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February Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Maryland Community Turns Out to Support Humane Cat Care
Grey Cat in the Grass

Laurel, Maryland is on the path to becoming a more humane community for cats. This month, Alley Cat Allies supported and helped to lead a standing-room-only community meeting with 70 residents and the Mayor about the benefits of implementing a citywide TNR program. The meeting was organized by a Laurel resident who attended one of our Helping Community Cats workshops in October. In just a few short months, we helped her organize and publicize a workshop in her own community, to an overwhelmingly positive response.
Read about Laurel’s TNR efforts in the news.
Attend a Helping Community Cats Workshop.
Learn more about changing your community for cats.

Proposed Repeal of Hayden's Law Endangers Animals' Lives
Grey Striped Cat

California Governor Jerry Brown has proposed a repeal of Hayden’s Law, a law that has successfully raised humane standards in the state’s pounds and shelters from among the nation's worst and worked to reduce the number of animals killed. The lifesaving measures established by this law—like requiring shelters to provide prompt and necessary veterinary care and increasing avenues to saving animals’ lives—should be built upon, not rolled back. Alley Cat Allies does not support a repeal of the law, and we know you won’t stand for turning back the clock on lifesaving policies. The proposal goes to the Assembly’s Budget Subcommittee for review on March 13—a critical first step in the legislative process.
Californians: Ask the Governor to halt the proposal and stay tuned for more on how you can help us defend the legislation that raises shelter standards in your state.
Read the press release.

Adoptable Cat: Noel
Adoptable Cat: Noel

Noel was found on Christmas Eve; she’ll be the greatest gift that you ever receive. This six-month-old tabby is affectionate and sweet. When she can’t find a playmate, she’ll be at your feet. The notch in her left ear comes from the vet—trust us, she hasn’t found a cat that she doesn’t like yet! Adopting this sweetheart is bound to go well—do you have room in your home for Noel?
Read more about our adoptable cats.

Alley Cat Allies Saves Cats’ Lives in Wake County, North Carolina
Wake County Cats Released

In late January, Wake County Animal Center trapped two cats from a managed and Trap-Neuter-Returned colony and scheduled them to be killed. When Wake County officials refused to release the cats to renowned local cat organization Operation Catnip, Alley Cat Allies rallied our supporters and called on them to save the cats’ lives. After retaining an attorney and backing a lawsuit together with Operation Catnip, the shelter finally released the cats into Operation Catnip’s care and they have been relocated to a safe new home. We will continue to press the county to honor their established pilot TNR program and embrace humane solutions.
View photos of the cats being brought to safety in our Facebook album.
View the news coverage.

TNR Makes Headlines All Over the World!
Striped Eartip Cat

In a fantastic Associated Press article, our president, Becky Robinson provides critical information to a worldwide audience, addressing the high number of cats killed in shelters and the importance of affordable spay/neuter. The article also cites our 2007 study on spay/neuter rates. The article has been picked up by 133 media outlets all over the world, from Colombia to Canada. We’re excited that thousands of people were exposed to information about TNR and feral cats!
Read the article online.
Learn more about our 2007 study.

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