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Next Steps to Save Loews Cats

We continue to offer assistance with reestablishing TNR to the Loews Orlando resorts that have been trapping and removing cats from their property. It’s not too late for them to make the responsible and humane decision. We also continue our aid to the local group that is rescuing Loews cats from the shelter; we’re helping them find foster and permanent locations for the cats and providing them with much needed supplies for their ongoing care. The health and well-being of these cats who lost their only home is of the utmost importance to us.

What can you do to help? Commit publicly (on your Facebook, a letter to Loews, an email to friends) to boycott Loews and any of their holdings including:

  • Loews Resorts
  • Loews Entertainment (movie theaters)
  • CAN Financial
  • Bulova Timepieces

...until they rethink their position on outdoor cats at Loews.

It's important that we to continue to get the word about Loews Cats.

More ideas for what you can do to help Save Loews Cats.

Watch and Share Our “Save Loews Cats” Video

We won’t let Loews Hotels get away with mistreating cats—and neither should you. Get the word out by watching our video and sharing it with your friends. Help us expose Loews Hotels’ inhumane trapping to remove healthy, neutered feral cat colonies from its properties. Together we can Save Loews Cats!

Watch the video.
Learn more about our campaign to Save Loews Cats.

Protest of Loews Orlando Attracts 68 Activists!

Today, concerned citizens and activists in the Orlando, Florida area joined Alley Cat Allies in protesting the inhumane trapping of feral cats at the Loews Orlando properties. Sixty-eight people raised their voices—and their signs—against the Loews Royal Pacific, Loews Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resorts after management made the decision to trap and remove the 23 feral cats who have lived peacefully on the properties for years. Stay tuned for a more detailed account of the event. And keep signing our petition!

You can add your voice here.
Learn more about our campaign to Save Loews Cats!

Loews Refuses to Stop Trapping Cats

For months, Alley Cat Allies has reached out to Loews Orlando resorts’ executives with offers of hands-on help in sustaining the humane TNR program for the cats on their properties.

Tonight, we heard from them for the first time. However, their goal in calling was an attempt to persuade Alley Cat Allies to support their removal of the cats. We asked for an immediate moratorium on the trapping, so that all parties could discuss solutions that reflect the humane and compassionate interests of the cats, of their hotel guests, employees, their organization’s bottom line, and the tens of thousands of you who have called on them to halt their inhumane trapping. They denied the request, and told us they would not stop trapping.

Alley Cat Allies will not support any effort to remove these healthy, neutered, and harmless cats from the home they have known for years. Loews has made an uninformed and cruel decision. While we aid local groups in their efforts to remedy the tragedy that Loews has inflicted on the cats by helping them avoid certain death in the shelter, we remain steadfast in our calls to stop the trap and remove process—and embrace the humane solution that was already working on their properties: Trap-Neuter-Return.

Protest Loews Hotels' Trapping of Feral Cats in Orlando, FL

Join us this Saturday in Orlando to show Loews that we demand humane treatment for the cats on their properties.

Saturday, April 14
Noon to 2 pm
At the corner of Universal Blvd. and Vineland Rd.
Orlando, FL 32819
Get directions.
(Parking is available at Studio Plaza, 5979 Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819.)

If you and your friends plan on rallying with us, we’d love to hear from you so we can come prepared—please send us an email with the number of people attending from your group at

If you’re not able to make the protest, you can still get involved:

Show Loews what you think of their inhumane treatment of cats!

Loews Executives Hear from 11,000 of Our Supporters… and Counting!

Today we delivered our petition to executives at Loews Orlando resorts, calling on Loews to stop the inhumane trapping of feral cats at their properties. More than 11,000 of you had signed the petition. And as of now, there are 10,000 MORE signatures! Keep signing—talk to your friends and family, and ask them to get involved. We will continue to deliver the signatures and make your voices heard.

Add your name to the petition.

Loews Hotels Continues Trapping Cats

Over the weekend Alley Cat Allies continued our work to save the cats who are being trapped at Loews resorts in Orlando. We learned that on Saturday, an 11th cat was trapped—and came into the shelter with injuries on his nose. He was promptly released to a local rescue group, where he will join his colony-mates safe from harm at the shelter but will not be allowed to return to his outdoor home. We also learned that caregivers (and anyone caught approaching the traps) have been approached by security guards, threatened with trespassing, and escorted off the premises. Caregivers continue to be forbidden to care for the cats who remain on the properties. Stay tuned for further updates.

Read the Care2 article about Loews.

Take Action: Loews Cats Suffering; Sign Our Petition to Stop Loews from Inhumane Trapping of Cats

As Loews Royal Pacific, Loews Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resorts in Orlando, Florida roll ahead with their outrageous plan to remove healthy, neutered cats, hired exterminator Critter Control is ignoring humane trapping protocol by leaving cats in uncovered traps in the hot sun. Reports and photos from guests and employees reveal that distressed cats left exposed to 89 degree heat have suffered cuts and bloody noses while trying to escape from their traps. Poor Shadow suffered this heartbreaking gash on her forehead during trapping, prompting a hotel guest to complain to staff about her condition. (Shadow has since been rescued for foster by a local TNR group.)

Loews has threatened employees with losing their jobs if they feed the cats. These beautiful animals, once well-cared for, have now been starving for days, while their caregivers are forced to stand by and watch them suffer. As Loews refuses the pleas of guests and employees and the advice and assistance of local and national experts, the hotel chain continues to call itself “pet-friendly.”

Stand with Alley Cat Allies right away and demand that Loews stop this inhumane treatment now. We need as many people as possible to stand with us to protect these cats.

Sign our petition calling on Loews to stop trapping cats right now.
Read our press release.

Loews is Removing Their Outdoor Cats—Tell Them They're Losing Your Business!

Yesterday, Loews Portofino Bay in Orlando announced that 23 cats living in a model TNR colony on the property will be “relocated” to a local animal shelter. The hotel failed to mention that just like all feral cats entering shelters, these cats will likely be killed unless other arrangements can be found for them.

Loews is marketing themselves as “pet-friendly” while uprooting healthy, neutered and vaccinated, content cats from the only home they have ever known and taking them to local animal control. The hotel made this hypocritical decision in the face of repeated offers from Alley Cat Allies and others to help work out a humane solution, as well as thousands of pleas from compassionate vacationers.

Don’t let Loews off the hook. Contact Loews to let them know you won’t support a business that claims to be pet-friendly while handing cats a death sentence. Tell them that if the cats can’t stay, neither will you.

Take Action Today!

Loews Update: Managed TNR Colony to be Trapped and Removed to Animal Shelter

Purportedly “pet-friendly” hotel Loews Portofino Bay quietly posted a comment on their Facebook page today announcing that the TNR-managed feral cat colony making their home at the hotel will be removed and brought to the county animal services center. Ignoring offers of help and calls for humane approaches from Alley Cat Allies, Loews claimed the cats would be “relocated” to their new destination--with no mention of the fact that nearly 100% of feral cats entering shelters are killed. In doing so, they are threatening the lives of the cats and ignoring months of pleas from the humane community and compassionate vacationers.

Loews buried this shocking announcement in a comment on a two-month old note. Don’t let them hide this despicable decision. Share this message with everyone you know to show your disapproval!

Loews Loves Pets, But Not Feral Cats

Last week, we told you about Loews Hotels in Orlando that have stopped supporting TNR programs on their grounds and called for the cats to be relocated. More than 6,000 of you have written to Loews to ask them to embrace the humane approach and stop trapping and removing cats.

Removing cats from their home is cruel—they are strongly bonded to the area and to each other—and it creates a stressful, completely unnecessary trauma for the cats. In addition, removing cats and relocating them won’t work; new cats will take advantage of the now-available territory. Despite these facts, Loews maintains support for removing the cats. How will Loews care for those new cats who appear?

You can still show Loews that you support humane solutions for cats—and that you won’t support a business that does not. Post your thoughts on their Facebook page and share this post with your friends.

Tell Loews Hotels to Treat Cats Humanely and Stop Trapping and Relocating

Until recently, cat colonies at Loews hotels in Orlando have been cared for humanely with a TNR program. With the hotels’ approval, caregivers have had the cats neutered and vaccinated and feed the cats at well-maintained feeding stations.

Loews inexplicably reversed their policy and began trapping the cats last week. While they have temporarily stopped trapping, they now want the cats relocated. They are not talking with Alley Cat Allies and local groups about a truly effective, permanent solution. We need your help to convince them that trapping and removing cats is not a humane solution.

Loews already has a humane program in place and people who want to continue to care for these neutered and vaccinated cats. Show Loews that you support humane solutions for cats—and that you won’t support a business that does not.

Take Action! Contact Loews management today and ask them to re-commit to their humane policy and allow TNR to continue!

Alley Cat Allies Responds to Concern for Cats at Loews Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Alley Cat Allies is in formal communication with Loews Hotel in Orlando, Florida after reports that management has trapped and removed cats (five of whom were killed at the local shelter) who are part of a managed Trap-Neuter-Return program at their facilities.

We have asked for an official commitment to a moratorium on the trapping and have offered our expertise to Loews Hotel management. We are also working with local caregivers directly impacted by this issue.

We hope that Loews Hotel does the right thing and embraces the humane approach for these cats, and will keep you up to date.