. Goodbye, my beautiful, beloved boy. You will always own a piece of my heart.


Submitted by

Napoleon was a terrific cat rescued in 2005 and who found his forever home with me. I am forever grateful that Napoleon came to me. He was not only "gorgeous" but so sweet and charming. He loved being around people. He was a great calming influence and he will be so missed.


Submitted by
Maureen and Jason

9/1/1999 - 7/20/2014
In loving memory of our beloved cat Sylvia.

Sylvia brought so much love, happiness and joy into our lives. Our little girl bravely fought and lost her battle with chronic kidney disease.

We miss you more than words can express, Princess. Especially missed are your loud purrs, loud snoring and best nose rubs ever! Please say hello to Ricky Ticky Tabby and have him show you the best places to sunbathe over the Rainbow Bridge. We will see you again someday.

Love always, Mommy and Poppa

Remember Percy Belew-Davis

Percy Belew-Davis
Submitted by
Friends of Cody Belew/Lee Davis

In memory of Beautiful Percy. Taken too soon. 2014.

Memorial for Alice S. Riedel

Submitted by
Caryn and Edward

Edgar: charmer, Jack Russell wrestler, cage sitter, instigator, lover of blow-dries, cuddles, paper bags, bath tubs, and all things new, old and odd. We miss the glow of your eyes and the curious joy you created

Memorial for Alice S. Riedel

Valiant, Butch and Sundance Davis
Submitted by
Aunt Pam

You'll be forever loved

Memorial for Alice S. Riedel

Alice S. Riedel
Submitted by
Riedon, Inc.

In memory of Alice S. Riedel, who loved all cats. Especially her two beloved cats at home, Blacky and Timer. She will be greatly missed.

Memorial for Mary E. LaFon

Mr. Big Bud
Submitted by
Kevin Hogle

Mr. Big Bud is my best friend. He was rescued from a house where he and many of his cat friends were trapped. He was healthy up to about 7:00pm June 11, 2014. He was fine all day and walked around with me and acted perfectly normal. At 7:00pm he got off of my lap, walked away and became sick and lethargic. I rushed him to OVRS, a fully equipped animal emergency room. He had extremely low blood pressure. He had to receive a blood transfusion and went into surgery. The surgeon found extensive inoperable cancer. My best friend was gone. He was with me five short years. He will always be remembered.

Memorial for Mary E. LaFon

Mary E. LaFon
Submitted by
Diana Steinmetz

In memory of my mother, Mary E. LaFon. Mary will be sadly missed by her family and friends, both the two legged and the four legged. She cared for all her cats, the feral, alley cats, strays, and her house cats. Mary was fortunate to have a husband, Daniel, who is as devoted to caring for cats as she was, for many years. He continues to care for the cats she has left behind. I am sure that mom will be greeted by furry family and friends waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Memorial for Priscilla Egan Rose

Priscilla Egan Rose
Submitted by
Marsha Papanek

In memory of a sweet, kind woman who loved and cared for many cats!

Sincere condolences to her friends and family and especially to her husband, David Rose, who also is an ardent lover of cats!

Memorial for Blind Faith

Blind Faith
Submitted by
Melissa Beaulac

In memory of my little Blind Faith who died from FIP at only 9 months old back in April. Although she was only in my life 8 short months, she taught me so much about perseverance and overcoming adversities. She brought so much joy and love into our home and most important, helped me realize my that my life's purpose is to work in animal rescue and advocacy, especially cats. Thank you Alley Cat Allies for offering such wonderful resources to help get me started.

Memorial for Martha Jane Graham Williams

Martha Jane Graham Williams
Submitted by
Edwin and Ann Marie Bingham

In memory of Aunt Martha, who loved all creatures great and small, especially cats.


Submitted by

Emily lived in love and comfort as member of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project’s Taj Mahal colony. She will be missed by all those who looked forward to seeing her at the Boardwalk, and especially by her devoted caregiver, Frank.


Submitted by

Pumpkin lived a long and wonderful life as part of the Alley Cat Allies' Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project. He will be missed by all of us who loved him, but especially by his dedicated caregivers Lorraine and Mari.


Submitted by

Her name was Shakers, which was the same name of the restaurant where she found us 14 years ago.

You were just a kitten - maybe six weeks old - and ran up to Scott in the parking lot one fall night. He scooped you up and knew immediately that you were the newest member of small family. She became my little shadow, always greeting me when I came home, then following me around the house. I loved that your favorite spot in the world was sleeping between my legs. And you always had fun leading me into the basement to show me all the secret nooks. I always got in trouble for leaving a slow drip in the bathroom sink for you to drink from - one of your favorite things to do. And, I'll never forget the frequent sound of tapping from the stairwell as you dragged your favorite toy - a tiger tail attached to a plastic handle - to the living room so we could play. We always did.

Shakers died yesterday from complications related to her lymphoma treatment. God, I miss you so much. I'll love you forever, Shaker Baker... my little soul mate. We'll be together again some day. I just know it.


Oliver Resnik
Submitted by
Tim & Jackie

Following the passing of a dear feline family member, the thought of another cat ever making its way into our hearts did not seem possible. Oliver blew these thoughts out of our mind the moment he appeared as he instantly burrowed his way into our hearts. The only thing that could match our love for Oliver was his generous and unconditional love in return. Oliver loved everyone and everything, including two young kittens and an elderly German Shepherd. His love was immeasurable; he taught his “mother” that she was capable of loving another cat with all of her heart. Unfortunately, one lesson also learned from Oliver is that sometimes the best parts of life, including life itself, can be fleeting. Oliver burned so bright in life and passed away before his third birthday. He is an angel and forever left his mark on all of our hearts - we'll always love and miss you Oliver.


Submitted by
Your Mom, Mary

Jamillah was the sweetest and silliest cat I've ever had the privilege to love and be loved by. She passed away peacefully with the two people who loved her most, safe and warm in her bed. I'll love you forever little one.


Ralphina "Ralphie" Viso Branch
Submitted by
Auntie Nessa

Ralphie is the last of her TNR family. At 16 she was the leader of the pack. She loved snacks of ham and cuddling with her boyfriend Notch. She would come out and greet you in the morning with a meow and a roll on the back. She was very lucky to have a guardian as good as my brother and will be missed. Sweet dreams little angel!


Pippa "Pip-Pip-Hooray!" Branch
Submitted by
Mama Kate

Little Pippa was rescued from Floyd County Animal Control in Georgia in 2010. She was a little black kitten left all alone until I scooped her up, and brought home what was to become the sweetest blessing. I did not know this blessing was to be so fleeting. She died from a misdiagnosed seizure disorder on January 20, 2014. Our hearts are utterly broken, and filled with overflowing sorrow. Pippa always remained just under 6 lbs. She was completely attached to me, her Mama. She would lay on my chest and she always had to be touching my face with one of her paws. I will always recall the cool touch of her foot pads on my face. My heart/mind will forever remember her enormously loving spirit, her personableness, her tiny little meow as she followed me around during my day, her expressive eyes, and her soft, thick, beautiful coat that I pet every day. We miss you terribly, sweet "Pip-Pip-Hooray!!"... I wish somehow I could know you are doing just fine, and remain the bright light that you so fleetingly were in our lives. Thank you sweet soul. -Mama


Spike Granade
Submitted by
Sandra Granade

My beloved Spike was with me for 18 years. He was my best friend and companion. My Spiky was the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever known. I will cherish his memory forever.


Submitted by
Auntie Laura

A beautiful little girl, born in Zagreb, traveled to Vancouver with her mama. Missed terribly by her sister Angel and her mama CJ and her auntie Laura.


Smoky Granade
Submitted by
Sandra Granade

I will greatly miss my sweet, beautiful Smoky. I expected a much longer time with this baby, but I am grateful for the five years I had. Smoky, you will always have a place in my heart, and I will cherish your memory.


Liberty (Libbie)
Submitted by

I am mourning the loss of a very special friend, Libbie, whom I just lost to feline lymphosarcoma. Libbie was abandoned in my field in 2005, 2 weeks after I lost my husband to cancer. She was a treasure and a comfort to me then and ever since. A beautiful calico tabby with huge dark-blue eyes, she could charm even the most confirmed anti-cat person with her sweet nature. I hope the gift made in her memory will enable other cats to be safe and secure.


Submitted by

Thanks for 17 years of wonderful’ve been part of the family over half of my life and will be greatly missed...


Mark Christopher Felton
Submitted by
Mark’s Mom, Barbara Felton

In Loving Memory of My Beloved Son, Mark Christopher Felton and His Special Cat, Orrie


Submitted by
Ron & Cindy

In memory of our dear Missi Found in a storm drain at five weeks old She found with us a loving home Where she for 11 years death defied Each carefree day of her happy life. We miss you.


Submitted by
Dogwood Animal Shelter

Dogwood Animal Shelter (Osage Beach, MO 65065) is grieving the loss of long-time resident “Fluffy” Fluffy was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009. He succumbed to the disease in November (2013). We still miss him every day! At the end of long days, when it was time for Fluffy to go back to “his room” he would hug us around the neck and nuzzle us as we carried him. He is VERY much missed by his roommate “Johnny” who loved him wholeheartedly till the end. This photo was taken a week before Fluffy died. Fluffy is the tan and white kitty, and as you can see Johnny was taking good care of him. When Fluffy passed away Johnny walked the hallways during the day for a week looking for him. We all love and miss you Fluffy. We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge, in the meantime....take care of the new arrivals as Johnny took care of you.


Submitted by

The dancer on the wind, only faster
You came to save me, although you left too soon.
I know you’re ok,
I saw you a week after, I touched your fur,
I saw you clearly.
I was wide awake down stairs on the chair
See ya later my Bumbumbumbum the drummer
My very true friend


Submitted by
Steve and Amy

Marley was a special cat. He came to us in the fall of 2003 along with his brother and sister. He made himself right at home on our couch the evening we found the 3 stray cats around our apartment building. It didn’t take us long to realize what an individual he was in comparision to his siblings. He was always the cat knocking things over, meowing loudly during the night, and being a clown in general. He was always making us laugh and we have great memories of him. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago. It wasn’t until about 3 weeks ago that his symptoms became severe. Today we had to take him to his last visit with the vet. With much sadness, we had to say goodbye to our friend. We will miss you so much. Thanks for coming into our lives and bringing so much happiness. We will never forget you. RIP Marley 2003-2013.

In memory of Clarissa

Submitted by
Judy Ammer

Rest in peace dear, sweet Clarissa. You will be missed.

Little pants memorial

Little Pants
Submitted by

We spent the last 10 years together & it feels so weird without you in my life. You were truly unique & I will never forget you. The last couple of months have been so hard, but you are now at peace and no longer suffering...
I miss you Pants :(

Memorial for Wally

Submitted by

Bonk was my best buddy, and still is. Here he is, sleeping in his favorite chair.

Memorial for Wally

Submitted by

Precious Charlie, may you live eternity in comfort, peace and happiness. I hope that someday I can show you the love that you deserve. Until then, you are in my heart.

Memorial for Wally

Wally Glowacki
Submitted by
Christine & Dean

Wally, it is in your memory and honor that we do what we can to help these sweet, defenseless cats. Lover of all animals, and a fine example of kindness and selflessness, you were and are an inspirational example of love. God bless you in your reunion with your human and animal family and friends who have gone before you!

Submitted by

Martin was a wonderful, loving old cat. We adopted him at the age of 14 and were honored to spend three years with him. It was not enough time and we miss him very much.

Submitted by

We were blessed with Nutmeg for 20 years. It was an honor to love and care for her. We love you and miss you.

Submitted by
Robin Ashe and Dianne Johnson

Sugar came into the world backwards, lived her life backwards, had one great love who died too soon, and passed away in her own bed in her home from old age. We already miss her.

Bryson Neubaum
Submitted by
Aunt Eileen

For my sweet, beautiful boy, gone far too soon.

Gunther Salisbury
Submitted by

Gunther (grey kitty)...We miss you everyday

Jack Lightsey-Swiney
Submitted by

Jack was a special gift! We will always remember him!

Jack Lightsey-Swiney
Submitted by

Jack was going to be killed in a shelter because someone threw him away. Instead he had 18 years of life, every day of which he used giving love, affection, inspiration, and hope to his humans. Jack loved everyone, once he got to know them, and everyone loved Jack. 1995(?)-2013.

Leslie Jayne “Liosliath” Manner
Submitted by
LBIS Kenyon College

Lynn and Family:
We are very sorry for your loss. There are no words just our thoughts and prayers.

Your Friends in LBIS

Liosliath Manner
Submitted by

Liosliath was a friend to all of the feral cats in our neighborhood. She loved them all and gave them food and water and affection. They were always on her porch. She was a blessing to the neighborhood and while Lilypad, Darwin, and the other neighborcats miss her dearly, I know that we are all so lucky to have known her.

Jennifer Dee
Submitted by

Her love and care for animals lives on.

Submitted by

Our FeLV+ rescue baby - sweet and cheerful to the end.

Submitted by

Kita was a special kitty that wasn't a planned addition to her family (the best ones usualy aren't!)She was a feral kitten that was trapped at 10-11 weeks old. After having her spayed and trying to socialize her for adoption, she was still a "scaredy cat" and didnt want to be touched. She was released into a safer neighborhood than her original one, and eventually found her "home" with the family that tnr'd her. It took 2 years, but one day while reading on the porch, she rubbed up against her guardian's legs. Slowly she let her new family pet her. Then the funniest thing - the 3rd winter she decided she would be warmer inside and started coming into the house. She'd even jump in a lap occasionally. But as soon as the weatehr warmed, she left until next winter. The girl could hunt! She was the color of autumn leaves and blended right in with the fallen leaves in the fall. She climbed trees, played with sticks and had a good life for her 5 very short years. Sadly, Kita left this planet way too soon....and out of the kindness of her caretakers who didn't want to see her suffer. They gave her the greatest gift of all ~ and it took such bravery to do so. I am sure Kita, who is now released from her painful situation, is forever grateful, and will reside always in her caretakers souls....because truly, that's where her home was and always will be.

Submitted by

Through tears of sadness, your momma let you soar to a better place today. You will be missed beyond words. We know you spent your short time here with such great purpose. Your love touched the lives of your mom, your grandmother and your grandfather...and me. Thank you, Whiskie, for giving all you had to those around you. For such a tiny little guy, you made such a big difference in the world around you. Remember the words of love whispered to you as your momma sent you peacefully into the arms of Jesus. Whiskie 3/2012 - 3/2013

Submitted by
Paws At Home Pet Care

An honor and pleasure to care for such a special feline. May you always find cozy places to hide and cuddle!

Wingnut Edwards
Submitted by
Kait Reehill

Wingnut appeared at the back door of the Edwards family home in 1993 as a feral kitten. They provided him with a home, but Wingnut provided them with twenty years of unconditional and unwavering love. Wingnut was adored by all who knew him. We miss him dearly.

Johnny Marsh
Submitted by

Johnny was a beloved friend of feral cats. He spent endless time feeding feral cats. The cat community lost a dear friend.

Celestino Tirado
Submitted by
Gary Fraraccio

Mr. Tirado was one of the caregivers to the two feral cats that live in the Metropolitan Avenue subway terminal in Queens,NY. He passed away suddenly early in November.

Sinatra Kingsley
Submitted by
me- maw

i love & miss you sinatra

Middy Rowe
Submitted by
Donna and Jane (AKA) Middy's gramdmother and great grandmother

In eternal, loving memory of "Mischievous" AKA Middy. Many have loved you, you special kitty. Many will miss you, especially your mama, A'me. You were her world, always will be, and let her know, that some day, you will both be reunited again. A'me. I am so sorry for your loss.

Submitted by
Todd Dykas

Bootsie, you were so much more than a feral cat, you were my friend. i am so proud of how over these past few years you were brave enough to learn to trust me as much as you did. i love you and miss you so very much. you will never be forgotten.

Priscilla & Elvis
Submitted by

Priscilla and Elvis, my two darlings who left us within two short weeks of each other. I miss you every. single. day. You were always there for me, and I wish I could hold you one more time. The paw prints you left on my heart will never be forgotten.

Chloe Nanna
Submitted by
Maureen Howlin

In memory of Chloe; a special cat. Chloe was born outside and at only about 5 or 6 weeks old, she appeared on the back steps of my friends house looking to become part of her family. My friend had many cats already and asked me if I could help find a home for the kitten. My friend Ann Marie adopted this sweet little kitten and named her Chloe. Although Chloe had a long and happy life and a great home, she will be greatly missed by all those who loved her.

Glenn Munis
Submitted by
Glenn and Erika Munis

In honor of your wishes and your devotion to all the animals that cannot care for themselves, we are making this donation.

Submitted by
All of us at Alley Cat Allies

Our memories are full of more than a decade of wonderful, often hilarious moments with Jared. This bold cat distinguished himself from the beginning, when a caregiver from suburban Maryland called us for help: after officials ordered her to stop feeding her feral cat colony, a 6-month-old white kitten stole a loaf of bread from her shopping bag instead. As we worked to save the cats’ lives, Jared became a part of ours, and one of Alley Cat Allies’ first office cats. With his big personality, he quickly established himself as king of the office. Whether sprawling out in the middle of a conference table, politely – or sometimes not so politely – requesting to share our lunch, or squeezing his large body into extremely small spaces, Jared kept our hearts and our laps warm (and was a big LOLcat favorite with our friends on Facebook). From his habit of tapping people on the back for attention to his lifelong love of potato chips, this pure white cat was truly one of the most colorful characters any of us have ever met.

We are grateful that Jared spent so many wonderful years with us. He touched so many lives and he will be fondly remembered and deeply missed by all.

Submitted by
Mary Compton

In loving memory of my sweet Abigail. The 18 years we had together weren't nearly enough, and I will miss you always. I'll see you on the other side of the bridge little friend.

Wade and Tyler
Submitted by

I am incredibly grateful for Wade and Tyler, because they have been my two best friends through the hardest, and the best times in my life. Wade has been part of my family for more than half my life now, and Tyler almost as long.

Bonnie Nurudin
Submitted by

Bonnie will always be loved and remembered for the wonderful cat that she was.

Pumpkin, Our Little Man in Furry Pajamas
Submitted by
Jerry & Samantha Edwards

In memory of our furry little dude, Pumpkin. We miss him every day, but he will live in our hearts forever. Our sweet Captain Punky, Pumpkin Pie Ala Mode, Baby-headed-angel-muffin, Little Man in Furry Pajamas.

Sadie Trinka Jaeger
Submitted by
Grace Jaeger

Sadie Trinka was a feral born in San Diego. When she moved with me to Minnesota, she was not happy about the winters but LOVED summertime. She spent her 20 plus summers living outside, going on walkabouts in her younger years. She was such a free spirit - I am honored that she choose to share her life with me.

Submitted by
Jeremy and Nicole

We lost our precious little girly-girl, Princess on November 1, 2011. Starting out as a street cat, we provided her a home and she certainly ruled the roost! We have other cats but she was certainly the alpha cat in this household. We will always remember your special meow (you creaky kitty!), you kneading with all four legs, your drooling when totally relaxed and your sleeping on our chests. Not to mention making the other cats wait while you ate first and blaming the other cats if something bad happened! We were so happy to spend these years with you even though cancer took you from us despite our best efforts. Always know we love you and can’t wait to see you again. You are always in our hearts and losing you hurts as much now as it did on the day we lost you.

Little Baby Gizmo
Submitted by
Your "mom", and friend...Rose

Over 17 years, you touched my heart! Listened to my stories from my heart, shared in all the joy; as well as the sorrow of my daily life. From the time you were 3 days old! You picked me, to be your human! I, have been deeply touched, and honored by ALL the love,joy, and pure happiness! You brought into my life! Whether, you are here, or in heaven. No one knows! But, I miss, and love you! Praying that one day; I will see my little "bright happy spot", my sweet little girl! If you can come, If you are amongst the angels. Know, I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU! You honored me with your love,friendship, and sweet loving spirit! I may eventually adopt another cat...But, there is only one: Little Baby Gizmo!

Rocky, our little rock star
Submitted by
Cheryl and Ted

On September 12, 2012 our beloved cat Rocky was struck and killed by a car on our street. We are devastated.

She was the very essence of catness, a complete and perfect creature, and while I always knew that, as an outdoor cat, she was exposed to danger, imprisoning her in the house would have destroyed her incredible independent spirit. It was a privilege to have been befriended by her.

Rocky was the most courageous and adventurous cat that we have ever known, and we will forever treasure her memory, her sense of humor, and her ability to overcome her feral nature to become a sweet and affectionate friend. Over the rainbow bridge, sweet Rocky, find your rest.

Submitted by
Inconsolable Nancy and RJ

Max, you were Daddy's "little boy in a cat suit," and though it's been one year, we miss you every minute of every day. You were our "kid," part of our family, part of our lives in so many ways. And we will always thank God for the gift of having you with us for 13 wonderful years. Thank you Max for all your love, your gentleness, your humor, the joy and laughter you brought to our house. Rest now with our loving Creator God. We will never ever forget you or stop loving you.

Submitted by

Patches was my first rescue, a stray cat that nobody claimed that came scratching on my back door looking for food. My dear kitty friend, you left this life too soon.

Submitted by

My little nibbler. He loved to give love bites (sometimes hurt pretty good) LOL The only one not to shy away from kisses on his nose though :-) I love and miss him so much!!

Submitted by

So long ago my sweet girl crossed the rainbow bridge. She was with me through some difficult times. I have missed her and loved her for so many years.

Submitted by

Originally my brother's kitty. She was the Mother to 3 of my kitties. My brother passed away in 1997 and I adopted Fuzzy as my own and she and her 3 children lived with me happily until she passed in 2009. Since then I have also lost 2 of her children :-( I miss and love her so much.

Little Boy (Pumpkin)
Submitted by

My precious boy. I love and miss you so much!! hugs and kisses on your little nose.

Gizmo Jick
Submitted by
Jon and Junior (cat) Jick

Gizmo was the first pet I became deeply attached to. I learned how to really love from him. Losing him was very hard for me. I miss him terribly even though it's been three years now. I firmly believe that my God Jesus is going to reunite me with Gizmo in heaven. Why wouldn't He? That's one of the things that's helped me stay sane about this.

Little Girl (Sweet Pea)
Submitted by

Sweet Pea says it all pretty much. I love and miss her so much <3

Frodo Baggins
Submitted by

Meet you on the Rainbow Bridge my dear friend.

Submitted by
William Johnson

Bonk was my best buddy. He would follow me everywhere -- at night, up to bed -- in the morning, downstairs near where I was sitting. If I got up, he would follow, with a cheerful meow. He always wanted to cuddle -- he would purr and purr and purr, non-stop. No one could ask for a better cat. He died on 7/6/2012, and I miss him horribly.

This picture is Bonk, upside-down, with his favorite toy.

Fubu King
Submitted by
Sylvia and James

In Memory of our smart, loyal, and wonderful cat Fubu who brightened our days and who's life was cut short too soon. We will always miss you so much and you will always be "our baby".

Submitted by
Lynn Kasper

In memory of a wonderful cat and true friend. Lexi will always have you in her heart.

Submitted by

No cat will ever compare to Coal. He was a mischievous little guy, but had so much love to give. I miss him with all my heart.

Buggy Hazen
Submitted by
Grandmama Hazen

July 22,1995 - May 30,2012
Cheese pizza lover. Feared ornithologist. Beloved pet.

Sophisticated Mummy
Submitted by
Kevin Hogle

Worlds sweetest Mummy

ChaCha and Doogie
Submitted by

Doogie and ChaCha were my last 2 kitties. I lost everything I had but still had them so I kept going. Then Doogie died and it was just ChaCha and I. I lost her about 10 months later. That's the first time I ever felt completely alone.

I can't put into words just how much I miss them. What they gave to me can never be replaced. I miss Doogie sitting and ChaCha giving paw for kitty cookies. I miss the companionship and unconditional love. I miss taking care of them and knowing how much they appreciate me adopting them. I miss the way they could always do silly things and make me laugh instead of cry. I had Doogie almost 20 years. I had ChaCha only five, adopting her a few weeks after my sister passed away from cancer, but loved her just as much as the rest of my animals. They will always be my family.

Submitted by
Aunt Linda

A beautiful little girl whose life was too short; however, it was made absolutely heavenly by her 2 moms, Carol and Shar. Rozzy is now at peace and playing with her brother and all the other ferals whose lives are sometimes too short.

Submitted by

For my little Ollie. I will love you forever. I miss you so much. Thank you for coming into our lives and being a part of our family. You were gone too soon. Thank you for all the happiness you gave to us. Watch over us little guy, until we meet again.

Winslow Harrison
Submitted by
Canant Animal Hospital

Winslow was Jim Harrison's beloved kitty. He was the mascot and lived downtown at Harrison Galleries. He was a great patient of Canant Animal Hospital and will be greatly missed.

Goldie Noelle
Submitted by
Laura Sattazahn


When we rescued you, little did I know that you were rescuing me too. You were my faithful companion on Earth and now you are my guardian angel. I cherish every moment I had with you and can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mommy (Laura)

Submitted by

We have had stray and feral cats in our neighborhood ever since I've lived there. They're good for the community because they keep the rodent population down. One cat we called Bellycrawler because she always moved very low to the ground. I don't know if she was stray or feral but she wouldn't let us touch her. My mom put out food for her for the longest time. Then one winter, she just never came back. It was very cold. We hope somebody picked her up and gave her a home but it's not likely. We still miss her. I hope my donation can help build shelters for feral cats so the winter won't be so hard for them.

Submitted by
George Regan

Loyal companion. Missed dearly.
4/1999 to 4/5/2012

Submitted by
Eugene and Daisy

Our sweet and playful boy-boy gave us years of friendship, fun, and unconditional love. Adopted from a local animal shelter the day we moved into our new house, Slinky loved to EAT, sit in the sun, patrol the lanai, play with his toys, and hang out with us. He developed a tumor on his cheek, and endured radiation and chemotherapy without complaint, adding six months of good quality-of-life time, but inevitably, we had to say au revoir. We will miss him for the rest of our lives, and hope to rejoin him someday in the beautiful meadow across the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Slnky, 2000-2012

Submitted by
Robin Ashe

Dear Mika,
You were always a fighter.

Love, Mommy, Kumo and Justin

Christmas "KissyCat" James
Submitted by

Love you, Kissy...Miss you...

Jahnke Meeks-Flynn
Submitted by
Michael and Scooter

Jahnke loved belly rubs, treats and laying in sunbeams. Scott and Michael are so grateful for the 15 years of love you brought into our lives. Rest in peace, Jahnkes. We'll love you forever.

Ali Kins Bisulco
Submitted by
Stephanie Bisulco

Ali Kins was the first cat I raised from kitten hood into old age, and one of the smartest cats I've known. She played fetch and brushed her nose against my lips when I asked for a kiss. She retired to my parents' house in the country to live out her senior years playing in the grass as an outside cat. Unfortunately, she didn't survive a senseless attack by hunting dogs passing through our farm. I'm sorry that I couldn't save you, Miss Kins. I will love you forever.

Schuster Kins Bisulco
Submitted by
Stephanie Bisulco

Schuster Kins was a loyal, loving companion to me and my family since her birth. She was taken from us too soon by cancer. I will love you forever, little Kins.

Submitted by
Susan Garavaglia

Mango passed away peacefully at the veterinarian's office on Feb. 20, 2012. As a rescued stray cat, his true age is unknown and is estimated at 16 years. Cause of death is advanced chronic renal failure. Mango was a stray cat in Watchung, NJ, for many years before my late husband and I adopted him. It was clear from his behavior that he wanted to be part of a family and he thrived for many years with our love and care. He was sweet, affectionate, empathetic, and loyal. His purr could make the entire house vibrate. I will never forget him.

Submitted by
Terri Hornfeck

Duster loved everyone he never met a stranger, he was so gentle and loving. Duster will be deeply missed by all. He will be in our hearts forever.

Submitted by
Michele Leonard

Whitey, I will miss seeing you your beautiful blue eyes and miss your sweet disposition. I am glad you allowed me into your life, I will miss you. Rest in Peace

Submitted by
Eloise Lautier de Varona

Poncho, the most courageous kitty I've ever known. He touched my life in ways I will never forget. RIP, Sweet Ponchie.

Submitted by
George Regan

I've fed many feral cats at my back porch food dish the past twenty years. I cared about many of them and would go looking for them if they went missing, hoping they weren't a victim of the road. But I fell in love with Momma like none of the others. Ultimately she would break my heart. Momma was "dumped" in my rural neighborhood with her litter mates in March of 2009. My neighbors caught two of the kittens- but the pretty gray tabby and white escaped. I would catch a glimpse of her over the next few weeks and then she disappeared. Momma began to show up regularly at my food dish in early winter. She would greet me with loud meows demanding to be fed. By now she had reverted to feral- I couldn't get to close to her. As winter receded she began to show up more frequently at predictable times to be fed. Momma did seem to like my company. Slowly she came closer and would sometimes show off for me- running and prancing, climbing up and down a tree. Towards the end of summer, Momma became downright friendly. She began to let me pet her. At arms length at first, Momma quickly developed her preferred method for being petted. She liked to approach me from behind and hug against my hip as I knelt or sat on the porch. Her soft purr told me she enjoyed the petting. And yes- Momma gave me two litters of beautiful kittens. With the help of my neighbors, we caught six of the seven kittens and found them good homes. Momma moved one of her kittens in her second litter when she saw us preparing to capture them. She would show up at the food dish two weeks later with a beautiful black and white male kitten. By December, Momma was easy to catch. I took her to my vet to be spayed. She was scared to death, but such a good girl. Throughout the winter and spring Momma showed up nightly, announcing her presence with loud meows. Her kitten was never far behind- Momma always let her kitten eat first. The cats frequently played on the porch, their antics were always entertaining. I hoped Momma and her kitten would share companionship for the rest of their lives. Mid- spring I learned that Momma was crossing the street in the dangerous intersection in front of my house. This was bad news- no cat that makes a habit of crossing the intersection will last long. I knew it was only a matter of time- I hoped for years, not days. On Friday and Saturday of the first weekend in June, I got home from work at a relatively early hour. I was able to spend a lot of time sitting on the porch with the cats. It was a nearly magical experience- the cats entertained me, running and prancing, climbing trees, chasing bugs and wrestling with each other. Momma received a lot of petting- and the kitten even let me pet him briefly. I looked forward to another night with the cats on Sunday. It wasn't to be. As I slowed approaching my driveway, Momma lay dead at the side of the road. All I could do was bury her decently. I wish I could have done more for her. Momma was meant to be a good cat. My few attempts at getting her inside did not go too well- she was too feral by now. And I could never do anything to hurt my old cats- they don't other cats (and most people). Momma's kitten is still with me- he's a year old now. He shows up regularly to be fed and likes to hang out in my backyard. He's quite a charmer too. But it's not the same without Momma- I still miss her loud greeting when I come home!

Submitted by
Alley Cat Allies

Known to some as Grandmom and to others as Snowball, this legendary gray and white lady made her home at the Atlantic City boardwalk for almost 20 years. Revered and respected as the independent matriarch of the boardwalk, she will be missed by her caregivers and all of us who loved her. Learn more about Grandmom.

Barbara Barron Wilcox
Submitted by
E. M. Kaiser

Barb was a gifted singer, knitter, actor, historical presenter, and gardener. Because Barb cherished her cats so much, memorial contributions to Alley Cat Allies were suggested by her family. Barb’s smile was nearly as big as her heart, and her capacity for kindness and joy was limitless. Her role playing character biography for Eagle Tavern in Greenfield Village (where she worked for over 24 years) was recently found, and there in her own handwriting were these lines about her character, which could easily describe Barb as well: “I do not avoid anyone. If you really look, you can find something good in everyone.” There was nothing but good to be found in Barb, and because of this we are better for having known her. A candle has been forever dimmed in Eagle Tavern, but it will always burn bright in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved her.

Submitted by
Kasey Durbin

For my Bailey bean, with all my love.

Submitted by
Daniel Warner

Dear little Crystal,you showed up at my door alittle over a year ago and it was love at first sight.You allowed me to give you love and treats and in return i received the trust of a loving little cat.The pain of your leaving hurts so much and i miss you dearly. Love you alot my sweet little one.

Submitted by
Kevin Crupi

Dear Maralyn: I'm so sorry I turned my back for a couple of minutes and let you run away on 6/28/10. I'm still hearbroken about your loss and will never, ever forget you.

Submitted by
Kevin Hogle

I Love You Squirrel

Jinx Wolk
Submitted by
Patricia Wolk

She saw me through some of the worst days of my life and loved me anyway. I miss her everyday. 1993-2011

Sir Thomas
Submitted by
Louis R Torres

Tough, Loving & Loyal

Submitted by
Laura Loessner

Boo, my beloved kitty of 18+ years, passed away November 11, 2010. She gave us so much love over the years and we will truly cherish the time she gave us. As we sat vigil today I shared the range of stories that embody who our little girl was - she was full of spunk with a strong-willed attitude. As a baby she suckled on my earlobes, as a kitten she shredded the speakers and scaled the screen door of my efficiency apartment, as a teen she caught voles and cicadas that buzzed while trapped in her jaws, as an adult she quietly ruled the house and followed me around doing projects in the yard, and as a mature old girl she had supervised walks outside as she gnawed on pansies and grass. She held on for a long time and did not want to leave today. She was a true gift and we're very thankful for all that she gave us. We know she is in good company now and that she's enjoying her new body- eating pansies and napping in the fall sun. I miss my little girl.

Submitted by
Christa Lyons

Alessandro, you lived up to your name sake, Alessandro, the hero in Mark Helprin's book "A Soldier of the Great War". We miss you so much!!!!

Submitted by
Carolyn and Allen Berfield

Rest in peace, beloved friend.

Submitted by
Christopher Abel

"Pinou, Pinou....she saved you from abuse". And you know what that means! We miss you Good Old Pinou

Chloe Caitlin Good-Barletta
Submitted by
Carrie Good

My Chloe's time on earth had ended. She is now a kitty angel in heaven. RIP sweet girl ! We will miss you every day. You gave us 12 years of unconditional love. We couldn't ask for more. You were the "best" kitty ever. See you on the other side.

Submitted by
Sandra Gregory

To the most loving black and white kitty. We miss you so much Ginger does too.

Submitted by
Julie Lapitino

In memory of my sweet boy. I will never forget you.

Submitted by
Michael Nelson

My dear who followed me everywhere I went and waited where ever I stopped. Who loved to give attention and curl up beside me. Taken way before his time, by poisening. 2006 - 2011, I miss you dearly my friend, Boots

Submitted by
Patti Levine

Max was taken from me from cancer after only 6 years of devoted and loyal friendship. He was my constant buddy and I will always miss him....

Submitted by
Denise T. Holmes

Sweet Sassy cat! I miss u so. Remembering how you used to knead in my hair. Daddy would say that it was our bonding time together.

Submitted by
Peggy Mallett

To my Alpha female, who lived up to her name but was so loving in her own way. I miss you baby girl

Submitted by
Kevin and Ellen Ingraham

When my wife Ellen and I met I had a cat and she hadn't had a cat for years. I encouraged her to adopt a cat from a shelter and she came home with Nomo, a beautiful 7 year old tuxedo cat. It was love at first site. We had 16 great years from him, including the last 5 when we had to give him fluids for his kidneys. He was a constant companion, especially to Ellen. He's gone now and we both miss him dearly

Submitted by
Gaylene Grossen

I love all of my animals, past and present, but Skinny was extra special and I miss her very, very much. Kidney failure came on suddenly and unexpectedly. 4/26/96-1/24/11

Sherbet Saposnik
Submitted by
Lee Saposnik

I lost you to cancer six months ago. The ache in my heart is undiminished. No words can convey how much I miss you, my little girl.

Charles Scarlett Van Ness Cartelli
Submitted by
Donna Cartelli

To a sweet and gentle cat who gave me more than he could ever imagine.

Humbug Morichika
Submitted by
Clare Morichika

My feisty little guy Humbug passed away at the age of 18 in August. He was a fighter to the end. We miss you little Humbug and hope you are whole and well again on "the Rainbow Bridge." Love from all of us at home, Mom, Bruce, Mariko, Emiko, Jake & Frank (and Butters)

Submitted by
RoseAnn Tracy

Rufus, I'll never forget the day you invited yourself in. You were a wonderful friend and companion. We miss you terribly, and think of you often.

Gus R. Keefe
Submitted by
Shelby A (Keefe) Cherry

I love and miss you, my sweet Gus. Thank you for choosing to share your life with me. I am so very blessed to be your forever mommy.

Coco Liwski
Submitted by
Anne Liwski

We love you, Beautiful Coco, and we will see you again one day.

Mr. Tom
Submitted by
Jack and Linda Horn

Mr. Tom, you came looking for a home and stayed with us for 13 years. You gave so much love. You changed Jack's heart about cats and now he misses you as much as I do. We still see you in all your favorite places. We both really love you and miss you so much.

Submitted by
Brad and Barb Balk

Our beautiful Tortie cat. Taken away far too soon. We love and miss you always.

Submitted by
Gary York

You were one of 4 kittens we fostered (our first time at it) from Fairmont Animal Shelter in California, and the one who wanted to be held, and cuddled the most. "Honey we MUST keep this little guy! I can't let him go to a strangers house"... We soon found you a little tortie girl from the same shelter the day before she was to be destroyed, and you two were the cutest couple ever!! Then a 'saddle' blood clot took you suddenly and broke our hearts March 11 2008. You were just 6 yrs old. You had a deep purr that was from heaven and we will meet again my sweetie! This kitty just loved the deer in our yard but never stepped outside. Too many dangers outside....I would say "DEERIE" Romy a deerie! and he would get all exited and look outside for them. We will see you on the other side someday little guy.

Miss Jeepster Kitty
Submitted by
Rio De Janeiro

My you run happy and free, Lil Squeek, Untill we meet again. I am so blessed to have know you.

Submitted by
Susan Hayami

I adopted Maggy when she was 8 weeks old, abandoned in a ditch, but found by someone who brought her to my vet's office. She was a tortiseshell, with definite Siamese vocalizations. She was smart and funny, with big, bright, intelligent eyes. She died at age 12 from a stroke. I still miss her wild rampages through the house and lazy lap-times.

Submitted by
Rebecca Smith

Smitty left this world as hard as he came in. Cripple in a car motor as a baby and saved by Becky , he sat at her desk at work till he was big enough to say at home with other felines. He wanted to explore the big back yard and a dog killed him. he was so special and will never be forgotten.

Scribbles Sasaki Ostrofsky
Submitted by
Kirsten and Arnie Ostrofsky

Scribbles, we think of you often and wish you were still here with us. We love you and miss you very much.

Submitted by
Beth Morey

Trouble was a homeless tuxedo kitten like poor Little Tuxy, but he had ten happy years with us. He liked bringing his stray friends home--if he had found her, she could've had a good life, too.

Natasha Boo-Boo Palen
Submitted by
Ray Palen

To our beautiful 19-year-old girl --- you are always in our hearts and terribly missed.

Buttons "Duh Cat"
Submitted by
Tom & Stacy Jackson

You brought us great happiness for 14 years and now you are with us everywhere we go in spirit. You are and will always be missed.

Sparkles Zafonte
Submitted by
Kaitlyn Zafonte

In memory of my beautiful cat, who brought so much joy and happiness to me. I love you so much.

Submitted by
Rachel & Carmen

We miss you everyday. You will always be remembered as our baby and official greeter. We love you always. R.I.P. 1/28/00 to 01/02/11

Boo Boo
Submitted by
Linda Hernandez

For 14 years, you put a smile in our hearts. Now, you are in a special place that the Lord has made. My beautiful Boo.

Neko and Trilby
Submitted by
Susan D Martin

In remembrance of my two black kitties, beautiful long-haired Neko and beautiful short-haired Trilby: You were both special, precious little creatures who taught me how to really love cats. I tried to give you both a good life and had you both for 18 years, consecutively. I remember your soft black fur and your beautiful green-gold eyes. Thank You for your unconditional love and companionship for so long; and may you find peace at the Rainbow Bridge until we all see each other again.

Submitted by
Penny Haynes

Bert was with me for 21 years. We managed her renal disease and diabetes for 4 years. She died of neither, but a fast growing tumor. Her greatest pleasure was sleeping on my lap and I miss her so. We found her and her sister in 1990 at the race track where we trained horses. They were barely 6 weeks old and placed their claim to my tack room. When the season was over, they came home and were happy inside cats. Bert was also a favorite among the staff at our vet's office. The receptionist would bring her out to the front desk and let her lie beside her as she worked during times we needed to board her. Even though I have 8 other cats (and I love them all), I miss her so. Such a big hole left in the house. I could only hope that all cats were as charised as her.

Submitted by
Marie Krug

Rusty was a stray who found me and brought great joy to me. I miss him dearly.

Submitted by
Linda Hodges

Beloved pet "Mickey". Born May 1996. Diagnosed with diabetes in 2003. Died at the age of 14. Gone but never forgotten! Til we meet again at The Rainbow Bridge.

Submitted by
Nancy E. Clark

Harpo was my first adopted kitty after leaving home. She was my best friend & loving companion for almost 20 years.

Anton the Brave
Submitted by
Robert Nemtusak

Farewell, panther.

Shere Khan "Khan"
Submitted by
Marie J Phillips

Lymphoma took this sweet gentle giant from us in 2002. One in a million, he graced our home with his quiet presence for 11 years, and he is still missed after all these years.

Submitted by
Mary Ellen Doyle-Birch

I wish I had a picture of you to post so everyone would see how beautiful you were. You were in our lives for 16 years, my best friend and confidant, there will never be another cat like you. I have kept my promise to you Junebug, I have gone on, I will see you again one day my friend, until then keep chasing the birdies and the chipmonks, and eating the grass. We miss you terribly.

Leftenant Gus Gus
Submitted by
Stephanie Sivula

Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the autumn rain. When you wake in the morning hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of birds circling in flight. I am the stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there, I do not sleep.

Miss Phoebe
Submitted by
Neil Epstein

My sweet darling Phoebe. I still can't believe that you are gone. You had SO much life and so much vibrance. And you gave me SO VERY MUCH J O Y. Sweetheart, I miss you with ALL of my heart and SOUL. And your six brothers miss you too. When I looked at you, and your amazing, AMAZING BEAUTY . . . I K N O W that there is a wonderful and LOVING CREATOR. God Bless You and Keep You my little girl - my little Miss Cutie.

Submitted by
David Walker

Xena, you are still loved and never forgotton. From me, Nola and Buffy.

Submitted by
Kim Duncan

My dear Spike, even though you've been gone for 9 years I still miss you like it was yesterday. You were and still are the best kitty ever. Mama loves her little Manx kitty so much and I can still hear your rumbling purr and your gawaw meow. Keep playing in the sunshine - mama will see you in time.

Submitted by
Gary Ellis

We miss and love you, Max! Till we meet again.

Flip Flop
Submitted by
Howard M Karr

Sweetest companion ever.

Submitted by
Dianna Wilson

Emily passed away last year at the age of 22. She had been an incredible friend for me - always sleeping, curling up with and following me around. I miss her still so very, very much. I loved her as much as one loves a precious child.

Toby II
Submitted by
Linda Orcutt

Toby, thanks for the 14 years in which you graced my life, I miss you very much.

Submitted by
Pam King

My sweet Christie girl, thank you for sharing the last 17 years with me. I miss you my friend.

Submitted by
Sally Higgins

My sweet little Shelby Toast. You were a wonderful friend and I love and miss you so much. I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart.

Submitted by
Alexandrea Lemcke

I remember when you were just a baby; your eyes so full of life and open wide to the world. I'll never forget those bright green eyes. I'm sorry you suffered for so long my baby girl. I'm so glad you're in a better place now but still I miss you so much. God will take good care of you; I promise you this. Because HE promised me HE would. I will see you again someday. Until that day comes, I love you Arrow.

Submitted by
Todd Dykas

You were brought to me while taking care of my colony. Emaciated and suffering from anemia i thought with lots of tlc you would bounce back. After you continued to have problems we found out that it was fip and daddy had to put you down. I find peace in the fact that at least for a short time you had the love you deserved and that you didn't die alone, but with someone who loved you very much. I miss you so much sweet baby.

Submitted by
Jennifer Cody

we miss you very much.

Submitted by
Ed Lytwak and Becky

Ringworm 'kills' thousands of kittens and cats because it is a death sentence at shelters. Ricky was a little kitten with no hair and brave shelter personnel made a call to ACA. Ricky was greatly loved. He lived several wonderful years until cancer took his life Oct. 27, 2010. We'll miss you, Count Ricula.

Submitted by
Becky Robinson and Ed Lytwak

Angel was brought to Arlington via Mary Ellen's underground transport - from one of the worst animal control facilities in Virginia. Lived with us after adoption failed. Coped with chronic lung condition until 12-28-10. Was loved and will be missed.

Submitted by
Becky Robinson

Ciao was an amazing survivor. He made it through a brutal winter, a car injury, and a kill shelter. He had a wonderful four years after all that but cancer took his life. He brought tremendous spirit and joy to our lives and will be horribly missed.

Submitted by
Sharon Fiyalka

You were my sweetheart. RIP 9/3/2010

Submitted by
Adam Swantz

In memory of my little buddy. Not a day will go by that I won't treasure the four short years I was able to have you in my life. You will always be a part of me, and the lesson you taught me has changed me forever - "be happy, appreciate everything you love in your life, and love those things unconditionally". Taken way too soon, Benny was the most gentile, innocent, and happy creature I have ever known. He loved his toys, his treats, and especially his big brother. Wherever he is, I know he is making someone smile.

Mr. Tuttles
Submitted by
Casey Mosher

Mr. Tuttles was one of over sixty cats in our colony. We are working hard to TNR all of them, he was one that was already fixed. We do not know his birth date or exact age but he passed away November 1st, 2009. He is greatly missed by all. Mr. Tuttles (or "the Mayor" as we jokingly called you), you were the greatest cat that I have ever cared for. Every day you were always right there to greet me and roll over for a belly rub. You would follow me around from dish to dish and rub against my legs. I always wanted to take you home but it seemed like you wanted to stay there, I'm sorry I didn't just take you with me anyways. You were full of personality and I loved you so much. You were like my own cat. I'll never forget you... none of us will. I knew when I drove by and saw the birds that it was you. I just had a feeling it was but I prayed I was wrong. And when we pulled up and saw you lying there I just couldn't believe it. I don't know exactly what happened to you but it looked like you just went to sleep and never woke up. I noticed these last couple weeks you weren't your self, I think you knew it was time. I can only hope you went peacefully and painlessly. The colony will never be the same without you and everyone misses you very much. I see your buddy, Boo Boo, and I know she misses you the most. I'll never understand why someone dumped off such a loving and sweet cat but I'm glad that I was lucky enough to know you. God Bless and I know you're happy and safe wherever you are. Rest In Peace: Mr. Tuttles, Fluffy, Scooter, Boots, Binky, Polkadot, Calico and all the rest.

Lot's of love, hugs and kisses,

Casey, Mom and Sean

"There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat." ~Tay Hohoff

Submitted by

Just Friday,I lost my shy,sweet torti girl,Capri. I have an awful ache in my heart,even though I still have 6 cats.

Cole McFarland, Jr.
Submitted by
Becky Robinson

While at Labette Humane Society in Parsons, KS, Cole wrote,
"Well-intentioned people argue that it is our humane responsibility to kill feral (cats) kindly, rather than let them face the rigors and perils of an uncertain future. When I observe a recently caught feral cat...I see a being not altogether unlike myself. If I were that feral (cat) - facing an immediate...death, or a chance at life - replete with all the perilous uncertainties it holds - I would choose life. And so for these feral (cats), I can choose no less."

For his lifetime of work on behalf of the animals, Cole McFarland will be missed, but never forgotten.

Coco Puff
Submitted by
Meredith Watts

In Memory of my dad's cat, Coco Puff.

Submitted by
Karyen and Rebecca 

In loving memory of Samantha
Spring 1992 to December 21, 2009

July 5, 1992: You were free to a good home, nine and a half weeks old, only two pounds. Born in a garage, you were just a little fuzzball of grey and peach with the loudest purr I had and have ever heard. You trusted me from the beginning even though you hid from all others.

You used to run around the apartment and house at top speed, all the way to the tops of the cat trees. You would jump on top of or behind furniture and then need to be rescued when you couldn’t get back down or out by yourself.

You loved bread and sometimes we found bread that you had eaten through the plastic. You ate vegetables and loved snap peas.

You had never seen stairs until we moved to the Seminary house. You became our grey bunny when you began hopping down the stairs.

You were so sick in 2005 but with love, we nursed you back to health. You were diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2007; with chemo, we got another two good years with you. But we couldn’t stop time and your body decided that it was time to go.

You were the sweetest cat anyone could ever hope to have, so happy just to be loved. You loved to sleep snuggled up against your moms, with your baby blanket and your sheepy.

Thank you for sharing your life with us, for loving and trusting us. We will always love you and we will miss you tremendously. Take good care of the large chunks of our hearts that you took with you. Someday we will reclaim those pieces of our hearts and be with you again.

Submitted by
Eugene Lisansky

A beloved friend and companion for 18 years, we sadly said good-bye on November 30. We loved her so, and will always miss her.

RIP Inky, 1989-2009

Big Guy
Submitted by
Becky Robinson

A feral cat that survived animal control and bad rescuers and was loved by G.T., Becky & Ed for six years. Died November 20, 2009.

Submitted by
Emily Facet

Bartelby was a wonderful boy who will be greatly missed.

Submitted by
Maureen & George Howlin

In Loving Memory Of Our First Cat Mikey.

Submitted by
Becky Robinson

Jack - the original alley cat of Alley Cat Allies in Adams Morgan, cared for by Mary for 19 years is now with his BFF Lucy.

Submitted by
Fay Pizer

Little Muchie was a good cat who lived 19+1/2 years before his kidneys gave out. He bought lots of joy, companionship and love to us. We miss you Much.

Tom Boy
Submitted by
Lisa Sobocinski

Tom, was semi tame, and was living in the FeLV room of my house until he got too sick and had to be euthanised on 12-15-08! Both he and Bandit came out of my colony and are my only loses to date. But all that I do in the future is in their memory!!!.

Submitted by
Lisa Sobocinski

My first feral save, I miss you more with each day... all that I am doing for your remaining colony members is in your honor little girl!~

Rodger Dodger
Submitted by
Heather Wienker

Rodger Dodger was one of 4 siblings from a favorite “friendly feral” family of ours, he and his brother Randy Andy would stampede us with sweetness along with the rest of their family each day when we feed. We feed cats in 18 spots each day in addition to work, but no matter how bad of a day we’d had, these boys would put a big smile on our faces--especially Rodger Dodger who was thusly named as he’d weave in and out in front of our feet making it nearly impossible to walk back to the feeding spot, while his brother Randy Andy greeted us with raspy, nearly silent meows. In fact, these kitties are so sweet and cute, patrons of the neighboring fine dining restaurant often lingered outside, enjoying watching us interact with this animated family. We know they have shown many people how rewarding it can be to care for feral cats. The place will never be the same without Rodger, how we’d love to have him scramble in front of our feet, tripping us one last time. This picture was taken Christmas Day….we found and buried Rodger January 8th after he’d been missing a few days. We and his relatives will miss him very, very much and hope he knows how much we loved him. Rest sweetly, dear buddy, we will never forget you and will miss you each and every day. We know that you and your Sister are with us in spirit. Love, Heather, Donald, bubby Randy Andy, Mama Hershey, Father King, Sissy Queenie & the Gang.

Miss Piggy
Submitted by
Lorraine Pierce

Miss Piggy lived a wonderful life of 16 years at the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey. Her dedicated caregivers, Lorraine and Paul, will miss her.

Submitted by
Becky Robinson

Jasper was a wonderful feral cat from Arlington, VA that lived a long and healthy life for 15 years.

Submitted by
Alley Cat Allies

Coo passed away on December 14, 2008. The “old man” of the office while also probably the most babied, Coo will be greatly missed. Coo is Alley Cat Allies’ poster cat proving that being diagnosed with FIV is not and should not be a death sentence—he lived life to the fullest for 13 and one-half years, enjoying his morning routines of treats and cuddles, joining staff at lunchtime for his favorite snacks, and bonding to the other office cats, as well as his beloved staffers. Coo was a gentleman who got along with everyone who visited, including dogs and kittens. He encouraged us all to take a laid back approach to life and to not sweat the small stuff. We mourn his loss and cherish his memory.

Submitted by
Pat and Mary McGeever

We miss you so much.You brought so many years of happiness to us. You will always be a part of us with all the wonderful memories you gave us!

Moki, Trouble, Prince and Witto One

Submitted by
Heather Hintz

Dear Darlings, I will never forget the love and companionship you all shared with me for 11 years. I permaturely and tragically lost all of you to the horrible Poisoned Pet Food I bought from Wal-Mart(Menu Foods/ China caused recall) on Valentines Day 2007, I still have your little adopted sister Shadow who was a Alley Cat Kitten rescue. When I look at her I am reminded of all of you because you all loved that little girl and she loved you. Good bye sweet ones. Love Mommy!

Mr. Peekers

Submitted by
Marsha Gaines

And God will wipe out every tear from their
Eyes, and death will be no more, neither will
Mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.
The former things have passed away.
Revelations 21:4

1993 – October 18, 2007

Until we meet again at
Rainbow’s Bridge…
All our love,
Mommy & Oakley


Submitted by
Diane Mentzer

Bandit was a rescued feral kitten that I adopted through Friends of Montgomery County Animals in November 1997. He was a wonderful, loving pet and I miss him terribly. He survived kidney failure from contaminated pet food and a rare blood disease. He was doing so well that it was a total shock when he died very unexpectedly in his sleep on September 19, 2008. I couldn’t have asked for a better cat. And I sure do miss my little guy!

Mr. B

Submitted by
Linda R.Blakely

May your spirit run free and your ice cream be plentiful.


Submitted by
Jean Pyatt and Marilyn Twitchell

POPPY....and her mommies, Jan and Edrie, had a wonderful life together.
February 1, 1998 - August 23, 2008


Submitted by
Joe Miele & Delia Uherec

In memory of my beautiful Boba-Man.  I'm sorry that you had to go so soon - Mommy and Daddy will always love you very much.

Majestic Prince

Submitted by
Peggy Kelly

Majestic Prince came to us as a true wild cat.  While trying to help him find a job as a barn cat a tragic error ended up in his having to be put down. 

He touched our hearts, he will always be part of us, he taught us tremendous lessons.  He is now at peace with his soul mates Pal, Oscar and Rascal.

Thank you, Majestic Prince for sharing a short time with us.  You are missed. 



Submitted by
Lorri DeShon

In remembrance of Gaia who will be forever in the hearts of her parents.

She will be greatly missed by her family - Vicki, Francesco, Milo and Precario.

Love, Lorri

Mufasa Sears

Submitted by
Christina Sears

I got you when you and your sister when you were one day old. I raised you and you were the vet hospital night cat. Your cat and dog brother and sisters will miss you. I'll miss you and the crazy little things we did. I tried to be the best mom.

I love you. Hugs and kisses.


Submitted by
Andrew Ravenscroft

We all miss you!

What is A Cat

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch.

Purrs to signal "all is well"
and show more love than words can tell.

Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side.

A friendship that will last and grow,
small wonder why we love them so.

Author Unknown


Holly Chapman

Submitted by
Lou Chapman

Loyal, playful and beautiful. Our lovely tabby and white cat. Sadly missed but never truly gone. We will never forget the way you followed us around or slept in my dolls pram. My wonderful baby cat. Miss you Holly.

Cutie Feola


Submitted by
Jennifer Feola

1995 ~ 2007

Loving & missing you always my sweet Cutie. xoxo

Orange Oliver II

Submitted by
Jean Pyatt and
Marilyn Twitchell

April 1, 2000 - December 31, 2007

Baby Boy...Ollie is a Dolly...Computer Guy...Angel Cat...Sweet...Shy...Dental Kibbles...Baby Food...Chasing
Galli...Cleaning Galli...Sharing dishes with Galli...Love Miss
Meow...Purse Man...Curiosity...Bird Watching...Squirrel, Raccoon, Lizard, Mountain Lion, and Deer Watching...Biting Mum's Hair...Sitting on the Back of Mum's Chair...Sitting IN Mum's Chair...Sunning on the deck in Palm Springs... Johnny Cat...Drinking Faucet Drip... 5 AM Wake Up Meows...Midnight Cuddles and Purrs... Love Bumps...Team
OllieGalli...You left Us Much Too Soon...

Galli, Merrie, and the Mums

Miss you Terribly and Love you Always...

(Bill's cat "OC")

William H. Janssen

Submitted by
Becky Robinson

 Bill traveled the world and settled in northern California when he retired. Having lived among street cats in the third world countries where he worked, Bill was used to feral cats. But, it was not until just two years before he died in December, 2007, that an orange stray became his companion. "OC" and Bill became good friends and their daily activities were reading the morning paper, finishing projects in the workshop and building several cat-flaps for OC so he can come and go at will. OC misses Bill but he has Sue to keep him company (Becky's mother.)


Submitted by
Kenneth Samson


September 21, 1997 - December 4, 2007

Shadow was born in the back alley of a friends’ apartment.  I adopted him when he was 4 weeks old.  He quickly became my constant companion, enjoying curling up in my lap and sleeping at the foot of my bed.  He had an energetic spirit and loved playing with his toys and getting into anything he could.   He would always greet me when I came home at night and would follow me throughout the apartment.  He truly was my shadow.  Shadow died on December 4th and I miss him dearly.


Barbara Rockett

Submitted by the Village of Waverly


June 8, 1927 -
October 18, 2007

Barbara was an avid animal lover and animal advocate, having spent countless hours helping to institute the successful Trap/ Neuter/Return Program for feral and stray cats in Waverly. She was a sitting member of the Village of Waverly Board of Trustees, having served several terms.
Barbara was committed to continuously striving to improve her community.

In earlier years, her hobby was raising and showing Yorkshire Terriers and she is survived by her very special friend, her West Highland White Terrier, Oliver.

The Village of Waverly officials, employees and residents will sadly miss Deputy Mayor Barbara Rockett.


Angel McCann

Submitted by
Janet McCann


Beloved best friend, companion of owner and (cats) Casper, Smokedust, and Dustie.


Phil Frank


Phil Frank, cartoonist and an influential early supporter of Alley Cat Allies, died September 12.  Frank, a long-time San Francisco Chronicle political cartoonist and creator of "The Elderberries" and "Farley", contributed art work to Alley Cat Allies and brought attention to National Feral Cat Day at its inception.  Alley Cat Allies' President Becky Robinson says, “Phil’s feral cat characters, especially Orwell, gave a voice to the new Trap-Neuter-Return movement and were enormously important in gaining attention for feral cats both in California and nationally.”

Cassidy Brown

Submitted by
Bonney Brown


1988 - 2007

Mimi Elizabeth

Submitted by
Valerie Miller

In memory of Mimi, a little lovebird with a big personality.  Fly away, good girl!


Submitted by
Karen Lauderback

You were progressing quite well with your socialization, but we lost you for reasons unknown while still at the clinic recovering from your neuter.  May you play good and hard at Rainbow Bridge until you meet up with your siblings again.

Nikki Zadjelovich

Submitted by
Jeannette Hill

11/14/01 - 11/3/06

I will love you big much forever, my beautiful baby girl.

Socks Owen

Submitted by
Jeanine Owen

My dear friend Socks, I miss you so much.  You are the cat who loved me the most, I was so lucky when you put your arms around my neck and hugged me.  My life is missing a beautiful part, I am heartbroken.  I pray we will be together in another kinder world where we can just enjoy
being safe together again.  I love you dearest Socks, your friend eternally, Jen and all of your family.


Submitted by
Julia Ravenscroft


by Rose Fyleman

I think mice
are rather nice.
Their tails are long,
Their faces small,
They haven't any
Chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white.
They run around
The house at night.
They nibble things
They shouldn't touch
And no one seems
To like them much.

But I think mice
are nice.

Brownie: You were friendly and let me hold you. Every day you would wait for me to give you a cheerio or sunflower seed. I will miss you very much! Tell Daisy I said hello when you see her!

Love, Julia

Smokey Joe Shaffer

Submitted by
Linda Shaffer

Smokey, the hardest thing I had to do was to let you go. Mommy will always love you and keep you in my heart until we meet again someday.

Rest in peace my little boy.

Love mommy

 Dr. James Richards

Dr. Richards was a mentor to many, a friend to feral cats, and served on the advisory board of Alley Cat Allies.

Renowned cat veterinarian and beloved Cornell University professor James Richards died Tuesday from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. Richards, the director of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's Feline Health Center, was thrown from his motorcycle while traveling west along Route 221 in Willet, southeastern Cortland County, when he attempted to avoid a cat in the road, police records state.

Dr. Richards was an invaluable asset to Alley Cat Allies and lent his expertise and support to our organization helping to push forward the cause of feral cats. “Dr. Richards was one of our first advisory board members and we valued his opinions and knowledge. I spoke with him frequently and he would have done just about anything for us,” said Becky Robinson, Alley Cat Allies President and Founder “He will be missed professionally and personally by all who knew him.”

Richards is survived by his wife, Anita Fox Richards of Dryden, and two sons, Jesse and Seth.


Submitted by
Lisa Deibler


Mags came to me in the summer of 2000. I cared for a colony of feral cats in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and he was a kitten in the last litter from the colony before all of the ferals had been spayed and neutered (thanks to a great organization in Raleigh, North Carolina called Operation Catnip). He was small and sick, and he put up little fight (except for some silly kitten posturing, growling, and hissing) when I put him into a carrier and took him home.  A few vet visits and much tender loving care later, he was a healthy, happy kitten.  He gained weight and lived the rest of his life on the “pleasantly plump” side.  (I always chalked that up to his roots as a feral and not being sure if and when he would receive another meal.) He remained shy, but he was a sweet, sweet cat who loved having his chin and ears scratched. We had almost seven wonderful years together become he succumbed to a serious heart defect. I miss him terribly, and I will always love him with all my heart.


Submitted by
Heather Wienker

Pickles was our first real "rescue" back in January 2005, the little friend I made in the bushes of a busy McDonald's. Her vivacious personality struck everyone who interacted with her; every life she touched she filled with joy and her engaging vitality. The love she gave us opened our lives to feral cats and rescue, there is no doubt she has saved many more lives by enlightening ours.

We had to say goodbye to our precious Pickles on February 1, 2006.  She will be missed, loved and remembered forever. We love you, Pickles, you are with us every step of the way.

Baby McMonigal

Submitted by
Gerry McMonigal

My beloved Baby passed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 27, 2005. Baby was a buff-colored tabby who came into my life at the tender age of 4 weeks.  She was bottle-fed and grew to be a smart, loving and playful
companion.  Baby purred me to sleep every night and stayed by my side through my recovery from five surgeries.

I find comfort in knowing I will meet Baby at the Rainbow Bridge and we will be together forever.

Star Kukla

Submitted by
Tammy Kukla

The most amazing baby girl. Your family (Me, Ernie, Chance, Jake, and 10 Speed) all miss you and want you to know that the past 6 years have been the best years and you made all of our lives better.

We miss seeing your bright pink nose, racing you down the hall, seeing your little head peak out from under the blanket, seeing you chase the laser pointer, curled up and wanting just to sit and zone together. Jake misses hanging out under the bed with you and Ernie misses having his
best friend.  We thank you for all the love you provided each and every day you were with us and we know you are our angel.

You will always be a part of us and your spirit will help so many other animals.


Mom, Ernie, Chance, Jake, 10 Speed


Submitted by
Marty Ittner


Pip started his life in Adams Morgan, just blocks away from the ACA original colony. After living on the back deck of our design studio for 9 years, I took him home when the studio moved. He initially was stir crazy (jumping out of my 2nd story condo window) but soon adjusted. He finished out his life in our suburban house. Always an ad venturer, he lived life to the fullest. His death was peaceful in our kitchen. We will miss him.


Submitted by
Terry and Wendy Collins

We love you Idaho, and we will see you soon on Rainbow Bridge.


Submitted by
Sue Brower

My beloved Mario: 1999 - July 29, 2005

You triumphed over your abusive kittenhood, escaped death at least once before landing in my heart. You filled a hole in my soul. You showered me with unconditional love that I never knew existed, didn't believe possible. I miss you so very much. Thank you for letting me be your kitty-mom.



Chipper, the small orange kitten critically injured by a wood chipper machine in Florida, quietly passed away in his sleep Saturday, July 8.

The brave kitten was rushed to veterinary care by the 10th Life Animal Sanctuary after falling asleep in a wood chipper machine. The anonymous woman who called the Sanctuary said the kitten had been asleep in the machine when it was turned on by workers. Chipper pulled through three surgeries with amazing energy and spunk but eventually succumbed to his injuries. He will be sorely missed but always remembered.


Submitted by
Erin Searer

Dear Jasper,

Life isn't the same without you .. Your bed still lays in my room ... I wake up every morning wishing that you were the one waking me up like you always did.! I am sorry that you were sick! I miss you soo much and I love you 4ever in my heart!


your big Sis Erin!

Shannon Moore

When 36-year-old Shannon Moore died on May 31, the animals of Louisiana lost a dedicated, passionate ally.

“Horses starving, cats multiplying, dogs about to be put down. It was all important to her," said Jennie Adams, Shannon’s mother. "The state of animal care before the storm, it never set well with her. And after the storm, there were just so many horror stories."

Ever energetic, Shannon Moore played a key role in many of the post-Katrina rescue efforts in and around New Orleans. Most recently she spearheaded a grassroots support network for the Louisiana's Pet Evacuation Bill, which passed through the state Senate unanimously the day before her death.

Wild Bill

Wild Bill touched the hearts of many people in his tragically short life. 

From the Good Samaritan who found Wild Bill and brought him to the local animal shelter expecting help, to the Alley Cat Allies Feral Power! Activists who worked diligently to save his life — the little orange tabby kitten moved many.

All of us in the feral cat advocacy community mourn the loss of Wild Bill.  This healthy, lively kitten — with a home and family in his feral colony and a human caregiver to ensure all his food and shelter needs were met — should never have been killed.

While we mourn his loss, we salute the spirit of Wild Bill and of all the cats who have touched and enriched our lives.

Brett LaFave

Submitted by
Teresa Lynn

Brett LaFave, Owner and President of Neighborly Ohio Mobile Animal Doctor, Inc., and his surviving wife, Dr. Laura Miller, provided low cost spay and neuter services to communities throughout Ohio for the past five years. 

Dr. Brett was instrumental in helping to establish the Miami County Humane Society’s Trap-Neuter-Return Program (the only organized Trap-Neuter-Return Program in the 4 county area). His advice and service were invaluable and he is missed deeply. In the State of Ohio, Dr. Brett planted a seed and grew a forest. Many communities benefited from his kindness beyond his spay/neuter services.

Mr. Bird

Submitted by
Jeanne Barney

The wild parrots brought him - a tiny kitten - in the fall of 1996.

I would like to think that when he left a few minutes ago it was on the wings of doves.
Sleep Well, My Sweet Boy
Caitlin Cat

Submitted by
Jean Pyatt and
Marilyn Twitchell

One white whisker and one pink toe....playing roly poly....naps on the armoire....Caitie-go-round on the computer chair....Sweetums....yogurt....tomato juice....bird watching....Animal Planet!....kitty grass....catnip.... shrimp....deli turkey....sweet little meow....Kitty Catty Caitie is a pretty little lady....eyelash inspections....drinking faucet drip....naps on the Palm Springs deck....Baby Cait....kneading kitty beds....and so much more....Merrie, Ollie, Galli, and your Moms love you and will miss you always....


Submitted by
Liz Warren

Your paws may be in Heaven, but you will always be in my heart. I love you and miss you, my sweet, beautiful, Baby girl.


Submitted by
Jennifer Nortz

I miss you so much my sweet baby girl. I am glad we had 14 great years together, I wish it could've been more. I love you Chicky, & we'll meet again someday. Mommy misses you baby girl.

RIP Chicky 1991-2005

Jasmin Kung

Stray and feral cats in Florida have lost a good friend. Jasmin Kung passed away suddenly on Wednesday, December 14.

Jasmin began working with the Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) in 2001 and the next year helped to found Cat Call, a rescue group in Brandon. Officially, Jasmin was ACT’s supervisor of prep, shaving the cats and securing them to spayboards, but in fact she filled numerous roles.

Like many feral cat advocates, Jasmin started with other plans for her life. After retiring from the military, she had hoped to raise dogs, but one day a cat moved into her backyard. She called a local rescue group to “solve” the problem. “What they said was, ‘What are you willing to do for this cat?” Jasmin told us later.


Submitted by
Jean Pyatt and
Marilyn Twitchell

Dear Curry,

Your family and friends miss you and will always remember your loving ways.

February 1, 1998- November 30, 2005

Joshua Wegner

Bless the small creatures and the children, for they teach us the pureness of unconditional love and devotion, and are the ultimate gifts from God.

In loving memory of my son, Joshua Lee Wenger, and our love of "warm fluffy things". Josh was killed instantly as the result of an automobile accident. He is survived by three cats, Duke, a.k.a. Blue, whom he is pictured with, two kittens, Max and Prissy, two male hamsters, and very, very many humans that will always hold him dearly!!!

Joshua Lee Wenger June 27th, 1983 & back to God on September 25th, 2005


Boquillas (Bo)

Submitted by
Becky Robinson and
Ed Lytwak

Boquillas, “The Original Zen Cat,” or simply “Bo,” was the beloved companion of Becky and Ed for eleven short years. It seems like yesterday, that July 4 th 1994 evening, when we went to the Arlington shelter to pick her up. Bo had chosen us the day before when I walked into the Madison County, Virginia animal shelter while doing rescue work after the devastating floods that hit the Old Rag area. The small shelter was stacked floor to ceiling with cages and carriers containing refugees from the flood. As I walked through the door, one cat began to cry and stuck her paw through the cage reaching out to me. I knew immediately that this cat was going to coming home with me and the next day we transported her along with some of other refugees to Arlington.

At the time, we were a one cat household, only Monkey, and we always said that it was Bo who broke the one-cat barrier and opened the door for all the other wonderful creatures that now share our lives. The next summer, we trapped Jessie & James and we began feeding Jasper. After that it’s all history! We have a wonderful picture of Jessie, James and Bo all together – when they were kittens the twins just loved Bo. But Bo was always somewhat aloof and although she got along with the other cats for the most part, it seemed that she would not have minded if we stopped at two. There was no doubt that, due to Bo’s Zen-like nature, a household of cats was just too chaotic for a cat that possessed such an inner peace and harmony.

Bo was truly a Zen cat; quiet, contemplative, always seeming at one with her surroundings, totally content and radiating a spiritual depth and energy that blessed our household. I’m trying to think of other stories about Bo’s life but it was never about the things she did but an intangible presence, a grace that can only be experienced. All cats are special in their own way, but some are more special than others and Bo was such a cat. More than the “cat barrier,” she broke the barrier between human and animal, the barrier of separation that we were somehow different, that we somehow saved her and were her guardian. Bo was our teacher, our friend and our spiritual guardian angel.

We used to call Bo the “perfect cat” because she was always there for us but never demanding much of anything in return. She was a cat that ate mostly dry food, was always healthy and fit and never in eleven years caused us any worry or trouble – at least until the horrible afternoon when she died and broke our hearts. But that was Bo, maybe she didn’t want to slowly die of cancer or maybe she didn’t want to put us through all the treatment that would have followed. Maybe Bo could accept that it was simply her time and this was the final lesson she would teach us. Bo changed our lives in so many ways and now that she is gone, there is an emptiness, a void that can’t be filled. Sorry Bo, there were just some lessons that can’t be learned, there are just some things that can’t be accepted, there are some broken hearts that just can’t be fixed.

Riff Raff

Submitted by
Rana Williamson

For fifteen years Riff Raff was my best friend and constant companion. My parents rescued him from the alley behind their business and gave him to me because I'd just lost a tiny waif of a kitten that died of a liver disorder. Where Jinx had been sickly, Riff was robust and full of personality. The instant our eyes locked I think we both knew this would be the friendship of a lifetime.

Riff guided me through graduate school and is listed in the acknowledgement of my dissertation, after all, he was the brains behind the whole thing. When I'd cry in frustration, he's take his paw and wipe the tears away. He slept at night curled in my arms with his head on my shoulder. My father used to say, "If you ever find a man who looks at you the way that cat does, just marry him, don't bother with an introduction first."

Although plagued with kidney problems and arthritis later in his life, it was throat cancer that took my darling Riff from me. But he lived every day of his life with that same robust personality. The day I lost him he bounced me out of bed the same way he had for fifteen years. That was December 3, 2004. He died in my arms and took a large piece of my heart with him. Every day I wear a gold locket that holds a bit of his ashes. My guardian angel has fur.

Technically he may have been an alley cat, but Riff was my regal prince. Now I share my home with Dorey (who was Riff's little friend for ten years) and Andy and Mike, who are almost two. I adore them all but there's a corner of my heart that will always belong to a gray and white alley cat with an attitude.


Submitted by
Becky Robinson and
Ed Lytwak

Monkey was a black cat who had incredibly good luck. Her mother, a feral cat living in Kansas City, was impounded with her babies at a local shelter. Not adoptable, her mother was killed. But amazingly Monkey and her siblings were kept at the shelter. Despite the fact that she was a feral kitten and the least desired color of cat, Monkey was fortunate. She was adopted by a young, single woman, Melissa, who was soon to be Becky Robinson’s roommate. She was aptly named Monkey because of her jungle-like behavior. She confirmed her youth and wildness and was known to practically hang off the chandelier.

When Melissa left on extended travel, Monkey was again lucky. Essentially, Becky had already been adopted by Monkey. Fate was to keep them together for the next 19 years. For the first few years, it was just the two of them and they did everything together, including eating breakfast – oatmeal, soy milk, and nutritional yeast.

Monkey experienced seven homes altogether and a couple of temporary flats as Becky went through her early adult years changing jobs and forming the national nonprofit Alley Cat Allies. From Kansas City they moved to Alexandria, Falls Church, and finally Arlington, Virginia. They traveled to California and back to Maryland and then finally Arlington, Virginia for good. She was an amazingly relaxed traveler.

At each new home, Monkey became instantly familiar with all of her territory inside and out under Becky’s watchful eye. She was always the master of her domain. Monkey was accommodating to newcomers – all felines – but never bonded with any of them. She was completely devoted to Becky and later to Ed who met her when she was five.

When Ed first met Monkey he was afraid of her. (Ed had never lived with cats!) She was feisty and fearsome, quick to bite (no doubt to compensate for being de-clawed by her first “owner”) when provoked. But, Ed and Monkey became very best friends and they loved each other dearly – it was not until she was dying that Ed realized just how much. After Alley Cat Allies took off and Becky began traveling a lot, Ed became Monkey’s primary caretaker and was there for her in good times and bad, like when she had her mammary glands removed for cancer. She loved staying at Ed’s parents’ home, her second home (the first was anywhere Becky was) and she gained their never ending affection when she caught a mouse at their place.

Monkey’s luck never seemed to run out. She was a breast cancer survivor, most likely due to her first vet not allowing her to be spayed until after her first heat. She also experienced a couple of very serious viruses but always bounced back.

She was an amazingly tough and resilient cat. Her veterinarian said that after the cancer operation she would probably have a couple more years – she lived 5 years all with a very high quality of life. But that was Monkey. She was a slight cat, but looked larger than she was because of her long, black fur. Her heart and spirit were without bounds. Her name continued to fit her because of her penchant for climbing and for her endless energy.

After traveling around so much in her early years and living in so many different places, she finally made it to her home in Arlington where she lived happily and in peace for some 12 years. The felines who shared her home always respected her and saw her as the matriarch.

There is now another black cat in Becky and Ed’s home, Spooky, a wonderful domestic shorthair. But, there will never be another Monkey and she will be remembered forever.


Submitted by
Karla Smith 

I take care of a small colony at work and thanks to the information I have learned, the colony is kept small and healthy due to trapping and releasing. One of the cats I met from work was Spot. He found me approximately six years ago and within a week of feeding him, we became friends. He was thin and hungry. After a while, I brought him home and he enjoyed that last few years of his life at home and sleeping in my bed. As you can see from his photo, he adapted well to home life. He grew to a big 25 lbs. I lost him this week due to cancer and my heart is broken. He was so social and wanted to be in the middle of all the activity – even if it included my dogs. Spot will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget him.