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Press Release

For Immediate Release: June 17, 2013
Contact: VAISHALI HONAWAR, or (240) 482-2580; CATE SNYDER, or (240) 482-3890

Petition to End Cat Euthanasia in North Ridgeville, Ohio, Gathers 30,000 Signatures
Alley Cat Allies to Address Rally to Protest Brutal Shooting of Five Kittens by Humane Officer

BETHESDA, MD—Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s largest advocacy group for cats, will present a petition with 30,000 signatures calling for an immediate end to all “euthanasia” of cats in North Ridgeville, at tonight’s city council meeting.

The petition to Mayor G. David Gillock calls for an immediate order halting the "euthanasia" of animals by Humane Officers in the city. It also calls on the mayor to meet with Alley Cat Allies to discuss more humane measures for cats, including community-supported humane alternatives, like Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats.

“The people have spoken—the killing needs to stop now,” said Paul Berry, interim executive director of Alley Cat Allies, who will address the peaceful protestors at tonight’s meeting. “It is clear that North Ridgeville needs a new protocol for its humane officers, and Alley Cat Allies is here to offer guidance and help.”

Berry will personally present the petition to Mayor Gillock at today’s city council meeting.

On Friday, Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies, sent a letter to North Ridgeville Mayor G. David Gillock asking him to issue an order ending the killing of all cats by animal control officers, after a humane officer shot and killed five kittens in a resident’s backyard.

“These brutal killings were not “euthanasia”, not humane, nor were any public safety issues resolved. Officers should be educating residents about how to treat animals humanely and coexist peacefully, not shooting kittens in front of children,” Robinson wrote.

Alley Cat Allies is offering free training for the city’s humane officers on how to humanely handle cats, and on the state animal anti-cruelty law which clearly states that “no person shall knowingly torture, torment, needlessly mutilate or maim, cruelly beat, poison, needlessly kill, or commit an act of cruelty against a companion animal.”


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