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Taking a Gamble on Revel

One adventurous Atlantic City kitty is safely home with her colony this month after an exhaustive rescue effort by our Atlantic City Program Manager, Amanda Casazza.

While construction on the Revel Atlantic City casino was stalled for a few years, a gorgeous longhair calico cat moved into the machine room in one of the buildings. Employees fed this beautiful, bold feline and nicknamed her Revel. But when Revel found her way out onto a rooftop and got stranded, the casino’s Head of Facilities and Engineering, George, feared she needed a new, safer home. He contacted Amanda and together they tried to trap Revel, but she evaded them every time.

After 12 days on the job, George needed a day off but couldn’t bear to leave while Revel was still out on the roof. In one final effort, he and Amanda finally nabbed this wily feline and brought her down to safety. But this cat still had more surprises in store. When Amanda brought her to the veterinarian, she discovered that Revel was in fact Norma, a spayed female that had strayed from a boardwalk colony the year before. Amanda returned Norma to her colony, where caregivers have since seen her feeding with her old friends. Welcome home, Norma!

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