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Boardwalk Cats Unfazed by Sandy

Time and time again, we’ve explained that feral cats live healthy, content lives outdoors. Last month, the Boardwalk cats proved it.

When Superstorm Sandy devastated the Atlantic Coast and pummeled Atlantic City’s famed Boardwalk, these resourceful outdoor cats weathered the storm safely. As Sandy approached, the cats instinctively sought higher ground as we knew they would, demonstrating that feral cats are more than capable of holding their own outdoors. A security guard at one of the casinos even reported seeing a line of cats walking single file down the Boardwalk in the eye of the storm!

Shortly after Sandy passed, our program manager in Atlantic City reported seeing healthy cats returning to every colony site.

Unfortunately, the Boardwalk itself did not fare as well: many of the colony sites were ravaged by the storm—signs scattered, areas flooded, cats’ shelters washed out onto the beach. Our Disaster ResponseTeam and many dedicated volunteers spent the following week at the Boardwalk rebuilding shelters, feeding cats as they returned, and cleaning up after Sandy. Thank you to everyone who expressed their concern for the Boardwalk cats and their desire to help!

Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures of the cats returning to the Boardwalk.