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Members of Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network have a variety of talents. One thing they all have in common is the rewarding experience of being a part of the network.

Tell us your story of people whom you’ve met via the Feral Friends Network, and how these connections have helped improve the lives of cats. Only first names will appear on our website, but please include your full name in your email.
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"I am on a voluntary task force to help our city embrace TNR. Since becoming involved in the task force and becoming a Feral Friend, I have been involved in the completion of many TNR sites….As a result of being a Feral Friend and [our] Facebook page, we get many inquiries weekly asking for guidance on TNR. We have been able to point people in the direction of the vet that we use who has programs in place for ferals and we have loaned traps and guided people through the process, empowering them to do their part for feral cats. Thank you for having this resource for the public."

Christine, IL