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April Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Stand Up for Loews Cats
Oreo - Loews Cat

We’ve delivered more than 31,000 supporter signatures to the executives at Loews Orlando Resorts and Loews Corporate demanding they stop their inhumane trapping and removing of cats who have lived on their properties for years. We also protested on Saturday, April 14 outside one of the Loews Orlando hotels, imploring management to stop trapping the cats and taking them to the shelter. We have to keep fighting for these cats’ lives. Loews must embrace a humane treatment for these cats: Trap-Neuter-Return.
Watch our video on the Loews campaign.
Add your voice to our petition insisting Loews treat these cats humanely.

California Rejects Heinous Hayden Repeal
Grey Eartipped Cat in Ivy

We did it! Last week, the California Senate Budget Subcommittee became the second committee to reject a repeal of the Hayden Law—the landmark law passed 14 years ago that put in place measures to protect more animals, like requiring shelters to provide veterinary care and increase avenues to saving animals’ lives. The voices of the thousands of you who reached out to California legislators have been heard—our calls have been answered. Last month, the Assembly Budget Subcommittee rejected the same repeal, and the actions of both bodies ensures that animals’ rights in California won’t be rolled back an entire decade. The Hayden Law should be built up, not broken down. You made this happen, thank you!

Kitten Season is Here
Kitten in hand

Well-meaning people think they’re helping kittens they happen upon outdoors by delivering them to shelters. But the reality is that most kittens taken to shelters are killed. We’re doing everything we can to stop this killing, by drawing attention to the life-saving measures shelters must have in place—like neonatal kitten care and socialization programs. We’ve got to get this message out right now.
Please, make a donation that will support our outreach and education efforts and save cats’ lives.

Adoptable Cat: Norm
Adoptable Cat: Norm

Three “Cheers” for this month’s adoptable cat, Norm. This loveable, if a little hefty, fella is three years old. Norm loves to be brushed and can be found taking up the warm seats next to the window or by the heater for naps. Don’t let his easygoing lifestyle fool you though; feather toys really get this couch potato going. Norm wants to go where everybody knows his name—your home!
Read more about our adoptable cats.

Thank You for Sharing Photos of Your Cats for Our Calendar
Calendar Cat Photos

Thank you to all 1,800 of you who submitted photos of the special cats in your life for our very first calendar contest! We are overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and are having a blast looking through pictures of all the furry friends near and dear to your heart. Choosing the winners for our 2013 calendar will be tough, but hearing your stories and seeing your artistic shots make it all worth it. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.

Texas Two-Step
Black and White Cat by a Concrete Wall

Two groups in Central Texas are celebrating a deal struck to save the lives of hundreds of feral cats, and we’re celebrating right alongside them. The warden of Gatesville Prison had already trapped 40 cats living on the prison’s property and turned them over to animal control where they would ultimately be killed, and had plans to trap hundreds more cats. But with Alley Cat Allies’ support and advice, Kathy’s Kitties in Killeen and the Animal Birth Control Clinic in Waco stepped in to perform a life-saving intervention. The groups reached a compromise with the warden by volunteering to Trap-Neuter-Return the cats. Way to go!

Breaking News: Canton, Ohio
Black and White Cat on a Path

In Canton, Ohio, the after-hours animal control contractor has bowed to public pressure and declined the city’s offer to extend his contract by two years. Alley Cat Allies has been on the case in Canton for months, exposing the inhumane practices of this contractor and calling on the city council to make humane choices for the city. Congratulations Canton—together we’re making real change for Canton’s animals!

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