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Alley Cat Allies Office Cats

Four cats live, work, and play in our headquarters office, reminding us day-in and day-out of the reasons we are all here and committed to the cause of protecting and improving the lives of cats. They have unique bonds with all of the staff and enrich our work and lives everyday.

They help us write by sitting on or near our keyboards, lead our meetings from their perch on the conference room table, and keep us on task with a gentle nudge of their paw.

See what our cats have been up to with our weekly Alley Cat Allies LOLcats.


Oliver aka: "The Dapper Gentleman"(b. April 2009) The Shredder

Oliver came to us through Alley Cat Allies' Every Kitty – Every City program. Amanda Casazza, our Atlantic City Field Work Coordinator, found him wandering near the boardwalk and realized he was a socialized cat. She put him into foster care and began searching for a permanent home. It didn't take long before we realized that the perfect home was right under our noses. The death of our beloved office cat, Coo, had left a void we still had not filled. Adding Oliver to the mix was the obvious solution.

Although Oliver is content to entertain himself by shredding papers found on desks, chasing paperclips, feathers, and other distractions up and down the hall, our furry friend has already bonded with Jared and Charles, the other boys in the office. His days are enriched by both human and feline companions, and every once in a while, he even sniffs out a dog or two.


The Royals

Charles aka: “Chuck”(b. May 2002) File Clerk

Charles was trapped from a colony in southeast Washington, DC at about four months of age. Charles is a truly regal looking cat with long slender legs and a lean muscular body. He is quite the lover, giving head butts, sitting on laps, and rolling on his back for tummy rubs. He has a snaggle tooth and can often be found with his tongue sticking out slightly.

He likes to tip over glasses of water – many papers have been drenched with his help. He loves to chew on string and rubber bands, so they must be kept out of his reach. He has been known to chew through shoe laces, once while the shoes were being worn by the staff member. One of his favorite occupations is jumping into filing cabinet drawers and “helping” to alphabetize folders.

Charles can be a fair-weather friend, favoring one staff member for a couple of months, then moving on to another. He is the office Casanova.

Diana aka: "Princess Diana" (b. May 2002) Etiquette Officer

Diana was trapped in southeast Washington, DC at the age of ten weeks along with her sister Fergie . She was the first kitten in a colony trapped by a former employee who had just returned from London. Diana, after six years, remains the shyest of all our office cats. She loves getting attention and pets, but it has to be on her terms.

Diana sits in the most ladylike postures with her front paws neatly crossed. She thinks the boys have a lot to learn. She is also the most playful, and she is always ready for a session with the laser pointer. She can entertain herself with a paperclip, batting it throughout the halls. When we first moved into our Bethesda office, it took her a week before she came out of the supply closet. She also disappeared in the ceiling for a few hours and did that a few times before we were able to discover how she was getting up there and block her access.

Fergie aka: "Fergie-Bergie"(b. May 2002) Party Planner

Fergie is Diana ’s sister, and was trapped in southeast Washington, DC at the age of ten weeks. She is our smallest cat. Her meow is a little squeak. She likes to use people to get from one place to another, treating them like just another piece of furniture. She can be forceful when ready to be petted, and will give a little nip to make sure we are paying attention. She is very slender, but has a belly that hangs low and flops from side to side when she runs down the hall.

Fergie often seeks the affection of Jared , but he just ignores her and plays hard to get. A staff person once caught Jared licking Fergie late at night when he thought they were alone in the office! When she can’t get the attention of Jared she’ll come around with a look of “Whatcha up to? Wanna play?”