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Our Staff

Becky Robinson (Read Becky's Bio)

Donna Wilcox (Read Donna's Bio)



Community Programs and Support

Brianna Brumbaugh, National Cat Help Desk Manager (Read Brianna's Bio)
Daniel Gonzalez, National Cat Help Desk Specialist
Kylie Hogan, National Cat Help Desk Specialist
Rebecca Katz, Feral Friends Network Program Manager (Read Rebecca's Bio)
Kimberly Kean, Atlantic City Program Manager
Brianna Lovell, Community Engagement Coordinator
Amy Meador, National Cat Help Desk Specialist
Megan Mueller, Senior National Cat Help Desk Specialist
Crystal Suarez, Salesforce/Database Administrator
Aileen Walden, Programs Director (Read Aileen’s Bio)
Pamela Ward, Direct Care Associate – Atlantic City


Nicole Geldart, Graphic Design and Production Coordinator
June Matics, Associate Director of Digital Media (Read June's Bio)
Carrie Mumah, Senior Writer
Laura Ramos, Junior Writer/Researcher
Johnnie Simpson, Communications Associate
Brooke Still, Web Producer


Lauren Ferris, Senior Development Associate
Jackie Keller, Development Associate
Gail Russell, Associate Director of Direct Response
Marcela Santos, Development Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Siebenhar, Development Associate
Monique Tilford, Director of Leadership Gifts (Read Monique’s Bio)

Law & Policy

Will Gomaa, Law & Policy Associate Director (Read Will’s Bio)
Liz Holtz, Staff Attorney (Read Liz’s Bio)
Amanda Novotny, Special Projects Manager (Read Amanda’s Bio)


Catherine Brown, Senior Office Associate
Ron Erickson, Office Manager
Jennifer Guerra, Executive Assistant to the President
Delores Harrison, Data Entry Associate
Charlene Pedrolie, Director of Operations